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  1. Update 4 Hey everyone, hope you've all had a great week 😊 Not huge amounts of progress to report this week. After finishing Ace Attorney I found myself in a bit of a gaming lull, and not really sure what I want to play next. I've been bouncing around several different games, some challenge games, some non-challenge games, but still not quite settled on the next title to dedicate my time to. Non-challenge wise, I've been farming resources in Horizon Forbidden West to upgrade my gear before starting the Ultra Hard run. I also went back into Two Point Hospital, a leftover backlog game from last year's Fall/Winter challenge just working on those 3 star requirements. Then I jumped back into Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, practicing those combos. I really wish I was better at fighting games 😅. For the challenge games, I made a start on Red Dead Redemption 2 and got through the first tutorial mission. Then I booted up Guardians of the Galaxy and completed the first mission. I'll most likely stick with Guardians, I'm planning on playing through it twice anyway so I can enjoy the story on the first run. Also decided to stick to my original gaming plan, I won't add the VR games in yet but I'll keep practicing Beat Saber on my alt account 😁 Trophy progress: Red Dead Redemption 2 - 32 -> 34% Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy - 0 -> 6% Pending games: Doki Doki Literature Club - 0% Detroit Become Human - 0% Persona 5 Strikers - 0% Completed games: The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles - 100% EDIT: Adding in Persona 5 Strikers to my current list because I keep joining the Plat the Alphabet challenge on Discord 😅
  2. Update 3 Hey everyone, hope you've all had a great week 😊 So I have just wrapped up my first game of the challenge. I loved the original Ace Attorney trilogy when I played it a few years ago, but this new game is just as fantastic. Although this one is set in Victorian times, spanning incidents in both London and Japan, each case you're working on is tied to a much bigger mystery that spans across the 10 chapters you play through. The final 2 chapters where everything unravels and you finally solve it, my god, it blew my mind 🤯. There are so many twists in the cases and it keeps you hooked right until the very end. It's been a wild ride! 😁. I'm not sure what I will play next, I've found myself in a bit of a conundrum. I had meticulously planned out all the games I wanted to get up to my milestone platinum #100, with the aim of getting a 100% profile as well. But I was inspired by @Attababyitzaboy, and this week I purchased a PSVR. I love it, and now I'm debating whether or not to switch up some of my games 🤔. I mean, Astro Bot Rescue Mission is just absolutely adorable! And I'm really enjoying Beat Saber. Been playing these games on an alt account, I kinda want to play Astro Bot now..... I guess I'll make a decision by next update 😁 Trophy progress: The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles - 41 -> 100% Pending games: Doki Doki Literature Club - 0% Detroit Become Human - 0% Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy - 0% Red Dead Redemption 2 - 32% Potential game 🤔: Astro Bot Rescue Mission - 0%
  3. Don't forget to add Hades to that backlog pile as well, another fantastic game by Supergiant 😊 I loved Bastion when I played it earlier this year, I actually split my play time between the PS4 and the Vita, made huge use of that cross save feature 😁. It ran really well on the handheld, I finished off a few of those idol runs in who knows where on the Vita version. Really good to hear that you enjoyed your time with this game too
  4. Update 2 Hi everyone, hope you're all having a great week 😊. I'm a bit late with my second update, mainly because I'd been distracted playing Horizon Forbidden West the previous week (a game not on my current backlog plan), and I didn't play any of my challenge games during that time. Then I went on holiday for a few days at the start of last week, so didn't play any console games for a few days. But I'm back now, managed to plat Horizon, all I have left on that game is the ultra hard run on NG+ which I'll probably go back to once I've made a bit more of a dent in my current challenge pile 😊. I've jumped back into the Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, and I've finished up the first of the two games in this Ace Attorney collection. I am very much enjoying the setting of this one, and I still think Herlock Sholmes is great 😁. I do love the way the Ace Attorney games throw all sorts of twists and turns at you as each case unfolds, the final cases of these games throw so many surprises at you. The final case of Great Ace Attorney Adventures took about 8 hours to unravel, and it's set up a whole load of mystery and intrigue for Great Ace Attorney Resolve. I'm looking forward to getting into that, but I need a little break as the last case took so long to get through 😅 Trophy progress: The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles - 20 -> 41% Pending games: Doki Doki Literature Club - 0% Detroit Become Human - 0% Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy - 0% Red Dead Redemption 2 - 32%
