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  1. The date the Covid-19 Springfield MO mask mandate went into effect...37 cases...

    Now a month and a half after it went into effect...195...


    only a 500% increase in infections...


    Should've made that left turn at Albuquerque... - Imgflip


    I can't wait to see the next solution...


    Bubble Soccer Vaughan | Official Bubble Soccer Toronto Inc.

    1. PSXtreme_


      Meanwhile...during that same timeline in nearby Nixa...a community that refused to institute mandatory masking....


      July 15....10 confirmed cases...

      Yesterday...13 confirmed cases

  2. CRT team better get cracking. Discovered a new pattern in uncovering cheaters within the flock.

    Should be well over 100 reports in the backlog now...


    THIS WILL NOT END WELL - Set Phasers to LOL - sci fi fantasy


    I'm going to have lunch now...I'll be back later for more.

  3. How to diffuse Millennial SJW's...


    simply post a non sequitur meme and they will be afraid to answer because they don't know why you posted said meme and are afraid to appear stupid because they do't understand the reference.

    1. Abby_TheLastofUs


      Can't do that here though, since it would be against the forum guidelines. 😬



      6. No posts with just an image/meme, it's also spam.


    2. PSXtreme_


      meme sigh - Google Search | Memes, Humor, John


      such limited imagination...


      post one word after meme, no matter what it is, and you circumvent limitations.


      What Being An Adult Feels Like -



    3. PSXtreme_
  4. Willem Dafoe

    Spider-Man, Beyond: Two Souls, Auto-Focus, Boondock Saints...


    A true treasure



    1. hugglebunn-e


      And The Lighthouse. Amazing in that one.

  5. Finished up Aegis of Earth..


    Started Beyond: Two Souls...


    Hmmm..what a difference between the two...


    24 hilarious memes about being in Coronavirus quarantine that will help you  forget reality for a while



    pwned - blues brothers | Meme Generator



  7. I've changed up my drinking preference for tonight...but I still have a question...

  8. The books for this semester's classes just arrived. That means tomorrow I can officially start getting edujamakated.



    1. AJ_Radio


      With COVID-19 still out there wrecking havoc, it will probably be at least a full year before things go back to normal.


      Best of luck. I will be doing some online courses myself this Fall.

    2. PSXtreme_


      The college opened back up but masks are required...they shut down physically and went online mid-semester previously so I had to adapt midstream with a burden of 17 credits on the line. Still was able to maintain my 4.0 average.


      I don't support the hypocrisy so I'm taking the semester online. I expect this Fall to have the same black plague panic happen again when cold and flu season starts so I'm not even going to attempt physical classes.

  9. In rewatching the horrible American Godzilla movie of 1998, It's came to my mind how many movies throughout the ages from 1976 to 2001 had the twin towers in them...


    Personally, when 2001 happened, I thought there were maybe a dozen or more movies that had the twin towers as a backdrop...


    Now, I think that number was highly underestimated...feel free to share your Twin Towers Movie inclusions...

    1. RedRodriguez87


      Super Mario Bros. It's more impactful if one looks that up themselves.


      Alt note, Jean Reno is awesome.

    2. Dauersack


      The twin towers were in a ridiculous number of movies. Not too surprising given that New York is the biggest city of the USA by far, and it therefore was a very popular place for movies of all kinds. The first movie that comes to mind for me is "Keeping The Faith", a comedy movie with Edward Norton and Ben Stiller that was been shown on repeat on some channels around 20 years ago (together with a few other comedies like "Meet The Parents" and "Bedazzled" ) and the most recent movie I really remember that still had the towers in several shots, movie appeared in the late 2000s.


      Btw I always thought the 1998 was the only watchable Godzilla movie, even though fans seem to hate it. It had a few iconic moments for me and despite Godzilla looking a little weird I really enjoyed it back then despite not being into monster movies one bit, especially not the repetetive laser ray spamming japanese versions of Godzilla.


    3. The Arizona Ranger

      The Arizona Ranger

      The two World Trade Center towers were going to be featured in the 2002 Spider-Man movie, but after the horrible attacks on September 11th, the film was altered in several spots to minimize showing the since-destroyed World Trade Center. The teaser trailer for the film (which released in the weeks prior to September 11th, 2001) prominently features the twin towers being used by Spider-Man to hold a helicopter full of bank robbers in place. They were also featured in a poster for the film (look at the reflection in Spider-Man's eyes) that was put into circulation around the time of the attacks. See below:


      After September 11th happened, the teaser trailer featuring the WTC was removed ("banned") from theaters and the posters were shortly replaced with a different shot of Spider-Man climbing a building:



      There are several parts in Spider-Man (2002) where you can briefly spot the World Trade Center towers, but in some of the shots, they were digitally edited out of the film or have been obscured via edits. See the videos below:



  10. OMG!!! 🤓


    Now even your phone needs a mask...



    Next week, everyone will be in bubble-tents...oh wait, that's already happened too...


    Under the Weather® | Be There. Weather or Not.™

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    2. Kittet3


      @funboy1246 Lol, my walks are definitely not that serious :P I just stick on a hat and some sunscreen and go. My purse is one of those cross-body ones so I don't have to hold onto it, kinda like the video one. I just need to get the plastic backing and I'm good to go

    3. funboy1246


      all my walks are serious. everytime i walk to the fridge....serious. cause outside of work thats all the walking i do

    4. mako-heart


      Clear pouches for phones already exist, screw this chick.

