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  1. Hey guys I finished the main story two days ago, and just a half hour ago I received an e-mail from Playstation. I'll try to translate it as best as I can for you guys, because it was in dutch originally: "Congratulations, Mathieumatic Not every player manages to reach the end of THE WITCHER 3: WILD HUNT, so you can be proud of yourself. Here are your statistics..." But then there aren't any statistics in the e-mail? There are only clickable icons to the 'Deal of the week' and the 'Mega-March' sales, it seems like an automatic e-mail where they just fill in the game you finished. Did anyone else get this? Where can I find the statistics they are talking about? This all seems so weird, haha.
  2. @MattbluePT and @PolloPawer , congratulations you guys won the giveaway! You'll each get 60k. Put 6 non-rare gold players up for 10k (max price) and for 1 week so I won't miss them, then PM me their names. Good luck with the coins!
  3. My god, this is getting ridiculous now. All I wanted since the big January sale is the Far Cry 5 season pass... Hasn't been on sale once, while the main game has been in every single sale lol, even the gold edition (season pass included) was on sale for less than the season pass. Come on Ubisoft, get your shit together.
  4. Who would have thought... After all these wrong predictions of the date of announcements, it ends up being one day after the Player Celebration event ends. Well played, Sony.
  5. FIFA 19 will be unobtainable after the 23th of March. You must get into a gamemode called the 'Weekend League' and EA posted this message saturday: "Hi FIFA fans, we are re-opening the FUT Champions Weekend League one time only on March 20 at 7:00 am GMT. The event will run in its usual format and this will be the final chance to get any outstanding Weekend League related achievements." This will make the trophy Making a Name For Yourself (and consequently the platinum) after March 23th unobtainable. I urge you to put this under urgent warnings because if people want to get into the Weekend League, they must reach 2000 pts required through playing Division Rivals. This is considered a grind: 50 games atleast x 15 minutes avg per game = 12,5 hours of playing. Anyone who wants to get this trophy/platinum will need to start playing right now!
  6. This is mandatory, because there are a lot of people buying the Journey trilogy which consists of Fifa 17, 18 and 19. I personally wouldn't recommend anyone to buy these games, you won't really enjoy the game. When the cycle of the game is over and the new one launches, EA really doesn't care for anyone still playing the previous ones. Not only are the prices in all of these games inflated, because no one plays the game anymore which results in less cards on the market in FUT. But also some trophies are impossible to get, so I'm glad for any of you guys who haven't gotten the Weekend League trophy yet. There aren't any events or special SBC's anymore which will also make it harder to grind and the queue's will be sooo much longer if you're trying to find someone to play against in a certain mode. End of last year I platinum'd FIFA 19 and today I platinum'd FIFA 17, both were clean-ups of easy trophies (except the online draft one for 17) because I played the games in their respective years and didn't have to do any hard grinding anymore. I respect anyone that's willing to put up such a huge grind after the game's original lifespan, but I wouldn't recommend it myself.
  7. Finally got the FUT Online Draft trophy and platinum so I'm done with this game. Currently at 90k and I put all my remaining gold players on sale, so I should definitely hit 100k. I'll give away all the coins I have left to you guys, don't need them anyways. Comment under here and wednesday at 20 o' clock CET I'll pick 2 winners through a randomiser, who each get half of whatever my cointotal is at the end. If you are one of the winners, I'll add you on PSN and send you the details at that time. Good luck everyone!
