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  1. I'm guessing that this whole "debate" was established because OP was removed from the leaderbaords for cheating... Let's go to the film... leaderboard status...
  2. I've been trying to explain the errors of their ways now for years... they just get all hipster and adopt an "OK Boomer" attitude while digging their holes deeper.
  3. The first game I played on the original PlayStation... The whole soundtrack kicks major electronica ass!!!!
  4. I bought it either in 2004 or 2009...Either it's the original I got before I went OTR truck driving or it's been updated after I bought the house in 2009. Either way, most of the time it just sits out in the car collecting Robocalls. Most human telemarketers don't call back since I have an answering message that thanks the caller for contacting Topless Topless...the Tidewater Area's #1 stop for completely nude adult entertainment.
  5. RECENT ACTIVITY ALL Truth or Consequences, N.M. (1997) ★★★½ Conspiracy (2008) ★★½ The Point Men (2001) ★★★ Scenes of the Crime (2001) ★★★½ Only You (1994) ★★★½ Black Snake Moan (2006) ★★★½
  6. Unicorn Gun...Because...UNICORN GUN!
  7. I keep checking but the quantity and the quality of the disputes seems to have really taken a bit of a fall off...I have no early morning entertainment now...


    Image result for you make me sad gif

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    2. PermaFox


      Noticed that, too.  Guess all the great, crazy excuses have already been used :awesome:

    3. ShonenCat


      I’m here for Monty Python 😂


    4. PSXtreme_


      Time for Dessert...



  8. tujxsJm.jpg


    Even in the country, we have grocery stores that deliver....

  9. Tonight's Dinner


    The wife isn't feeling well so I'll be cooking tonight...


    Will report back the results...


    Baked Chicken Meatball with bite taken out.

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    2. hugglebunn-e


      We do something a little similar with venison. Excellent taste.

    3. PSXtreme_


      I enjoy venison. I just cant go out and personally kill an animal unless it's absolutely necessary...I get upset with myself if I run something over on the highway...


      People, on the other hand...them I have no problem with...

    4. PSXtreme_


      Edit: That looked like a good I made one...



  10. Nox and King Caesar...My oldest and youngest children...Nox is camera shy.
  11. RECENT ACTIVITY ALL First Blood (1982) ★★★★½ Hollywood Homicide (2003) ★★½ Starship Troopers (1997) ★★★½ Death Wish 4: The Crackdown (1987) ★★★
  12. If you people would stop trading in old gaming systems and their games, you wouldn't have to keep rebuying the same games over and over again for the new systems...
  13. Just ignore him...he's one of my stalkers...I have three or four here that just try to aggravate me