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  1. Finally got it. took me 5 MVPs to do it. was getting frustrated for sure lol
  2. i got 3 from hostile territory and 1 from overrun I know 100% that the 2 I got last night were over 4 people 100% the 2 I got in the afternoon. im not 100% sure I swear there was over 4 people in the match guess those 2 didnt count. man the next one BETTER count or Ill most likely be seriously pissed off lol. hate the online battles I just wanna hunt and do missions
  3. I have gotten the MVP 4 times now. is there any reason why it hasn't popped yet? anyone have any issues with this?
  4. but the trophy says 3 in arow omg I read it wrong. 3 times in a round with atleast 4 players. oooh thank god. someone said 3 in arow and I thought I saw that too. this seems much easier now
  5. This is crazy.... How do I get into Hostile Takeover? I keep going to Takeover series. and I never get these matches. I honestly feel this is impossible and I should just give up on it. been trying to find a hostile territory game for 2 days now. Iv seen 1. and then it moves on to another match. any tips? but if you leave the match doesn't it screw over the MVP 3 in arow? I cant find a single match. I leave 95% of matches