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  1. Far and away it's Nioh 2 for me! It's. Just. Brilliant. As equally deep an action game as it is an RPG, it's the "souls-like" to finally overcome FromSoftware in quality, at least to me. Just like the first game too, the story and setting are also wonderful - engaging historical fiction with a lovingly detailed world full of the culture and mythology of Warring States Japan.
  2. The role of the concept of "self-control" in the discussion of the legality and, especially, the morality of loot boxes is double-edged: a person's self-control is just as contingent upon manipulatable outside factors as it is a person's genetics, personality, character, etc. A loot box (or any equivalent mechanic) is an environment specifically tailoured to manipulate a person's decision-making process to get them to spend, spend, spend. As such, the "poor self-control" argument also highlights the exploitative intentions behind loot boxes. Sure, we place some blame on the person who isn't careful and falls into a trap, but there is also culpability on those who set the trap (because that's what it is for the people they rather horrifically refer to as "whales"). It's not unlike how people have different perspectives on alcoholics, smokers, or people with any form of addiction - it's a moral position. Of course with kids, it's a completely different discussion because the playing field is uneven, as it is significantly easier to manipulate the behaviour of children. I wholeheartedly agree that games with chance-based microtransactions should get a big 18+ rating slapped on the front, but that would take a big chunk out of these companies' profits! How else is Activision going to please those shareholders' bloated expectations and pay for Bobby Kotick's >$30 million salary? Oh, won't somebody PLEASE think of Bobby Kotick! A little kindness and sympathy for the people affected is really important here - thank you for saying that 😊
  3. Oh they're 100% gambling. While publishers and the ESRB (who, of course, are financially connected to most AAA companies) love employing clever wordplay and mental gymnastics to make you believe otherwise, there is a reason these greedy corporations love shoving loot boxes in every possible game: they rake in an exorbitant amount of $$$ by psychologically exploiting certain kinds of players. Psycho-behaviourally speaking, it's gambling: the variable-rate reinforcement payoff, which is exactly how slot machines function, is dangerously addicting. They know this - just look how dressed up games are when you actually win something: bright lights, colours, bombastic music, etc. This is another reinforcing tactic that helps maintain the player's compulsion to keep spending by boosting the "winning experience" and creating a psychological rush that people will keep chasing. While there are plenty of games with in-game casinos like FF7 or DQ11, the use of actual money for video game gambling is significantly more dangerous because it is functionally equivalent to regular ol' slot machines AND has the same real-world consequences. Many argue "well people just need to make better decisions and monitor their kids" and while I agree with that, the fact is that kids can't just legally walk into a casino and get their addictions started early. On the other hand, they CAN go out and legally buy a game rated 'E' (like any sports game) and gamble away. The games industry needs to be held accountable for this. And since accountability is not a priority for any of these companies, we need actual legislation.
  4. Yep! Airship Syndicate (the dev team) is made up of ex-vigil games employees (first two Darksiders games). That art style would be the work of Joe Madureira, the creator of the Battle Chasers comic series, and of course, the art designer for Darksiders! Gotta love his awesome mix of western and Japanese characters designs!
  5. Thank you for mentioning Battle Chasers! Such a wonderful game! It's a mix of Final Fantasy X style combat and dungeon crawling, all wrapped up in a gorgeous and atmospheric Joe Mad (comics artist) package! I had a few unfortunate bugs with it (mostly crashes), but it's really worth it! Also abso-hecking-lutely DQ XI! What a delight that one is! Though, if you have a switch, definitely spring for that version instead!
  6. Unfortunately, this is the age of gaming we live in... 😞 I think what bugs me the most is that these online-only games (even ones that are single player) always seem to have server/connection problems so you can't even play the game. Companies demand us to always be online, yet they can't even keep their own servers online! 🙃🙃🙃
  7. Overcooked 2! These games are just so lovely! SO adorable, incredibly fun, and just the right amount of challenge in order to 100%!! (Although to be fair my partner is probably the reason for that - she's way better than me at it 😂😂) Now we're making our way through the DLCs, the fun never ends!
  8. I know it's a really popular target, but Fallout 76... man... I'm someone who really gets a lot of lower-budget, janky rpgs, so I have a really high tolerance for unpolished games! But boy, I've never found a game so unbearable as FO76. It will forever be the one stain on my trophy card...