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  1. Great set of reviews and musings, wanted to say thank you specifically for the review of Astroneer; I'm always looking for something to suggest to a group of co op friends and this seems right up our street! Also I've been wanting to play Civ vi for ages, I was addicted to the very first one and only briefly dabbled in any one since as I rarely bother with pc, I know it's not a 1:1 move to put them on ps4 but it's hard to find people talking about the level of functionality in detail, I've taken heart from the fact that although you came across some annoying issues you persevered so thank you, from he who makes small insects tremble, please accept the knowledge that I will be starting very soon as tribute and I hereby offer lasting peace with my people, the shoe people.
  2. Great idea for a topic; I'd like to add Risk of rain 1 and 2, never hear enough about these gems.
  3. Deep rock galactic, tremendous in co op, hours of fun had with friends. Will keep going back too. Please give it a whirl if you haven't yet!
  4. Switchblade is a strange example where the server shutdown hasn't ever been announced as cancelled but the servers are still up and running months after the cancellation. Came across this topic and thought that was an interesting example, all the microtransactions have been removed and the events are all very out of date but the lobbies can still be pretty lively.
  5. Thank you for taking the time to link me to this review sir it is very much appreciated, I finished it a night or so back and have been very keen to read someone else's musings on it, but I'm quite inept at finding my way round these forums. I love your point about the arbitrariness of prejudice, I feel the game sold that message so keenly without losing the game with the message, although I think it's an excellent game for any age I'd love to see this used as a tool for discussion in education. The memories of heroic Poles were excellent the same as you I binged them at the end of the game and I found them really touching, the treatment of the entry for the main antagonist was also really well though out, simplistic but the right touch. It felt like every small touch worked well against the intention, I'm relieved to see you also found some of the solutions convoluted, but as you say none of them outstayed too much and while the controls and mechanics were occasionally fiddly it in no way detracted from what they were trying to achieve. Thank you again for the link, it's felt very cathartic seeing your thoughts on it, I will proceed to check out more of your reviews!
  6. Wahoo, noted that you haven't entered into a contract with me to review it, but if and when it does happen I look forward to enjoying it. In the meantime I will see if I can find Yourmansmevz checklist and see if they have posted a review. So thank you for that direction also!
  7. Can I ask you to review something that isn't yet on your completed item's as a way of making sure it is on your radar? It may well already be in your backlog but I couldn't see it on your profile. My memory of us I need to hear musings from someone with your prose, it's not a 10/10 but it is very interesting, it has the vocal talents of Patrick Stewart and has a slightly whimsical (but deliberate) take on some events from WW2... playing it made me think of the many reviews of yours I have read, including some quite niche ones along the lines of similar topics (through the darkest of times review was forefront of my mind, but also this war of mine and your appreciation for it (and I'm afraid I can't remember a review but tonally it's also similar to valiant hearts)). Please tell me to delete this if my subversion is unwelcome in this rarified checklist completion turf. No sweat!
  8. My memory of us platinum I just wanted to get this one out there as a recommendation as it's highly enjoyable and has Patrick Stewart as a narrator. I perhaps don't need to say more than that, but it's developed by a Polish team and based on a fictitious old man's re-interpretation (deliberately for his young audience) of his experiences in WW2. There's an obvious comparison to the art style and themes of Schindler's list. Apologies I don't know how to screenshot here, but I was intending to drop a handsome shot of the game itself to give you more flavour, instead I encourage you to look it up! It's also a straightforward platinum without the tedium the genre sometimes attracts.
  9. I often forget anything i want to comment whilst catching up on this checklist, so perhaps I should say, great idea, great checklist and marvellous reviews in case I have never said it. The point in this instance I am attempting to remember to say is thank you for putting backbone in my eyeline, sounds great and something a bit different I will be purchasing asap. Keep sciencing, any pace is progress.
  10. Definitely time to mix up some of the more manageable ones if the others feel overwhelming, maybe after timberman aim for something story driven so it doesn't feel like so much of a chore, I'm trying to wean myself off going for anything too tedious or that could spoil my enjoyment of the overall game. I found myself a bit stuck on it a few times but just gave it short bursts a few times and got lucky/it suddenly clicked. I don't blame her with bomberman to be fair, I think I love bomberman but I've gone back to it twice and overall got absolutely nowhere at all. Maybe co op kitten squad with her as it'll be more fun for her and you'll still be knocking something from the list?
  11. I hate to say it but most of these games are very long, you may need more pairs of hands, perhaps start with timberman? It's relatively quick there are a couple of frustrating trophies but you have the skill if you attempt it in small doses so it doesn't get too aggravating and it'll give you an early win before tackling some more of the giants on your list! I think the best tip though is to just post about your journey on here, it will be entertaining and the regular posters in these posts seem to be the most entertaining and helpful people on the site (this isn't self love, I'm much more of a lurker than a poster I assure the noble readership). Also, kitten squad deserves to be finished if you'd like another 2 pennies worth of comment from me. Happy hunting.
  12. I was trying to cater for the small niche audience who are not from the UK but unwilling to trip on LSD and explain Bobby and i accidentally stumbled on the most obvious miss of DBD of all.... The gruffalo! Please oojamaflops that develop said title, right this wrong before he takes his vengeance!
  13. Mr Blobby would be horrifying for those from overseas who didn't grow up with him, perhaps he could be for UK users only as I don't think the uninitiated could cope. If they do pick up this excellent idea though I hope they do the full pack and also make Noel too, lots of opportunities for skins as you could have the deal or no deal variant which would be pretty sinister and the generator's could all be creepy boxes and the banker could be the hook. I third Jaws.
  14. Mama Fratelli from the goonies.
  15. I've been looking for this thread to say thank you for giving me the motivation to get on and do something similar with one of my ds4's, have been putting it off for ages but have just booted up with it and it all seems to be good, so thank you for giving me the faith to try!