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  1. This is on my list to buy after Christmas, I take it its a more positive experience since day one?
  2. Yes some Lore does need the raid, although not actually completing it... I think I'm going to go Wayfarer when I can be bothered and just plug away at that!
  3. I'm picking RE2 up in the Christmas sale so pleased to hear this news!
  4. In the middle, I'm not one for photos, I hate having it taken.
  5. I have a feeling I will platinum this and dip in and out for the 100 percent, I platinumed Destiny 1 on my original account so easily because I loved it and it came naturally, Destiny 2 is boring the life out of me.
  6. PSN ID: Froobix Systems: PS4, looking to get a PS3 and a vita in a month or two. Accepts Blank Friend Request: Just write PSNP in the box
  7. Still on Destiny 2 and Overcooked 2 :\ Finished Walking Dead series 2 and now on to Walking Dead New Frontier, once that is done, I have the last WD series to play and Micionne.
  8. I'm happy to have new friends, PSN: Froobix just add PSN into the info box!
  9. I'm also guilty of restarting accounts and also prefer 100% to the amount of trophies, I know it's not about impressing people, it's just a horrid OCD
  10. Fanta Grape, no added sugar.
  11. Just ordered Days Gone and finally going to get around to sinking some time into it.
  12. I am Mayo brings shame. Have you ever held in your wee to finish part of a game (when you can't pause)
  13. I do have a 7 year old who LOVES the cinema though, admittedly I thought it was a pretty funny movie.
  14. I had tried to permanently erase that game from my brain.
  15. Overcooked 1 and 2, maybe too difficult for a 4 year old but plenty family time and really fun. Take a look at the Jackbox party packs, lots of family games there too.