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  1. Each guide i looked up so far has all different explanations One says you can only use silent blade kills while others say bows are allowed aswel Can you specify if you only silent blade them or a combination of blade and bow? EDIT: for some reason it finally popped after the 5th silent kill - glad it's done
  2. I'm following the exact requirements needed for this trophy, and it's not unlocking for me.
  3. Sadly no, i reached out to the dev support twitter ages ago and from the sound of it it is a very uncommon issue. I've tried numerous things without results so i just deleted the game and moved on from the buggy mess.
  4. After playing and loving AC Vallhalla i went on and bought AC Unity, i would say not worth it, just because of how easy npc's can swarm you and instakill you.
  5. Like others have said before, it sucks that these "developers" release these shovelware games, with platinums that take upto 1-5 min. The way i see it, it devalues the amount of platinums someone has: For example you have Timmy and Tommy: Timmy has 1000 platinums, but 98% of it is shovelware games, achieved in about a year time. Tommy has the same amount of platinums, but actual propper games, achieved in a time span of maybe 15 years. At the very very start i did so some of these shovelware games out of curiosity, but it ended up giving me a distaste instead of the proud feeling of achieving a platinum. Yes i have put " " at the word developers, because really, can you call these developers?
  6. I'm slowly going trough my backlog of games and am now almost caught up to the point i want to play The Quarry. I know buying the digital deluxe version on the PS store allows you to have the PS4 and PS5 version of the game, but i was wondering if the physical standard edition has the free upgrade aswel or not, since i don't find any info about it online.
  7. Yeah like others have said, your better off doing a entire new playtrough on Death March, while following a gwent collectible guide for the missable cards. aswel as following the guide on psnprofiles for any missable trophy's because there is quite alot.
  8. I did follow these guides on youtube, because of how detailed they were. Maybe these are a help for anyone?
  9. I did them recently, it's one of those things that it's not really skill based but more based on what way you approach them. Some were easy enough for me to get first try, while others i would take upto 20 try's just go pass it. Part 2 is easier then part 1 though.
  10. Is it possible to do all the online stuff solo? because i'm planning on doing this at some point, but i want to know if anything needs to be done with someone or if i can do it all solo?
  11. I rarely go for fastest achiever, but i've had a few times i would get fastest achiever without even trying to. I used to be 1st place on KKona (PS5) for awhile without even trying, back when it released. And top 3 in subnautica, same as KKona back when it was free, might be long gone by now though.
  12. I can confirm my issue has been fixed. like @Cruscah mentioned, it took about 3 hours and the platinum solved itself. Just weird that it does happen, but atleast it's not the worst situation.
  13. I got a feeling it will be something like that, i have tried a few solutions without any luck: - Manually sync does nothing - obtaining another trophy after it does nothing aswel. But i think mine is a different case, it shows 100% but it does not include the platinum :/ I think it will just be a case of waiting till it pop's even if it's with a ingame patch.
  14. I got this weird bug going on where i have completed every single trophy, but the platinum is the only thing that did not unlock? (24/25 trophies done?) Never ever have i had this happen to any game, even with syncing the trophy data it still showing 24/25 trophies. The weirder part is PSNProfiles thinks this is a game without a plat (marked in a green layer) Just as a heads up for those wanting to do the platinum... I figure it might get fixed after awhile.
  15. These things suck so much, it's just heavy RNG based, not even skill.µ Edit: After trying for 45 min more - i'm ready to turn in the towel, this game is actually making me sick, with the motion controls.