  11. Remember when the Left thought Virtual Classrooms were a good thing???


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    2. DaivRules


      When I started remote training during all this, I recorded every session and shared with with my learners. Every minute of it was planned and followed curriculum so it would be valuable to my learners later. Although, I trained adults, who consented.


      Recording other people’s children does pose a bit of a pickle, but if virtual classrooms are still a thing when my kid is in class, I will absolutely be recording it so I can learn what and how they learn so I can help support any and all questions about it later on. 

    3. MidnightDragon
    4. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      lol Fox "News"

  12. Well another weekend with no sleep...


    Did knock out 40 missions in Aegis of Earth and the entire 4th season of The X-files along with my week 1 assignments in Geology and Developmental Psychology...classes which don't "officially start until Monday...


    I Got That Going For Me GIFs | Tenor


    1. DaivRules


      Ugh, you got through the episode “Home”... I wouldn’t have slept either. 

    2. Rally-Vincent---


      Relly great monster episodes in the 4th season: Teliko, Kaddish, Leonard Betts, Never again. Home was particularly creepy. Synchrony reminded me of The Outer Limits.

  13. god..I miss my Susan...



    1. hugglebunn-e
    2. PSXtreme_




      It was a rough one last night...With the amount of alcohol I consumed, if there was any corona virus inside, it's been sanitized.

  14. Yahoo bans comments to keep their agenda safe...


    When the majority disagrees with your agenda, it's always best to stop any vocal opposition...we learned that in reading 1984.

  15. Day 3 with Aegis of Earth: PA.


    Aegis of Earth: Protonovus Assault - Wikipedia


    That there tells you something. Not a lot of games can say they made it past day one of the exploration phase.


    Just finished up Stage 8 and opened up my 3rd city (I've been doing some preliminary grinding so I've purposely been not completing mission objectives and my progress is not as far as I should be with about 15 hours spent on the game). So far, it's been an enjoyable ride. We'll see what happens as the days progress.

    1. Madara Uchiha

      Madara Uchiha

      What would you rate it out of 10, I have been thinking about picking it up

    2. PSXtreme_


      It's a solid Tower Defense game. Has plenty of challenge. Still easily have 2/3rds of the game to get thru but I would feel comfortable giving it a "good" rating at this time. It's definitely a niche game, but fans of the genre should enjoy themselves.

  16. I need something completely different...


    Aegis of Earth...


    Choose You Fox GIF by SpinTheWheel - Find & Share on GIPHY

    1. starcrunch061


      I see this game all the time. I think it's on PSNow. Give an update on what you think about it.

    2. Rally-Vincent---
    3. PSXtreme_


      Still working on the first city of Kimberly. Since it's been years when I first started the game, I had to start from scratch again to make sure I knew what I was doing.


      So far it's enjoyable. Standard tower defense fare; you manage a city that is being attacked by waves of creatures. You have a 360 degree possibility of attack, but the guns you install can be rotated circularly around the city for defense. 


      It's not going to dethrone Vice City or Red Dead Redemption as far as drama or storyline goes, but the rather long conversations between the characters are rather unique to say the least. It's meant for an adult audience as there is plenty of innuendo scattered throughout the interactions but nothing at the "Hot Coffee" level.


      It has 3 difficulty levels, I've set it on easy for the present time to just get the hang of the game and with proper installation placements I can let the battles play thru on cruise control without anything getting thru my outer perimeter currently. Only have gotten up to beating the 1st Boss Monster and it wasn't even a challenge. I expect to be tweaking things up to make it at least semi-challenging.


      Looks like it's a simple plat once you take out the grinding out of the mix. I picked my copy up for $7, so it's worth the price of admission so far. Visually, it reminds my of a good looking PS2 game, so it won't win any visual awards but that 64-bit appearance gives it a bit o' charm, the sound is adequate and the controls aren't too hard to conquer. I haven't even made it to level 10 yet, but here's some of the mid-level gameplay in action. This one will not be for everyone. If Tower Defense-types of games are something you enjoy, I think you will love this. Otherwise, don't even think about picking this one up.



  17. It's been a very busy day sending Cheater reports in to the CRT. They should have fun for a while....

    1. Berendsapje


      They missed a dispute from Tuesday. Let them catch up a bit.

    2. PSXtreme_


      Not every report gets immediately disputed once it's approved. None of the ones I sent in today should even be brought up in the forum because they are so obvious. 

    3. Berendsapje


      True. Did some on Fuel (missed the one who's disputing another game). None have shown up yet. And shouldn't be disputed, as it is clear save file usage.


      But there's a dispute with Super Meat Boy, and they've been silent so far.

  18. The following s based on reality..


    ATTENTION!!! You may be offended!


    Skip's House of Chaos: Being Offended

  19. It's 10:44 AM


    I've been up since 1:23AM


    The dishes are done, the floor is vaccuumed, I've got a giant pot of jambalaya cooking on the stove, finished a 5th of Gin and now I'm ready for posting...


    Permaban begins in 3...2..1...

    1. PSXtreme_


      Just had to chase a pack of dogs out of the 3 were not having any new interlopers...


      You know that you love animals when you carry the runt of the pack 1/2 mile down the road to his home, barefoot, drunk and  in a bathrobe just so he can make it safely home.

  20. Ahhh...the Future...Good Times...Good Times Indeed...


    Rollerball (1975). At first glance, Norman Jewison's 1975… | by ...

  21. It is just 10 AM


    Why Is The Rum Gone GIFs | Tenor