  5. Update 1 Hi everyone, super excited to get stuck into a brand new season of the backlog challenge 😁. We're a few days in, and I've made a start on The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles. I played through the original Ace Attorney trilogy a few years ago, and I loved the game then. So far in this new game there have been quite a few gameplay tweaks and and upgraded animations which have improved the experience over the original. I quite like the addition of the jury in this version, and how their opinions also have influence on the scales of justice during the trials. So far I've only completed the first 3 cases out of 10, but the story is ramping up pace now, so looking forward to seeing what happens next. Also as a side note, Herlock Sholmes is officially my new favourite character in the series 😁 Looking forward to reading everyone's updates! Have a good week all. Trophy progress: The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles - 0 -> 20% Pending games: Doki Doki Literature Club - 0% Detroit Become Human - 0% Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy - 0% Red Dead Redemption 2 - 32%
  6. As someone who loves to plan out the PSNP milestones, there is nothing to be ashamed about! 😁 I really enjoy all the planning and execution that goes into aligning those trophy pops. I also had my 75th plat and 4000th trophy happen around the same time. I've not figured out what I'll have for my next milestone (4500 trophies), but I've already planned out my next 20 games for the big Plat 100 milestone 😊
  7. Yay! Good to have you back again Smevz 😁 And also 'Yay, Bastion!'. The game is awesome, hope you enjoy your time with it 😊
  8. I played Catherine recently and got the plat for it. I loved the game, unique puzzles, a challenging and satisfying plat. The toughest part are the randomised stages, but the final stage is glitched so you need to play it in local co op to complete. I ended up controlling both characters by myself
  9. Final update The final 4 challenges of the Operation Tango DLC have just been completed, and with that my summer backlog challenge draws to a close. I really enjoyed this game, working together with your co op partner to solve the puzzles is a lot of fun. I would definitely recommend 😊 Congratulations to everyone who has completed their lists, and good luck to everyone still working on theirs. Once again, many thanks to @MidnightDragonfor hosting. I really do enjoy these events and keeping up with everyone's progress. I'll catch you all in the next one! Completed games: Resident Evil 2 - 20 -> 100% Resident Evil 3 - 0 -> 100% Bayonetta - 0 -> 100% Team Sonic Racing - 4 -> 100% Operation Tango - 0 -> 100% Swaps used - 1/3 Ni No Kuni -> Bayonetta
  10. Update 12 Another week gone by, and another week of very minimal challenge progress. Operation Tango is still at 95% completion, but we've managed to get gold medals on challenges 3, 4, 5 and 6. I was hoping to have it all wrapped up by now, but work has been mentally draining at times that we've not been able to complete more than one challenge per session. That's ok though, still plenty of time left in August to knock out the last 4 challenges of the DLC and finish off my summer list 😊 When I wasn't playing Operation Tango, I was back roaming around Red Dead Redemption Online. I finally got to rank 50 and all the online bit is done 🥳. Now I can just relax with the single player campaign, looking forward to starting that in the fall backlog challenge 😊. I've also gone back to the two Persona Arena games on my profile, just knocking out a few combo challenges, and also to clean up DLC trophies on Civ 6. Civ is my go to chill out game, so it's been nice going back to it again. I decided not to add any more games to this challenge, as I have a couple of games at higher completion percentages that are not eligible for these events, but I still want to finish them. Heading into the final stretch now, keep up all the great work everyone 😁 Trophy progress: Operation Tango - 95% Completed games: Resident Evil 2 Resident Evil 3 Bayonetta Team Sonic Racing Swaps used - 1/3 Ni No Kuni -> Bayonetta
