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  1. Yes you can. If you need help with achievements there is a guide on YouTube that helps. And yes there is bots which count towards all trophies.
  2. Thanks man I try that right now.
  3. I was wondering if there was a way to get both of the 100 rounds trophies fast for both teams. Does it count if you join then immediately leave?
  4. How I got it was by having one person go upstairs in the second story building and stand in the middle of the house then when I blow up the charges, they would have the medic class and move while unloading all their MG rounds into the air, worked every time. I also did it on Cold War. I don’t think you can get the kills with one story buildings or if they are on the roof. Also I did it on squad rush so that no ransoms would interfere.
  5. Rouge aces that game was fun to plat but hard a terrible start trying to get the hang of it
  6. As of 2020 I believe these game modes are dead. You need like 4 and 8 people in the match to start preventing you from getting the ribbons. Does anyone know how to find severs that host these game modes because I can’t find any in quickmatch or in the server browser?
  7. Ya I love the bad company titles but this game is so old that it’s just so broken. I’m a battlefield vet but I feel like trash when the first match I joined in over 8 years, I get quick scoped by the same dude over and over and over again. Other than that rush was pretty fun but not as good as bfbc2 in my opinion.
  8. You have to download the demo first, then download the upgrade with the full game(two separate downloads).
  9. I’ve been playing this game and every time you die you start over at mission 1. How do I save it so I start back at mission 50 if I died at mission 60?
  10. Alrighty I know some of the multiplayer trophies are easy but thank you for informing me not to waste a ton of time on this.
  11. Today I just started this game and I am for certain on getting single-player trophies. Some of the multiplayer trophies are extreme while the join a friend trophy looks like it can’t be achieved. Is it worth going for the trophies in multiplayer at my current state or any new player state?
  12. Nvm figured it out. Delete thread
  13. I keep going to my download history and keep downloading this game but nothing shows up with my other digital games. Any help?
  14. I was having same issues as you in may and found out for a weird reason that most of the people playing that game mode are playing on hardcore. It took a few tries until you got in a diehard squad. So just try doing it on hardcore and it should put you in a server with people.
  15. I got 18.20. I used the m9 till I jumped off the second floor then used the magnum rest of the way. If you watch ps4 trophies, best way to get it is simply getting multi-kills and being just a bit fast.