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  1. Yeah, I've had my eye on this for awhile but it never dips below $40, which is a lot for a VN in my eyes (even for one that is by reputuation as good as this is supposed to be). I ended up getting this on steam when it was on sale for $15 or so.
  2. I'm very happy with this line-up. I played the Japanese version of Like a Dragon when it was first released (didn't want to wait for the American version), but that was awhile ago so it will be nice to return to it. I actually used to live in Kotobukicho, Yokohama, which is close to where the game's abridged version of the city is set. Checking out the other two games will also be fun.
  3. Looking forward to your guide! This is a really interesting game, but it can be quite opaque at times, so it will be great to have some help along the way.
  4. Good to know, thanks! edit: it looks like there's a UK version as well, just not one for the US.
  5. Does anyone know if this version has English subtitles? The game page on Japanese PS store uses images with English translation for dialogue, but I wonder if those were just taken from the Switch version that was released a few years ago. It doesn't look like there's an English territory release of this on PS4 (yet?) so I was surprised to see the game page displayed images with a translation for dialogue.
  6. Seconding Root Letter. I've only played the original vesion (there's a remake that uses real actors) but I really enjoyed it. It was also interesting to see an actual world location from Japan used beyond the typical sites from Tokyo we often see (such as the scramble crossing in Shibuya). I believe it was even made in cooperate with the prefectural tourism board in Shimane. Some of the Wales Interactive FMV games might also fit the bill. I think The Shapeshfiting Detective and The Night Shift are the two stand-outs. Night Shift is more like an interactive film I suppose, and maybe more of a suspense tale than investigation, but Shapeshifting Detective seems on point for that style of play. If you can access the Japanese PS3 store and read Japanese they also have a version of Policenauts for the original Playstation.
  7. I'm running a boring old strength build, but I actually found this fight really rewarding despite feeling like I wouldn't be super optimized for it. As with some previous posters in the thread, I ended up beating her with a +10 mimic tear and added bleed effect from the seppuku ashes. It was suprisingly easy to stagger her with a claymore, and with the mimic helping building up bleed to cause significant damage was faster than I thought it would be. Getting out of the way of her combos was still tough, but with the ability to stagger I felt I was able to offset her lifeleech ability. It does sometimes feel like there is a rampant creep of complexity in some of the boss fights with each new From game (added minions, additional stages, etc), but I felt like this was different enough from what they've done in the past to still feel entertaining and challening. I wouldn't recommend summoning for this fight. I tried it a few times, but most phantoms just get killed right away.
  8. I'm having trouble reaching the region that uses the Halingtree secret medallion. I have both halves of the medallion, but when I approach the lift I don't get the prompt to "show secret medallion." Is there another step that I'm missing? I've spoken with the phantom who hangs out near the lift, but there's no other NPCs in that immediate area (I think there used to be a witch, but there isn't one now). I've also travelled up and down the lift a few times to see if I needed to reset or spawn anything, but nothing seems to change. For background, I've defeated the Fire Giant and rested at the grace beyond where you fight the giant, but haven't accepted the invitation to proceed beyond that. I've also done the Renna quest and the Lichdragon sequence with the deathbed lady. There are a few guides and posts online that describe needing both halves of the medallion, but none seem to explain what else might be needed, or if there's something that might lock a save out of the region beyond the lift. Edit: I figured it out. Mods can delete this if they like
  9. I've been using the claymore as well (currently +17, character level 80). I like the flexibility of the move-set, and it's not too awkward with one hand on the occasions I used a shield. It's not as flashy as some of the more high-fantasy weapons, but I still dig it.
  10. The text for trophy titles and descriptions is Chinese for this version, so I unfortunately don't think it would be available through the Japanese store.
  11. I think this is the first time Undernauts has been on sale on the webstore. The character and monster design looks cool, but DRPGs have never really been my thing so I might wait to see if gets marked down for even less sometime down the road.
  12. It looks like this isn't being sold on the Playstation store anymore - it comes up as "not available for purchase" as of today (Jan 3, 2022). Stream still has it listed. Any word on what the situation might be? The developer, KnockTwice Games, hasn't been active on Twitter since summer 2020 so I don't know if there is any official news.
  13. I have no idea what the trophy list might look like, but I'm really looking forward to Kowloon's Rhizome: A Day of Fire. It was accounced for PS4 back when the crowdfunding campaign was launched, but that was awhile ago so maybe it will end up on PS5 as well.
  14. It's an interesting artifact of the quarantine era, that's for sure. I really liked the premise of a live, online translator/interpreter as a character. Most of the Wales Interactive games I've played have been well worth it.
  15. I appreciate having Saints and Sinners and Kingdom of Amalur included, both of which I've heard good things about but neither of which I would likely purchase on my own. They may end up on the forever backburner like most PS+ titles for me (still trying to find time for Vampyr and Greedfall...) but I least I have a more realistic chance to try them out now.