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  1. when i try to turn the game on it gets stuck on the picture of the game not booting up at all. I was wondering if anyone else had that issue aswel and if theres a possible fix for it
  2. Not sure why it does that though. I did do the secret ending last time i played it so it could be that.
  3. I've noticed a bug today i wanted to log online and all of the sudden i was from the first island to castilo's hideout where you first spawned in in the prologue?
  4. Hopefully that would be much better.
  5. I've read Nightmare unlocks only on normal or hard so i assume doing a normal run first then nightmare would be the beneficial
  6. Will we see by any chance a platinum walktrough of this game by you on youtube? Can't seem to find any propper ones.
  7. I wanted to know if i were to follow the xbox guide would it lead to the same results for the ps4/5 version
  8. The main game was ok. i did take about 3h for the flappy bird but i was having more trouble on the last dlc with controling the space ship and my goat falling trough the ground numerous times.
  9. If you tought the flappy bird trophy was bad don't bother with dlc 4. It's the worst DLC i've played in general from shitty controls to bugs left to right.
  10. Already got the plat since monday but thanks for the help anyway
  11. Is it just me or is the GoatZ DLC very buggy. i've had to restart 4 times so far just because of numerous bugs that forces me to reset the trophy progress like 25 quests in one game
  12. No problem mate. I had the exact same issue like you had where i platted it in 2 weeks after release then never went back then going back with the ps5 upgrade i forgot nearly everything to only realise near the very end that each station has it own seperate materials haha.
  13. the new structures are: - The cargo catapult (unlocks when u log in the game) - Chiral bridge (unlocks by doing a specific order from the "Sam's order tab) - Jump ramp (same here as the chiral bridge by doing a specific order) New equipment i can't really specify because i had to recraft everything thrice because some stuff wouldn't track propperly. - But i know most of it u can craft from the start (in the new items tab but leave this for last as the mission unlocks will go in there aswel making it more convenient) - Buddy bot by doing a specific order aswel where you rescue and bring back another wounded porter. - Half life missions and V (cyberpunk) missions (5,6 of each mission and unlocks u various items but from what people said u can do the first 4 missions of both and unlock the stuff needed for the platinum (don't quote me on that). Then doing the S rank on the new race track up near the wind farm station. - Doing a S rank once earns you a new vehicle to craft. - Doing a S rank on the 4 races that include the new vehicle includes you another variant of that said car. For the rest i think thats about it unless anyone notices something i missed.
  14. You should have enough materials to craft everything again. The way i did it was just craft / max each structure till both popped if the trail blazer popped then i would look into maxing out structures lvl 2 from other players (saves u alot in material especially with the safe house crafting. Just make a list of the ones you haven't maxed then check your ingame map from a lvl 2 build that you can max out to lvl 3
  15. Yeah you lost me on the factory reset no thanks. i guess i will keep the dlc's unfinished.