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  1. Yes this is so broken, literally an instakill every time. I also used it for the trophy where you have to beat an opponent online without using a single stock
  2. Hearty and Golden Touch trophies are glitched for me.
  3. Lol it took a little longer than I expected, but so glad we can finally play it in an hour 🤩
  4. I'm surprised there isn't a thread about this already, I'm super hyped for the PS5 version which seems to be coming in mid february to early march! After a long period of no news, I'm glad to hear that the new version is approaching soon. Hopefully the PS4 trophies carry over to PS5.
  5. Don't care about UFC. Excited for Planet Coaster: never played any of those theme park games so I'll definitely give it a shot. Tiny Tina was already in the handsome collection.
  6. I have updated the guide for the Be My Guest trophy, good luck with the plat everyone 😉
  7. The guide is up right now, thanks for your contribution!
  8. Just got my first ever guide published, feeling quite excited and proud of myself at the moment! I noticed that there had never been a guide for a FIFA game on this website before, so I decided to write one for the newest installment: FIFA 22. Previously I worked on the Overcooked 2 guide to improve it, but this is the first time writing a guide solo so I'm eager to hear what people think about it. Hopefully it can help people in their grind towards the platinum 😄

  9. I am currently writing a guide for FIFA 22, I will include this method in the guide and give you credit 😁
  10. I'm all for more competition for sport games as it puts pressure on EA to improve their games, but it seems like eFootball has turned out to be a giant flop. Reddit communities r/wepes and r/efootball are chaos right now, comparing the game to a mobile game or a release disaster like Cyberpunk. The graphics/player designs seem to be an absolute joke too. On top of that, eFootball 2022 is currently the worst rated game on Steam. So this is why I'm asking you guys: how bad is this game? I guess the one thing to keep in mind is that the game is free to play so it's not like they scammed people.
  11. After two years of using this website, I finally gave in and bought lifetime premium. This website has been a great help on my trophy hunting journey (and the ads on mobile were too annoying 😜) so it's money well spent. It's become a habit that I check guides for games on here before buying/playing them and when there is a new sale announced I also check the forum to see what others think are interesting deals. The boosting/cooperative sessions are also a major help for some more difficult or online trophies. All I hope for is that maybe one day there will come a mobile app!
  12. I co-wrote the guide for Overcooked 2 and I agree with OP's logic: it doesn't make sense that they have the same difficulty rating when the hardest trophy is removed for All You Can Eat. There definitely should be a difference in difficulty. The fact that Overcooked 1 also includes a '3 star on every level' trophy and is rated 4 on difficulty made this decision easy for me, I changed OC2's difficulty to a 4. It's kind of hard to get an accurate difficulty rating for these games because everyone experiences it differently. If you play the Overcooked series co-op with another skilled gamer then the games should be a breeze and probably 1/2 difficulty. There might be a couple of tricky levels but you can just use a video guide to see what tasks to combine to get enough score. But if you play them with someone that isn't very skilled or you play it solo, then it might prove difficult to get the 3 stars on every level and the rating should probably be atleast 5+. That's why it's probably best to compare the games with eachother to get the most accurate difficulty rating. And like others mentioned, difficulty is always subjective: the ratings are arbitrary and just there to give the average player a prediction on how tough it is to complete.
  13. Everyone here is talking about potential games, I just hope they announce more PS5 stock for Europe lmao. I've been trying to find one all summer...
  14. You seem to play a lot of Uncharted games so it's a surprise to me that you haven't played any Tomb Raider games yet. I would suggest you play one of the games from that series!
  15. Let me start off by giving a little review as I just finished the game. Beautiful story and probably the best platform game I've every played in my life. The graphical style is also quite soothing and the way the game nudges you to learn how to use certain mechanics is spectacular. I've never seen it so well done in a game before. I did a blind playthrough first: completed chapter 1-8 and a couple of b-sides/crystal hearts a long the way, roughly got 70% of strawberries too. Then I went through the whole game again with a guide to find all the remaining collectibles (so many hidden paths) and after that I finished all the B-sides. At this point I was pretty satisfied with my game experience and I think I put a total of 30-35 hours into the game. For me, the strawberries and especially the B-sides were the sweet spot of fun and challenging without demotivating you. The whole game I spent wondering: "why the hell does this have assist mode?" Oh boy was I naive... ...Because then I tried the C-sides and Chapter 9. In my opinion, this takes the difficulty level from fun and challenging to 'FUCK YOU PUSSY, EAT SHIT AND DIE!'' levels. I wouldn't call myself a platform rookie, but for me that difficulty spike was unbearable. I tried the C-side from chapter 1 for a full hour before giving up, as I hadn't even defeated the first part. Don't even get me started on chapter 9! The first part was alright, but after the wavedash mechanic is introduced I was basically fucked as I can't hit that consistently. It felt like the whole chapter was based around wavedashing and wall jumping from that point on so I had to quit there too. And yes, as you can see on my profile, I used assist mode to complete the C-sides for the platinum and chapter 9 for the cutscenes. Maybe I'll come back to the C-sides and ninth chapter some day and try to do them without assist mode, but for now I can't see myself getting the necessary skill without putting literally double (triple?) the amount of hours into the game. What did you guys think of the difficulty spike from B-sides to C-sides and Chapter 9? To the people that did them legitimately: are you still sane?