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  1. Yes to confirm on my question, it does have a free upgrade, i bought the physical version about a week and half ago
  2. This one has been in the game for awhile, it was already available back when i platted it which was 2 years ago maybe?
  3. When i try to go for the Burn baby burn trophy the game just crashes right when the timer is on 0. It even crashes when you try to complete the rope minigame right on the very end? Is there a fix for this?
  4. It's just abit of a odd one on amazon it's not showing the free ps5 upgrade logo on it, guess i will buy the ps4 version then.
  5. I guess i will wait for more information on it. Worst case if it doesn't i will just buy the ps5 physical then the ps4 digital when on sale. Thanks.
  6. I was thinking about buying the physical version of the game but i wanted to know if there was a free ps5 upgrade or not? Otherwise i would rather just order the physical ps5 version of the game.
  7. It's the fact that the company didn't think about adding a ingame tracker for stuff like that is what makes it a bad list. i could be 5 min of the trophy or i could be another 60 hours of that trophy there's no specific time stamp. And to think i was gonna do the list twice, i ended up dropping the ps4 version about mid way trough because of the amount of bugs i was encountering.
  8. It's so demotivating i'm currently 40h in rubberbanding and the trophy still has not popped for me. It makes me think that using the broom doesnt count towards it. I think this is personally one of the WORST trophy's i've encountered trough the whole platting videogames journey.
  9. I left 2 of the challenge trophy's back on ps4 cus they were a pain in the arse. I'm glad theres a autopop for the online stuff, i will prob autopop the online then replat the sp from the start.
  10. i went from completing the game (74h) to being 100h in with the rubberbanding method and i have yet to receive the trophy. I don't get why developpers think its a smart idea adding these tedious trophy's you wouldn't get legit unless you would replay the game 2,3 times.
  11. I tried to booth up both versions and get the "can't start the game or app" notif i've never had this before. Is there a fix for it i bought the game digitally and played the first 3 episodes
  12. Yeah i redid the entire area and this time it did pop
  13. I was using ps4 backupsaves from back on release to get to the cleanup easier they all popped except that 1
  14. This is the only trophy that won't pop for me. Anyone know a fix for it?
  15. Can anyone confirm if this is actually the case / people who bought it?? As i have seen some box art where it doesnt mention the free ps5 upgrade.