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  1. For those who have played on 3D, there seems to be a 'bug' that wont let you get all Jade's outfits unless you defeat Time Wyrm and get Hare Raising outfit, while as 2D mode registers it during the If you dont want to fight Timewyrm you can simply just chapter select and get that accolade (You know youre in the right chapter when it starts with Hero falling in the water, then Sylvando then Jade), you cant change back so its recommended to do it when you have everything else.
  2. I forgot the exact one, but basically the one after the tree falls for the first time.
  3. What LordSunrunner said, basically when you change from 3D to 2D mode, and it basically works like a Chapter Select, but it only goes backwards.
  4. Like i said, you need to do it last, so make sure you have EVERY other costume before you go back in time.
  5. Anyone know if this is possible? Would be nice if i could boost myself.