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  1. I don't think you'd be able to use the dev menu, possibly would fall under the same category as auto-popping which is not allowed for the challenge
  2. ESO is one of those games I'd love to play, but is just far too intimidating. With all the games I have in my backlog and knowing how much time needs to be spent on it. Plus....the Emperor trophy 😬
  3. Unfortunately I did not perform any warm up exercises before my mad gaming sessions, but this is the first time I've had an injury like this. Since the start of the pandemic my gaming time each day has gone way up, there's not been much else to do in the past 18 months 😅. It started giving me grief towards the end of the summer backlog challenge, I took about 10 days of more chilled out gaming playing Civ 6 and it did start feeling better, but then last week I went pretty full on in CTR which I think just aggravated it again. Guess I will have to start stretching properly before future gaming sessions. This is a dangerous hobby we have 😁
  4. Update 4 Not a whole lot going on for me gaming wise this week. My hand has been in a lot of pain, turns out Gamer's Thumb is a real condition, although it did crack me up to learn that it's also known as Nintendonitis 😂. Only real cure for it is to rest it, and that can take up to 6 weeks. Not ideal, but needs must and all that. So I took a step away from Crash Team Racing, as I think all that d-pad mashing wasn't helping my hand much and instead I switched to Two Point Hospital. Being a simulation game, it was less repetitive action intensive on my thumb, while still making progress on the challenge. I love this game a lot, I spent a lot of time as a kid playing Theme Hospital on the PC, and Two Point Hospital is a great spiritual successor to that game. I played so much of this when it came out last year, but then kinda hit a road block with some of those 90% cure rate objectives. It's a game that requires a lot of hours poured into it, so I'm hoping to make a good dent in it before the end of this challenge. I've only managed 3 trophies this week, finished up the Superbug Initiative and R.E.M.I.X DLCs, and also the Cheesy Gubbins research project 😁 Will probably keep chipping away slowly at this one while waiting for my hand to heal. I had October specifically planned out to play Alien Isolation so I'm hoping to be good to go by then 😊 Trophy progress - Two Point Hospital - 42 -> 45%
  5. Flaming hot Monster Munch suck, but pickled onion and roast beef Monster Munch are still awesome 😁
  6. If you still have your first save file on your system, it might be good to keep it for your speed run for Excalibur 2. Although I would say play the game properly if this is your first time experiencing the story, then do your speed run so you can skip past the bulk of the dialogue. And yeah, Tetra Master is no Triple Triad 😅 I finished the game and got the trophy, and I don't think I ever fully understood the rules. You get to a point where you pick up some good cards later on that does make it a bit easier. But you just have to play against pretty much everyone you encounter. The tournament in Treno is annoying though as you can't progress the story until you get past it, and the first few times I played I had basic crappy cards I couldn't get past round 1 😅
  7. I'm so excited for the retro collection 😁
  8. Fair enough. I hope you do get around to finishing it and enjoying it. The only really annoying trophy I found was the gacha one. But playing the old school Sonic games on the Megadrive in the 90s, I absolutely love those blue sphere stages and getting all the medallions 😊
  9. The Sonic comment makes me feel sad. I loved Sonic Mania so much, I wish they'd make more Sonic games like it
  10. Update 3 I think I probably should have saved this week's update for today instead of posting on Friday. Ah well never mind 😁 I've only been playing Crash Team Racing for about 4 days, and in that time I've smashed through the bulk of the trophies and finished Adventure Mode on easy. Also been practicing the drift boost, it's getting a bit easier but I struggle to maintain it for extended time. There's a trophy for keeping your boost going for a whole lap, I'm finding it pretty tough. Started the Adventure Mode on hard today thinking 'Yeah, I'm getting pretty good at this now!' only for the game to give me a swift slap back down to earth, I can barely get past 5th place on the first level 😅 Oh well, more practice needed. Trophy progress - Crash Team Racing - 32 -> 76% Gonna need to slow it down for the next few weeks though, RSI playing up in my left thumb. The joint is really painful. Happy hunting everyone 😁
  11. I started the backlog challenge events with the spring one this year, and it has been a great way to stay focused on clearing up games. The community is very supportive of everyone's progress, and it's nice to read about what others have been playing. I'm also taking part in the Fall/ Winter event, I'd definitely recommend giving it a go at some point 😊
  12. Update 2 I managed to finish up the Assassin's Creed Freedom Cry stand alone game. I wasn't really planning on doing this as a separate trophy list, but during the summer backlog challenge I started it by accident thinking it was the Black Flag DLC 😅. It's not a bad story, but I can't really see why they also made it its own game. The port was also prone to many blue screen crashes, in the end I had to play it by signing out of PSN because it was too frustrating losing so much progress after every 45 mins. I've also been playing Crash Team Racing, and managed to get a few more trophies here. Still not quite got the hang of the drift boost mechanics, but I'm sure it'll click eventually 😊 Trophy progress - Assassin's Creed Freedom Cry - 36 -> 100% - Crash Team Racing - 23 -> 32%
  13. You can go back to the skipping rope in 'Disc 3' of the game progress. They move to the bell tower and they stay there pretty much for that whole section of the game. The camera is front facing there, so it's a bit easier to see the jumps if you're watching it. But after a while, you're better off going by sound as it jumps so fast you can't really keep up 😅
  14. I gave it a damn good try, and I really did want to do it legitimately, but after so long the rage and frustration won out and that's when I used the script.
  15. That double step rhythm between 200-300 is so hard. I miscalculated my jump total when I got to 294, but I think if I'd got past 300 I could have done it. I never watched the screen when I was doing it, just headphones on, no game music and just going solely based off the sound (also pacing around my living room as I was doing it because it helped me keep the timing 😅). But I only ever reached that pb once, after that I kept failing at around 220-230, and that's when I did the script.