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  1. I was playing the tail game as last round with only 4 people (including me) left. Guy that had the tail initially just disappeared. We spent 3 minutes looking for him, he just wasnt in the arena. Suspicious at least... Anyone else experience something similar to this? He might have also disconnected but that would be weird because he still won the game lmao.
  2. For anyone interested in buying this game, I thought you should know that there is DLC on the horizon. MDHR has also announced, since the release last year on Switch, that they will eventually give out physical copies of the game aswell. Well, it's fairly safe to assume now that MDHR has decided to release it on PS4 now, so that they can release physical copies of main game + DLC before the end of the year on all platforms. Possibly even special or collector's editions can be expected (for those of you who care about that). The DLC was originally supposed to release in 2019, so they've been working on it for a while now. I think it's fairly safe to assume that the DLC/physical release will still happen this year. There is a small chance, however, that another postponement will take place because of COVID-19 until early 2021. Keeping in mind that this game was originally released in 2017, it shouldn't be that big of a deal to wait for another couple of months for most of us. But hey, who am I to tell you guys what to do, I just want to warn everyone so there won't be as many angry 'I SHOULD HAVE WAITED!!!!' and "I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!" forum posts on here. In my country, there's a saying (roughly translated): "A warned man is worth two" So do what you want, but don't be surprised when your buddy pulls up a physical copy of Cuphead as a Christmas gift! 😉
  3. Remember when the spoilers, who were all right btw, leaked but people defended it by saying: "it was out of context" or "it will pay off later in the game"? Yeah, that's a bunch of bullshit. I'm glad I saved $60 by watching xqc play it considering how bad the story is. I mean, the graphics are stunning and the gameplay is IMO better than the first game. But a narrative-driven game with a bad story? I'll pass. Sidenote: how the hell are critics/reviews so delusional? All positive and one mixed review from IGN Japan for god's sake on metacritic? There's such a disaccordance between them and their consumer base. I feel like dunkey's video about critics is so relevant again. They will never badly review triple A games to not endanger their ties with the game companies who will provide early review copies, and that's a seriously bad thing. Video game companies should get called out on their bullshit and it's crazy because they can use this shield of gamers being toxic/transphobic to guard themselves as long as the critics are praising them. Oh well, the industry will never change I guess.
  4. Just quit during the cutscene before the next mission and you should be fine
  5. My last update was February the 24th, it's already been another trimester! I thought I'd make another post with the games I played and how my completion rate has changed since then! My completion rate was 51% when I made the last post, and it's now at a solid 58%. However, I should mention that I hid two "one-trophy" games I'll never play again that were on my profile, so that also influenced it. Format: Games I played since February the 24th (with notes on if I started the game already, if I completed the game and how I got the game): additional notes I decided to separate games that I platinum'd (but not 100%) and the ones I got 100% on this time. It'll make the completion rate more clear, because of Far Cry 5 that I already platinum'd but now I finished the DLC so that's why it's back again in this post. Bioshock (new, PS+) The Sims 4 (new, 100%, PS+): thanks to the PSN profiles forum this was one of the easiest plats ever Fifa 17 (backlog, 100%, purchased): finally got the Online draft trophy out of the way (which was a pain in the ass), so I cleaned this one up after 3 years! The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt GOTY edition (new, 100%, purchased): spent the entirety of march playing this game, put over 100 hours in. What a masterpiece! Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered (new, 100%, purchased) The Order: 1886 (new, 100%, library) Until Dawn (backlog, 100%, PS+): finally cleaned this one up too after 2 years since first time playing. Fun to see the different endings and all the collectibles. Far Cry 5 (backlog, 100%, purchased): got the DLC out of the way, was kinda boring but the Season Pass was only 10 bucks and also included FC3 so still worth it! Borderlands 2 (new, PS+) Overcooked 2 (new, purchased): decided to buy the sequel with my sister! Great game to play with close ones during quarantaine! Far Cry 3: Classic Edition (new, 100%, purchased) That was it! Considerably less titles now in comparison with last update (11 compared to 17), which can be explained by the hours I put into TW3 haha. I played a lot starting in march until around mid-april, but the last weeks have been a bit slower because I decided to put effort into Hearthstone (to get legend ranking, which I got btw). I'll probably make another update around august, because for the entirety of june I won't be able to play a lot due to exams. I also still have a lot of games I still want to play before PS5 launch, so there'll probably be more library games too. Thanks for reading and see you at my next update post!
