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  1. That did the ticket...
  2. Fixed. Did notice that only the trophy in my personal cabinet changed down, not the one in my rarest trophy cabinet. See picture in this thread above for previous example. The personal cabinet is down to 1.18% and the rarest trophy listing is still at 1.42%
  3. I've reported the only person who has all the trophies for multiple games. I'll assume that the CRT have yet to process the reports. I just looked and that profile is no longer on the leaderboard, but they are still the only one credited for completing the game 100%...perhaps that will cycle once the next day comes about and the database cycles.
  4. I noticed this morning a massive shift in percentage rarity of about .20% down in my UFC tracking trophy with only the one pending reported cheater still on the books. The 12 others that platted used the d/l save and then hid the game before they could be reported are now gone.
  5. and he's left the site... another cheater gone.
  6. Something even more interesting is having 2 different rarities for the same trophy on the same profile. Notice the difference in the UFC Trophy in the rarest trophy group and in the personal trophy cabinet.
  7. That's fine...said I wasn't 100% about it. The CRT will just throw it out.
  8. He upgraded 1 weapon, 4 weapons and the stasis/rig completely trophies at the beginning of the list all within 13 minutes. I think they were #4-6 popped.
  9. Reported Dead Space 2 for review. Not 100% sure, but it looks strange to me.
  10. Entire profile is autopopped.
  11. Deception IV, Aegis of Earth, Zombie Tycoon II reported. Put this one to bed.
  12. LBP2 reported.
  13. Infamous 2 reported
  14. reported 3 more titles
  15. He's also been hit for LBP 2...