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  1. the one co op trophy is annoying but otherwise it looks like a pretty fun list. Wanna get this but with smt v coming i'll probably wait
  2. nearly 2000 now. kinda at the point where i don't care much about platinums anymore, although i still plan on going for a few
  3. Strange to care so much about what someone wants to play
  4. I think Persona 5 Royal Is an absolute must play. The Last of Us comes to mind as well, same with the first season of Telltales The Walking Dead. One that I think is a bit underrated is Valkyria Chronicles which are incredibly done strategy games.
  5. I can't believe all the people upset with this month. These are all really incredible games
  6. this is a real shame, they were both incredibly entertaining. At least I'll always still have them
  7. i haven't played much of Golden yet only the ps2 classic but Yosuke is best girl and i won't except any other options
  8. i just got one a few weeks ago. Definitely get at least an 8 or 16 gig memory card and pretty much forget about buying anything physical, but i bought the thing pretty much soley to play the older Persona games and i think its the coolest little thing i own
  9. I can't stop it
  10. oh yeah i have no shame in eventually getting this at all just with how Sony is about things i wasn't expecting the title to be fair game
  11. It looks pretty bad but I'm more surprised that Sony would even allow a game to be called this
  12. they're not like phenomenal or anything but i enjoyed them. couldn't care less about historical accuracy tbh
  13. Yeah i've still been blocked for like 10 days now idk whats up
  14. 10. Detroit Become Human 9. Bioshock Infinite 8. Ocarina of Time 7. Life is Strange 6. Resident Evil 2 5. What Remains of Edith Finch 4. Red Dead Redemption 2 3. The Walking Dead: The Final Season 2. The Last of Us 1. Persona 5 Royal This is really hard considering theres so many games i haven't even got to play yet but as of now that seems pretty definitive
  15. I wish there was more time spent with Lady D, Miranda and Donna but overall i liked the story quite a bit and the end was definitely the weakest but i still really enjoyed it. I just wish we got a little bit more time to play as Chris. Overall i think i like this game more than Re7 but nothing can top Re2 Remake for me. I also quite liked the re7 and re1 tie ins even if they're a little contrived, im very looking forward to Re9 though i hope we can have like a Chris, Jill, Leon and Claire team up or something