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  1. Nope...Where there is smoke, there usually is fire...
  2. Already found it.
  3. Unhide the 261 trophies and I bet I can find it.... Nevermind...already found it...
  4. No...he can dispute the Deadpool and DOA 5 disputes here now...
  5. Finished....3 Stars...pretty much meh Finished..2 Stars...Author tried too hard to seem as if he was naturally funny... Started reread #3...I need to clean my reading palate with something above normal
  6. #3 Reported... This one is done.
  7. Strike #2 reported
  8. I think you need this...
  9. I guess this one needs locked?
  10. 4 outta 5 SCARES... Great 1970's TV show. It had such potential, but the star had issues with the "behind-the-scenes" people and there were only 20 episodes made.
  11. If you think something is questionable, report it...he likes to hide games that people mention before they can be reported.
  12. So, to cut to the chase, OP is gaming the angles, abusing the system, playing hide and seek with questionable games and more or less hoping to throw up enough dust to cloud the issue enough to remain on the leaderboards... Yeah, I would have ended this like you did too,,,but I would have taken it to the next level... Having any #1 on any leaderboard with as much trash as he is packing really puts the entire leaderboard into a questionable light. For reputation sake, I think you have no choice but to have his profile removed.
  13. I'm just surprised that this dispute is still ongoing.... I thought that if it was known that the disputer was a user of CFW that their profile would be banned from the leaderboards no matter how many games were proven to be cheated? This should have been closed 4 days ago.
  14. If he's using CFW and pays attention you won't catch's going to be a gut call... You already know that he's used it on 2 games...what more is needed?