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  1. 3 games i will never ever touch. come on sony
  2. I managed to get the packrat trophy this way. I played trough the campaign picking collectibles that were around me (i didn't go off the beaten path for them i got around 41 by the end of the story picked up 11 more as aiden so i was at 52 i quited backed up my save did new game and it popped on the first collectible in the vent when u enter the building for the first time.
  3. I would honestly get upset if they decided to do that most of us did it the hard way for it now to be cheesed. No thanks.
  4. Sorted. Because i've read somewhere that to be able to play as aiden or wrench in the main u need the season pass. It's quite confusing.
  5. It's like the title says i want to buy it but not sure if the season pass gives the dlcs from watch dogs
  6. Not sure if your far ahead in the story but u should unlock a truck very similar to it later on.
  7. That's odd i've done the 2 versions standalone and collection and none of them crashed even once.
  8. another meh game why do they keep doing this over and over
  9. This race is just trial and error i remember it taking me about 4 hours just doing that race to the point i was playing it on autopilot (without thinking).
  10. Not sure to be honest I considered it a JRPG because it had that look to it i didn't see any gameplay of it just screenshots
  11. If only i had the time haha. working full time so i got like 3h of gaming i can do a day not including weekends
  12. I will make sure to use Powerpyx guide. It's my first JRPG game so if i enjoy it i might do some more similar ones.
  13. I was wondering why there isn't any guides on psnprofiles regarding this game. I wanted to start on it but i feel like without a guide i will be running around the game like a headless chicken wasting time.
  14. Not to bad of a line up. I won't play most of these GOW and rdr i have already platted but i'm looking forward to plat judgement.
  15. I will leave both the 2 colonels aswel as this dlc till they put out an update this is so stupid. i completed the 2 colonels DLC and the only trophy i can't get to pop is for finishing that chapter