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  1. As PS Now stands now, Sony is wise to keep them separate. There are two different demographics for the services. The people who pretty much exclusively play online (CoD, FIFA, Battlefield) would be upset about any additional price hike for single players games they won't play. I got a friend who pays the annual PS+ fee and doesn't even bother downloading the free games that release every month unless they're online multiplayer (he regrets not downloading Rocket League way back then and having to pay for it later). Sony barely advertises PS Now as it is, likely because they don't want to deal with the everyday consumer who might not have good internet to stream PS3 titles. The best they could is offer some kind of combination like MS does with Game Pass Ultimate, but PS Now would have to change a bit to make it less confusing. It'd probably serve them best to section off the streaming titles entirely, only advertising the fact that you can download tons of PS4 games to play. PS3 era games that need to be streamed should be under a different menu, maybe even a different service name like "PS Now Online" so people won't feel cheated for paying for something they might not be able to play if they don't have good internet. As a personal wish, it would be nice if Sony could bring their PS1, PS2, PSP, and Vita catalogues to Now. They could try to get the biggest titles from those eras (Chrono Trigger, Suikoden, TimeSplitters, FF Tactics, Persona 4 Golden) to headline, and do what MS does by advertising "over a hundred games to choose from" to make the service more appealing. They could do what Nintendo did on the Wii and 3DS, emulation wise, by having players choose the screen size (native resolution or stretched for our bigger TVs), filter settings, save states, and so on. It's probably all wishful thinking though, but it could give PS Now a boost in popularity and make some kind of combined service a good deal.
  2. I'm hopeful for new VR controllers for whatever PSVR 2 looks likes. It was smart of them to repurpose PS3 move controllers for VR use, but the technology and design is showing its age and limitations when compared to other VR headsets.
  3. Disc model as long as the price is right. It's crazy how we're in August and still haven't heard about pricing or a release date. The disc version will likely be more expensive but if it's significantly more (like more than a $100 difference) or if the initial supply is constrained, I'll settle for a digital version. I can't help but feel the disc version will sell out faster, physical games are often cheaper and have resale value after.
  4. Hi everyone! I mostly play single player games; particularly big open world games and JRPGs. My all time favs would be the Persona series, Kingdom Hearts, and anything from Level-5 (Dark Cloud and Ni No Kuni). Feel free to add me, I like and comment on some activities I see on the feed and like messaging about games, anime, and so on! PSN: legendaryhero007 Systems: PS4, Vita Accepts Blank Friend Requests: Just say PSNP to let me know you're from here!
  5. Top 3 Games: 1) Assassin's Creed Odyssey 180 Hours 2) Skyrim 165 Hours 3) Persona 4 Golden 101 Hours I've got the plats for AC:O and Skyrim but not 100% (some are so tedious), didn't expect to get sucked into them the way I did. I'm close to the plat for P4G, I'm on the last few months of the game with close to full social links. Days Played: 173 Days at 1237 Hours clocked - longest streak was 17 hours These numbers feel so unreal, no way did I spend a third of the year playing Trophies Earned: Earned 675 Trophies 6 Platinums 37 Golds 120 Silvers 512 Bronze Your 2019 Title is: Action Hero The theme and avatar is surprisingly nice, wasn't expecting much
  6. Mortal Kombat
  7. Feel free to add me too! I don't play multiplayer games much and my friend's list has shrunk lots. Would love to see more players playing all sorts of games on my friends list!