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  1. Gutsy Grab in entrance of game center Charles (look up to the shop sign)
  2. The last one can only unlock by skill, there is one skill (last skill in the last category). The requirement to unlock the skill would be 1. Beat 3 Masked warrior 2. Unlock all skill (found all book+memories)
  3. Ya man..this also the last one for me..I almost give up and want to wait for a guide or something. Before I give up i decide to use the drone and fly around the whole map, luckily manage to found it. All can saw from ground level easily, never expect there is one up high in the billboard🤣 In the pawn shop, not sure if it is available at the beginning or not..I bought it during end game..there is another skill book in the shop (maybe the one you miss during story can buy from there?)
  4. All can be obtain without the use of drone, some is inside building In pink st.entrance, near a light pole. (Not pink St)
  5. If I remember correctly, this one should be near the Senryo ave, in a billboard (vertical one and quite high). If open the map it is in south of the "Senryo ave" word
  6. Anything missable in this game? Just finish castle, so far only found Lazy 1 time😅I plan to collect all those collectible near the end
  7. Happy to see another people out here like this game. I take my time slowly and enjoy the game during the first few run. For Otaku and holic, I don't want stress myself so much so I just save money and buy lot of suncreen then rush through. If I remember correctly the blood donor will not have any impact on the game. I think people hate you when you attack them too frequent and didn't do quest for them.
  8. I've finished the game in AS version..nice game and I would say it is not hard to platinum the game if you know what to do because you can speedrun the game in 2 hour (1 playthrough) or 5,6 hours if doing some quest. For me there are few thing quite hard/ time consuming. 1.Ending: Actually there is 4+1 sister ending in order to obtain the all ending trophy, one of the ending is not related to any trophy. You CAN'T use save load trick to obtain trophy. 2.Holic mode: The hardest difficulty, armor is useless even you wear fullset 999 armor (enemy will take you down in few hit and they counter a lot). What make me frustrated is the control/ combo is very bad, even you press the correct button, some time it will not combo and unleash normal attack only. 3.999 weapon/ armor: takes time because you can only obtain the material in Holic mode, you need lotsssss of material & money. Which in holic mode the money is very difficult to earn due to stronger enemy. So you will need to do some preparation in lower difficulty first such as grind for +99 weapon/ armor, need at least 11 set of +99 weapon & +99 armor 4. 50 titles: I using Japanese guide and choose those easy one. Overall not very hard to platinum now, because there is few japanese & Chinese guide out there.
  9. Anyone have issue getting this trophy? I have finished the main game and I believe i have collect all scroll (follow jp guide) but the trophy wont pop for me😅
  10. Just a suggestion for everyone who want play this game, I would suggest not buying/ playing it now until a new patch come. There is a bug that will make one of your alien glitch and missing for the rest of the game (which make you no longer able to proceed the story) after you close the game and load back in. Reinstall the game also not helping, force me to start over again, in this second playthrough the bug happen again after I load the game. I decide to stop playing now as the bug always happen after I completed 60/70% of the story. (Always happen to me when I get the diamond head and complete the 5th mission in the mountain region) Not sure if anyone else facing this but just FYI. I have made a report to outright game and waiting for reply btw.
  11. Need help from pro who ady platinum the game or finish the game multiple time.For all difficulty trophy is it we must start new game in order to get the trophy? I finish the game once and then using chapter select complete all mision again in higher difficulty (like hard mode) but no trophy pop for me.😂
  12. Hardest trophy indeed is PP mode, but it depend on how you play the PP EU version already few person plat the game. Pp mode is where you totally rely on parrying, cause you take 1 hit and it is game over. Just a tip for those who wan plat the game. Two way to finish the pp mode: 1.The Pro way is play it legit like Greengeek the first guy who plat the game, he also make few video on how to beat each bosses. 2.The coward way which I'm using is taking advantage of Zuke recovery skill, you can survive all battle using this trick as long as you have energy and do not mind the rating. For me the hardest boss is the Dj and easiest will be 1010 and tatiana fight. (Not sure if they will patch this out in future or not) So far the bug ppl complaint most is PP mode not unlocking even meeting all requirement. Second is DK west battle is difficult, but on some forum some ppl mentioned there is another trick to win the fight easily which I never try.