  11. Updating my start % for Red Dead, as I've been working on the online mode while the Collector role has double xp and I've just finished it: - Red Dead Redemption 2 - 32%
  12. Update 11 Hi all, hope you've all had a great week. This week's update is a bit of a nothing-burger from me 😅. Literally all I have left to do on my current backlog challenge is to finish the DLC for Operation Tango, which is just 10 challenges that have to be completed. There's a trophy for completing them within the bronze time, and then also the gold time. Me and the hubster started this, we've done the first 2 challenges with gold time results. But it turns out trying to do these on the timer gets pretty stressful, and this week we were hit by round 2 of the UK summer heatwave. This meant we were too drained by the time we finished work to muster up the mental fortitude needed for this challenge 🤣. It's supposed to rain all next week for us in Wales, so hopefully with a drop in temperature we'll be able to finish the DLC 😁 But it's not been a complete bust this week. Non-challenge game wise I finally managed to complete the gauntlet on Cuphead, so now the DLC is complete and back to 100%. I've also been working on Red Dead Redemption 2 on the online mode. By a stroke of luck the month of August is double xp for the Collector role, and it just so happens that I had that role already. This has really helped speed up the process of getting to rank 50. I started about 2 weeks ago dabbling and I was rank 13, today I am rank 40. So maybe another day or two of collecting item sets and should have that wrapped up soon 😊 Take care! Trophy progress: Operation Tango - 95% Completed games Resident Evil 2 - 20 -> 100% Resident Evil 3 - 0 -> 100% Bayonetta - 0 -> 100% Team Sonic Racing - 4 -> 100%
  13. Update 10 Hi everyone, hope you're all having a great weekend 😊. I've been keeping up the pace with my remaining challenge games, and I've made significant progress. Team Sonic Racing has been where most of my time was spent, finishing off the adventure mode challenge stars and keys. The key objectives actually weren't as difficult as I thought they would be, and most of the challenge races with a bit of practice were doable. The last traffic attack race in chapter 6 though.... that can absolutely get in the sea! It was so frustrating, and the number of times I was about to go through the last checkpoint gate only to run out of time or for the hit box on the stupid robot saying I crashed 😣😣😣. Was so relieved when it was finally over! After that it was finishing the races on hard and expert mode. The single races for these were fine, as you only have to finish 1 of the 3 different star objectives for it to count as a completed race. The difficulty comes in on the Grand Prix races. There's 6 to complete across the adventure mode, with 4 tracks in each GP and your team has to place 1st overall for it to count. As you can probably imagine, relying on your AI team mates to do consistently well in 4 back to back races is not great, so there were multiple restarts here 😅. Luckily you can use bonus boxes to give yourself extra advantages like extended boost power or prolonged team ultimate ability, but it also boils down to some luck and RNG. I managed to finish this game today, overall I'd say this is an average kart racing game. I like that there's variation between the team races and the challenge levels, although some of these can be frustrating, and I liked some of the team mechanics of the game. However there wasn't as much variation in the races, a lot of tracks were recycled across the chapters or just used a mirror mode, so it got a little repetitive near the end. Also the difficulty and time rating on the posted guide is waaaaay off. If you do decide to go for it, bare in mind that the game is more difficult than how the guide portrays it. I was also working on Operation Tango during the week. The hubby and I would work through 2 missions per gaming session when we played together. So we managed to finish our first playthrough, swapped roles and completed the missions again. With that we managed to get the plat yesterday 😁. However, we still have the DLC challenge level to finish, so my summer backlog challenge isn't quite over yet! I don't expect it to take too long, so will probably have this one wrapped up in a few days 😊. That's all from me, hope you're all smashing through your backlogs and making progress with your goals! 😊 Trophy progress: Team Sonic Racing - 65 -> 100% Operation Tango - 25 -> 95%
  14. If it puts your mind at ease I wouldn't say Sayonara Wild Hearts leans heavily into a rhythm game, but more a sort of on rails music game with the occasional button prompt. A couple of trophies are tied to the button prompts on some levels, but it's pretty doable 😊