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  1. Not even close to the bottom 10 evar... So far it's OK...not great...not terrible.
  2. I only get offended with other people when other people get offended. Their offendedness offends me.
  3. I have to run out of unplayed games first...I may just skip the PS4 generation completely.
  4. Custom Firmware (CFW) allows you to get into the machine and change dates and/or unlock trophies. Yes, it's against site rules. The normal trick is just to hack the unobtainable online trophies and leave the others to pop regularly to make you list "look" legit. Usually these types of accounts get flagged and then are removed from the leaderboards permanently. @MMDE does a good job at rounding up these offenders. I don't have these titles, but I would suggest game owners try to go online and see if the 4-player trophy is still possible and only the toy box parts are now unobtainable...if not, then start reporting these trophy cheats and getting them removed from the leaderboards.. Any member who has the same game on their list can report suspect trophies from the same game. Just try to be 100% sure that you are correct before slinging any mud onto another. Disputes can be a messy adventure and a false one only makes you look small and vindictive.
  5. It's NOT on PS4, but the PlayStation equivalent on the PSOne and PS2 was Monster Rancher. You would use regular music CDs for the PSone games and both CDs and DVDs for the PS2 versions to unlock monsters that you could raise and train. Here's the history of the series....
  6. This should have been closed last Wed....
  7. Looks like it's time to comb the rest of the list....
  8. close and move on...
  9. I'd expect them to title it "How to beat the PSNP experts" FAQ. Since he has 4 games in the pot, is there really any need to continue?
  10. Until they bring out the full Haptic suit (ala Ready Player One) it really isn't necessary...
  11. Image result for gt6 1969 fiat 500


    Thanks for the Present GT6!!! Such a sex kitten of a car...meow...meoooooooow!!


    1. ee28max


      Definitely a '50 looking :D 

    2. PSXtreme_


      It's an Italian from the Summer of Love....GROOVY BABY!!! YEAH!!!!

    3. PSXtreme_
  12. ICE STORM hits today...thank god I made a trip to the liquor store yesterday...


    Image result for drunk hunting

    1. PooPDeePie


      Oo yea same here.. Weather has been relentless

  13. 100 proof Cinnamon and 100 proof Peppermint schnapps mix FTW.




    Image result for happy drunk meme