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  1. Wow, most of them to be honest but I'll go for Disco Elysium as that's the one currently intriguing me the most!
  2. Happy birthday, another enjoyable post, this one I will keep an eye out for as games that manage to be funny are too few and far between! I'm glad work stress has died down for you as we NEED more reviews... please.
  3. Erica, I can't remember which paths I have taken and I found the game confusing (although intriguing) so I don't think I will successfully return. Well played!
  4. I've not been able to finish a job at two of the job boards, both involving cultivation, the game crashed a few seconds into starting on the field. It eventually popped on a new career after doing a job for every person in that one, frustrating as you have to do the tutorials again and I still had some crashes but at least it's now gettable again!
  5. I'll be honest, I'd assumed they'd gone off the idea again, thanks for the update @GUDGER666 I wouldn't have come across this again otherwise I think
  6. Bubble Bobble, I didn't know you could get that on psn so great to know, also wow that is a lot of games!
  7. Book of unwritten tales 2 is a bit frustrating without frequently checking a guide but isn't too long, pillars of eternity is a bit similar in that regard. I think greedfall is the closest to what you are after on the list you have added, I haven't played through it yet but I've been eyeing it up. For what it's worth I really enjoyed cat quest but it's not so close to your criteria it's more snes era Zelda in gameplay terms I think I recall.
  8. I wholeheartedly agree with your points of view on both of these games, I do get that they are well made and the music is good at times and even occasionally better than good, but I just couldn't identify with the characters almost all of the time which made the stories drag. Captain spirit seemed a little bit better, but possibly because it was over so much faster... I've been tempted to try life is strange 2 because it's different characters, but I think that might just make me a glutton for punishment.
  9. When you knocked out the 3 gta games I got worried I couldn't name 5 games as my memory is horrendous, but some beauties suddenly dropped into my brain: Raging Blades Conflict desert storm Champions of Norath Timesplitters 2 Shrek super party Thank you for posting this, reminded me of some brilliant games and gaming times... it also reminded me that I didn't play a huge amount of the ps2 offering looking at others lists.
  10. I enjoyed reading about this journey, as realm722 said above the lists are really impressive. Nice to see a number of games I've never heard of elsewhere, plenty to look into. I've played 2 or 3 of the other Sherlock Holmes games and I'm pleased to report they all holdup quality wise, devil's daughter is certainly the best looking but the others aren't to shabby and the stories and investigations flow really well. Anyway don't want to clutter your posts with my claptrap too much, thank you for taking the time on this thread it's a good read.
  11. Journey, congrats in particular on the sitting with someone trophy, I came across someone sitting in the early days of the game and couldn't work out how to sit also, didn't get another opportunity sadly!
  12. I'm expecting either every X box title ever to be on plus this month, or the end of monthly games and our funds instead going towards keeping PlayStation download speeds as pedestrian as they were 5 years ago and are still now.
  13. I completely agree with Gravel, it's more of an arcade rally game so not very serious there are a good range of difficulty settings so races can be as easy or as challenging as you like. Easier settings don't stop you getting trophies and it's not overly long so your platinum quest won't keep you past the point of boredom - I think it might even be on heavy discount on psn right now. Burnout paradise is also a great choice as above.
  14. Good spot, let's hope it doesn't break something else I guess but it would be nice to get this one finished!
  15. I think the XP and coins for placing well or winning is frustrating as there's just so little variation but the caps on coins for kills just doesn't make much sense to me. I've enjoyed the game but that has started to wane and I am a long way off from level 50 let alone all the items, so much so that I think I may leave it now.