  6. Nope, No Russian has no impact on any trophies
  7. Well, would you really want a sequel? I don't know if that would even be possible with all the different outcomes. Man of Medan and the other upcoming Dark Pictures games are interactive horror stories, also created by Supermassive, so those are probably the closest to an Until Dawn 2 that you're going to get.
  8. For a game with this many outcomes I don't understand why there aren't more trophies than just 18 and the platinum! There are so many fun ways in which you can implement more trophies for things that could happen in the story, here are a few I personally would have added: A Romantic Setting - Mike got Jessica to strip down. Best Outfit - Sam escaped the psycho and ended up in his headquarters. Oh Deer... - Matt killed the deer and was pushed off the cliff by its herd. Meat Your Destiny - Emily died gruesomely by falling into the grinder. You Can Tell Me What To Do - Josh recognized Hannah and turned into a wendigo himself. I know that the first one is a little pervy, but the guide for this has over two million views and come on, it's kind of funny to have one silly trophy between all the serious ones. I love this game, about to finish the 'Everyone Dies' run for the platinum. Do you guys remember any other memorable moments that also deserved a trophy? Put them in the comments!
  9. This is correct, you need to finish a mission in one go or else it will count as a reload. You don't have to watch the cutscenes (or the credits at the end) for the trophy to pop.
  10. Try to avoid friendly fire. If you kill someone and don't get a fail screen, you're fine. But if you do, then you have to restart. Killing one person by accident normally isn't a problem.
  11. For anyone still having issues with the trophy, I would suggest looking at my new thread that sums up all things you should know.
  12. Hello I saw a lot of misinformation in the other thread about this trophy. I think I just found out how to 100% surely get the trophy after being stuck on it for a while. The goal is to do every mission without dying/reloading to checkpoint/failing an objective. What I found out is that if you play a level without dying, but then you play the same level and you just die in it or reload to a checkpoint: the game will forget your progress for that level. In short, you need the 'last played' of every level to be a no-death/reloading/failing an objective run. You can do every level via mission select or start a new game, and if you die then you can click 'Restart Mission' or go back to the main menu and restart via mission select. It doesn't matter on which difficulty you do the levels: you can for example do team player on veteran, then cliffhanger on recruit. You can speedrun through all the levels: it is impossible to be 'too fast for the game to recognize'. If you do speedrun, remember that two melee attacks or a grenade can still kill you quickly on recruit. It doesn't matter if you shoot friendlies: this doesn't qualify as 'failing an objective'. What does qualify as failing an objective and some people might miss: Failing a breach/shooting the explosives during "The Only Easy Day... Was Yesterday" or "Loose Ends" or "Just Like Old Times'" Failing the jump at the end of "The Hornet's Nest" Being too slow during the final sequence in "Endgame" or the chase in "Cliffhanger" Reloading checkpoints or shooting Shepherd in "SSDD" for trophies Getting run over by APC or BTR in "Exodus" or "Wolverines" Failing a timer during "Of Their Own Accord" or "Contingency" or "The Hornet's Nest" The most important piece of new information is that the game will forget your progress if you replay over a level for which you already did an Immortal playthrough. Personally I found this out, because I did "Of Their Own Accord" for Immortal first then I immediately afterwards did the mission for the Bird Hunter trophy. That deleted my Immortal progress on the level (because I reloaded a bunch of times for Bird Hunter) and 'glitched' the trophy. I hope I can help some people with this semi-guide, cheers!
  13. Allright i did two playthroughs on recruit for this trophy alone: #1 - from start to end in one go while collecting all intel, if I died I restarted mission via the OPTIONS menu, didn't watch the credits after the end. #2 - via mission select, if I died OR failed an objective OR shot friendlies I restarted the mission by saving & quitting then going back via mission select, watched the credits at the end. Replayed SSDD afterwards because some people in this thread gave that as advice. Both times didn't get the trophy. I'm done with this shit until it gets fixed or someone finds a way to 100% get the trophy.
  14. Don't do this trophy on recruit. I tried it 7 times, each time there were only 9 helicopters. I tried it once with regular: guess what? Immediately 11 heli's.
  15. FFS, it's glitched for me too... why don't they just put an icon indicating if you beat the mission with one life or not... third playthrough then i guess