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  1. went on quite the spree lately: Scott Pilgrim vs The World, The Witcher 3, Devil May Cry HD Collection, Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition, Resident Evil 4, Psychonauts, Cuphead, Danganronpa 1-2, Tetris Effect, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Yakuza 0 and Kawami 1 and Code Vein. Way too many games as usual and i probably won't play most of them for a while since my backlog is already so big, but I like knowing that I have them.
  2. i wanted to try it out because it was on sale for like $4. You can definitely tell it's not a triple-A game and im only like an hour or so into it, but its really not as bad as everyone is saying. Haven't encountered a single glitch
  3. It took me quite a few hours to get into it and I agree at parts the story could be better (also some of the guns are really lackluster) but honestly i loved my time with this one. I'm hoping for a more polished and expanded sequel, which would be fantastic
  4. Dead Space, Persona 4 and GTAIV for the PS4 or PS5 would make me eternally happy
  5. I know they're just cheap ratalaika games but all the ones by this developer (Red Bow, Just Ignore Them and this one) were actually really suprisingly good. Far from perfect of course but i actually enjoyed these. This, Duck Souls and Glass Masquerade are the only parts of my easy trophy phase i don't regret
  6. All the Soulsborne games and the Witcher 3 come to my mind. I feel like i need to give them more of a chance though because one of my favorite games is Persona 5 and i didn't really get into that for like 10 hours.
  7. Im only like ten hours into Odyssey but so far I like it. I played a little bit of Revelations a long while ago and maybe some of the other ones but i can't remember. So for me its just #1 Odyssey #2 Revelations #3 ??? I want to get in the series but Assassins Creed 1 isn't on ps4 which is dumb
  8. I think Far Cry New Dawn really isn't anywhere near as bad as anyone else says, but Saints Row the fourth is probably the biggest one for me. I dont think i've ever heard anyone say something good about it but i loved every second. Minecraft Story mode was also surprisingly good and honestly that goes for all of the telltale games. Nots sure how people feel about Dying Light but i really liked that one as well.
  9. I've played through the game completely twice and i still am not all that sure how i feel about it. Had one or two glitches but other than that i have very little complaints gameplay wise, i loved the combat. I think they could of handled the story better but this game also features some of my favorite and my least favorite scenes out of all the games ive ever played. Only thing i know for sure is the game made me really sad. Got to play it the night it came out and i had to put it down after that one particular scene and take a break for a while
  10. Nothing too crazy but from least to most rare: 5 Borderlands 2 4 Beyond Two Souls 3 Dying Light 2 Mafia II 1 The Last Of Us Pretty proud of those ones.
  11. My first platinum of 2021 was Far Cry 5, and its my 126th platinum overall. Good game but happy to get it out of my backlog, that game made me almost certain rabbits didn't really exist. Almost been trophy hunting for three years now, and i nearly got 100 platinums last year. 127th and 128th will most likely be Man of Medan and A Plague Tale: Innocence. Hoping to make RDR2 or Persona 5 Strikers my 150th
  12. PSN: TheDragonfly44 Don't really play multiplayer games all that much but i just like seeing whatever games people are playing. Play all sorts of games but right now im working on Man of Medan, Trine 4 and A Plague Tale: Innocence the most
  13. My first trophy of 2021 was opening 200 chests in the krypt for Mortal Kombat 11. Now if only i can finish the strategy tutorials
  14. Fan of difficult platinums/games
  15. More of a mini-series but i just watched Waco the other day. It was a little slow but i really enjoyed it