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  1. For Biome 2, if you have 19/20 and did not get the trophy just restart the game and you should get it. I had to restart it twice and trophy popped immediately after I was able to move.
  2. Integrating PS Now with PS Plus would be nice but PS Now is still not available in many countries. I think they don't have infrastructure to support it everywhere so having combined services is not really possible in many countries/region until they can figure it out.
  3. It's all RNG on how he behaves. You can use flamethrower, molotovs to scare him off (it usually doesn't come back so quickly after you fight him off) or use noisemakers to lure him to different location. Also, I didn't use smoke bomb much but it can be very effective - unless you run straight into Alien it should not spot you.
  4. Did you download latest DLC also?
  5. I really struggled with this myself so one night I opened a bottle of rum, had couple of glasses and got it done. Go Go Ready Go!
  6. Observing leaders will grant you progress towards your stances faster. If you like to approach camps stealth way it's a bonus for your effort but you will not miss any trophy/progress by just killing them.
  7. For me it must be Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus - Mein Leben run.
  8. I would like to see more options for trophy sorting. You can sort the trophies for particular games, but you can't sort the list of games. For example, if there is a new DLC you no longer have 100% completion on that game, it would be nice to sort the entire list and put all the games without 100% completion on top of your list, etc.
  9. I think Complete Edition should come with all DLC content. I did some quick check on google and several websites say so.
  10. It looks like it. I guess that with cross save it would be hard to implement if you want to jump between PC and PS4.