  8. I heard someone on this forum contacted Playstation support back when Detroit: Become Human was announced as a PS+ game because he also had bought the game around 1/2 weeks prior to the announcement. The guy actually said he got his money back in Playstation vouchers. I don't recall who it was, so don't know if he was bullshitting or not, but you can definitely try to ask support for some kind of recompensation. Maybe they'll bite
  9. UPDATE: Well I underestimated how easy it is for me to get a higher completion rate with a bunch of backlog... Start percentage: 44,71% and my original goal was 50%, currently at a solid 51% and it's only been less than a quarter of the year. Let me give you guys a summary of my progression Format: Games I played since the start of the year (with notes on if I started the game already, if I completed the game and how I got the game): additional notes Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order (new, platinum, library): glad to see EA is able to put out an amazing Star Wars game, but honestly didn't expect anything less from Respawn Entertainment Detroit: Become Human (backlog, platinum, purchased): I only needed 2 trophies more for the plat, but had to do another full playthrough for them... finally got it done Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (new, platinum, library) Goat Simulator (new, platinum, PS+): all that damn DLC is not good for my completion rate and flappy goat made me lose my mind hahaha Conan Exiles (new, platinum, PS+): admin mode made this easy, fastest platinum ever Batman: Arkham Knight (new, PS+) Batman: The Enemy Within (new, platinum, purchased) Far Cry 5 (backlog, platinum, purchased): avoided the fishing/hunting and arcade features during my first playthrough, so only those trophies were left and they were actually quite fun to do The Wolf Among Us (new, platinum, purchased): telltale, please give me the sequel this year... second best game of theirs I played, nothing will beat TWD season one though Call of Duty: Modern Warfare remastered (backlog, platinum, purchased) GTA V (backlog, purchased): got some quick and easy trophies while playing with friends, eventually I will plat this one! Love playing GTA but not very motivated to get the collectibles, this was my first PS4 game by the way Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (backlog, PS+) Fallout 4 (backlog, library): had this one at 1 trophy for sooooo long because I didn't understand the beginning of the game, went back to the library and finished all main story trophies God of War III remastered (new, PS+) BioShock (new, PS+) Overcooked (new, PS+): great experience playing with my sister who doesn't really enjoy gaming, might get Overcooked 2 in the future! If I could get her to 3 star all the levels with me... Fifa 17 (backlog, purchased) I'm going to adjust my goal to 60% to make it more interesting and challenge myself a little further. Still have a bunch of games that I plan to play and complete. There are also a bunch of games in the local library I still want to play, like InFamous: Second Son and Horizon Zero Dawn. It sucks that i'm only able to play on weekends for the upcoming 3 months, I could get so much more done if I had the PS4 available for full weeks haha
  10. The Witcher 3 GOTY edition is back to 15 euros for anyone who missed it in January... Might pick that one after watching the netflix series
  11. Honestly don't really care about the PS themes or icons, just hoping to get super lucky and receive the Playstation-kit! Good luck to everyone.
  12. That's an interesting remark. I can't answer for everyone, but I have around 50 games played with a completion rate of around 50% so I wouldn't call myself a completionist. First explanation: my local library rents out games, a library pass costs about $10 and then you can rent them with no additional costs (except when you return them too late and you get fined). There are some games I played from the library that I just didn't enjoy, like RDR2. I didn't even bother to finish the epilogue because I was so bored of the same repetitive missions in the main story every time (ride your horse here, shoot a couple of guys, ride back and repeat). So I don't feel the need to complete them since I didn't directly pay for them, I guess. Same explanation with PS+ games in my library I played (Mafia III and Saints Row: Gat out of Hell), found out I disliked them pretty early on and stopped playing. Got a single trophy for both, can't be bothered to play a game I don't enjoy. PS+ is a bit different because you pay for the games, but I generally view PS+ as paying for online multiplayer and the games you get every month as a 'free bonus'. I'm on board with the 'get your worth' argument for games I spend my own money on though (not including PS+ or library games). Then there's also games like Fifa or Call Of Duty, where there are a bunch of different gamemodes. For example, the most popular gamemode in FIFA each year is Ultimate Team and there aren't a lot of trophies to earn there. Same with people that play CoD with friends every night, just for the multiplayer experience. People can easily sink 100's of hours into the game and get their worth, without going for trophies or taking the completionist approach. There will of course be people who just waste their money, but I don't think that group will be that large. In my case, I will always finish the main content of the game and then I decide if I want to platinum it. Generally, finishing the story will give you more than half of the trophies already so sometimes I feel like I already got enough enjoyment out of the game to just quit playing
  13. Don't know what you mean by "these threads" but if there was one similar to mine, I must have missed it. As for your Overwatch question: I played it once 3 years ago because my library rents it out, didn't like the controls and dropped it instantly (already had the game on PC anyways) so it couldn't have been me.
  14. Sorry, it wasn't my intention to sound condescending. It's quite the opposite really, I admire everyone that has the dedication to get 90%+ completion since I can't see myself doing it. Just wanted to give you guys a little insight on how I view gaming/trophy hunting, so you guys understand where I'm coming from and why I'm asking the questions in the first place. The questions are just a way to start an open discussion about this, I don't mean to attack or debate against you guys: there is no right or wrong, just opinions. And I'm interested in yours
  15. From personal experience, I only platinum the games that I enjoyed enough to fully complete. There are a bunch of games I've come across over the years where you have to complete so many repetitive, boring tasks just to get the platinum which makes it not worth it to me. I could never get myself to platinum/100% every game I play and I'm honestly fine with that. Gaming is supposed to be a hobby and if I forced myself to finish every game I played, it would feel more like a job to me. This is why I'm asking everyone on this forum with 90% or above completion rate the following questions: Why bother? How do you motivate yourself to complete the games you didn't enjoy? When did you start this completion trend? From the start of your account or did you have to overcome a huge backlog to achieve this? Do you feel like 100% completion is an overall better experience than a normal playthrough (where you don't mind the trophies)? I'm interested in your responses, thanks in advance.