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  1. I guess the John Wick films aren't paying the bills...first we have the announcement of a 3rd Bill and Ted movie...Now we have Matrix 4???
  2. As we await MORE deleted posts from the haters... Insomniac was my 2nd favorite PSOne developer (behind only Polyphony Digital), Although they have/had a great working relationship with Naughty Dog, I personally felt their games were above and beyond anything starring a tornado-spinning Bandicoot could offer. Theirs was the 1st PS3 game I bought (Resistance: FoM) totally blind...didn't know anything about it...just that Insomniac was the developer and that was enough...When the announced they were going multiplatform I was very sad and had many a drink in recollection and sorrow. Today, I've had many a drink in celebration and happiness...and if you've not figured it out...I can find just about any reason to have many drinks....
  3. Image result for ignore meme


    ..and the list continues to grow....


  4. but feel free to keep piling on....
  5. but thanks for playing...
  6. Universal originally owned the rights on the PSOne games. They were transferred to Vivendi Universal after they were bought out in 2001.
  7. It might help to create a game session...
  8. ^^^THIS still boggles people. If they can't figure out to use THIS^^ for normal every questions, do you really think they will have the wherewithal to use a website search engine???
  9. More people done...go check your profiles and pay up the reciprocations...
  10. See, that's why we have the 3 strikes and you're out policy. If you didn't hack the two games, you would just have to hide the one where somebody else(?) hacked your system...but since you abused that and cheated your two free mulligans, you're now just going to have to either restart a new profile from scratch or get used to being sad...
  11. You have to have a modder give it to you... There is no clear answer...some people are allowed to get it...others get flagged and have to hide the game in order to return to the leaderboards...
  12. and the problem is?????
  13. Why not play... ........instead???
  14. I'm here because this is a PLAYSTATION site.... the trophies are just the icing on the cake... and BTW:
  15. Are we even sure it's the PS3 version in question???