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  1. Yep! Airship Syndicate (the dev team) is made up of ex-vigil games employees (first two Darksiders games). That art style would be the work of Joe Madureira, the creator of the Battle Chasers comic series, and of course, the art designer for Darksiders! Gotta love his awesome mix of western and Japanese characters designs!
  2. Thank you for mentioning Battle Chasers! Such a wonderful game! It's a mix of Final Fantasy X style combat and dungeon crawling, all wrapped up in a gorgeous and atmospheric Joe Mad (comics artist) package! I had a few unfortunate bugs with it (mostly crashes), but it's really worth it! Also abso-hecking-lutely DQ XI! What a delight that one is! Though, if you have a switch, definitely spring for that version instead!
  3. Unfortunately, this is the age of gaming we live in... 😞 I think what bugs me the most is that these online-only games (even ones that are single player) always seem to have server/connection problems so you can't even play the game. Companies demand us to always be online, yet they can't even keep their own servers online! 🙃🙃🙃
  4. Overcooked 2! These games are just so lovely! SO adorable, incredibly fun, and just the right amount of challenge in order to 100%!! (Although to be fair my partner is probably the reason for that - she's way better than me at it 😂😂) Now we're making our way through the DLCs, the fun never ends!
  5. I know it's a really popular target, but Fallout 76... man... I'm someone who really gets a lot of lower-budget, janky rpgs, so I have a really high tolerance for unpolished games! But boy, I've never found a game so unbearable as FO76. It will forever be the one stain on my trophy card...