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  1. and he's left the site... another cheater gone.
  2. Something even more interesting is having 2 different rarities for the same trophy on the same profile. Notice the difference in the UFC Trophy in the rarest trophy group and in the personal trophy cabinet.
  3. That's fine...said I wasn't 100% about it. The CRT will just throw it out.
  4. He upgraded 1 weapon, 4 weapons and the stasis/rig completely trophies at the beginning of the list all within 13 minutes. I think they were #4-6 popped.
  5. Reported Dead Space 2 for review. Not 100% sure, but it looks strange to me.
  6. Entire profile is autopopped.
  7. Deception IV, Aegis of Earth, Zombie Tycoon II reported. Put this one to bed.
  8. LBP2 reported.
  9. Infamous 2 reported
  10. reported 3 more titles
  11. He's also been hit for LBP 2...
  12. LBP 2 also reported
  13. There are better ways to handle situations like that. Instead of whining and naming/shaming, you should have gone and reported games on the profile and had them removed. Don't worry, it's been handled. (could only report 2 games. somebody go pick #3 and end that drama)
  14. There were more... Kill 50 Spiders 38 minutes, 55 seconds (+21 minutes, 45 seconds) 10th Mar 2019 11:54:39 AM 99.07% COMMON Platinum Ship Get all the trophies 38 minutes, 55 seconds (+0 seconds) 10th Mar 2019 11:54:39 AM 88.8% COMMON Nuclear Explosion Use a Bomb Attack 3 hours, 52 minutes, 33 seconds (+3 hours, 13 minutes, 38 seconds) 10th Mar 2019 3:08:17 PM 97.5% COMMON The AS Vita version has Plat earned 3 hours before final trophy.
  15. If PSN can track the user name history, there should be a way for PSNP to do the same...I'm assuming it's done via a User Number. This is something that needs to be handled at the highest level of the site...and honestly should have been priority 1 when the name change option went into effect. Constantly having to clean house with these name-changers gets old and should be handled automatically via the system. Once removed, they need to remain removed. This is just another example of cheaters trying to game the system.