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  1. PSN ID: Froobix Systems: PS4, looking to get a PS3 and a vita in a month or two. Accepts Blank Friend Request: Just write PSNP in the box
  2. Still on Destiny 2 and Overcooked 2 :\ Finished Walking Dead series 2 and now on to Walking Dead New Frontier, once that is done, I have the last WD series to play and Micionne.
  3. I'm happy to have new friends, PSN: Froobix just add PSN into the info box!
  4. I'm also guilty of restarting accounts and also prefer 100% to the amount of trophies, I know it's not about impressing people, it's just a horrid OCD
  5. Fanta Grape, no added sugar.
  6. Just ordered Days Gone and finally going to get around to sinking some time into it.
  7. I am Mayo brings shame. Have you ever held in your wee to finish part of a game (when you can't pause)
  8. I do have a 7 year old who LOVES the cinema though, admittedly I thought it was a pretty funny movie.
  9. I had tried to permanently erase that game from my brain.
  10. Overcooked 1 and 2, maybe too difficult for a 4 year old but plenty family time and really fun. Take a look at the Jackbox party packs, lots of family games there too.
  11. Fruit compliments certain tastes on pizza though, I'm not a fan of pears in general but would happily give it a go... I like pineapple on pizza, especially bbq chicken or just ham and mushroom.
  12. Overcooked 2 Destiny 2 Walking Dead Series 2
  13. New laptop, two pairs of trainers from Nike for my son and a pair of Airpods.
  14. Yeah that's what stopped me with the Gambit seal on my old account. I wish I hadn't started this game now, considering Destiny 1 was one of my favourite games, this just seems so daunting.
  15. I miss the days- NF.