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  1. Keyboard+mice is the way to go
  2. I think the problem was due to the change of payment methods on the PS3 til Oct 27th, I just tried to download and everthing went fine. Thanks guys!
  3. Thanks a lot @Martain2! Same thing here @Lance_87, I get the code when trying to download any game from my downloads list and I haven't deactivated my account as wel...
  4. I've done it and found nothing related to acocount activation, that's why I asked for your help. Maybe google is giving different results for different locations.
  5. Can you share your search results? I'm having this code for the last week and can't find a functional workaround anywhere on the web. Also, everything I've read didn't mention activation limits.
  6. Side comment: I just love to see these forgotten games come very active and back to the most active games list when they're about to be buried for good. U go for this plat, guys! 📣
  7. They're delisted from the Brazilian store as well... shame on them. I was thinking of getting a couple of DLCs in the near future, but R$ 125 for the whole package is a robbery...
  8. "Play has no limits" Yea, I know...
  9. In the end I got it with a turbo controller... worked as described by @Extratenzy
  10. Quick question: are all trophies obtainable offline? I took a stab at the game yesterday and liked what I saw, but I'm def no in the mood for online competition... If the trophies are offline tho, I might continue
  11. Journey on PS4 I thought I'd never be able to achieve Companion trophy: completing the game last half of the game with the same person. Luckily I found a random, we added each other after the first gameplay and then got the trophy on a second run.
  12. Those letterboxed 16:9 thumbs for PS3/PS4 games look awful. Not showing trophy rarity on their captions is awful as well.
  13. At the consumer end, standard PS4 is basically a PS3 Pro.
  14. This works sweetly, on PS4 as well. Just create a party to talk and countdown.
  15. Does it work by placing a duct tape on a regular controller or does it have to be spamming?