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  1. Update 12 - Final update Hi gang, hope you are all having a great week and clearing out those backlogs 😁 My update this week is slightly earlier than usual, but that is because today I have finished my challenge list! 🥳 This week all I've been playing was Catherine. At the start of the week I finished up stages 7 and 8 on hard mode and got those gold prizes. Stage 9 was more difficult and took me longer to do. For some reason I really struggled to get gold on 9-1, I think it was mainly due to the RNG of the mystery blocks, I seemed to get a lot of bomb blocks revealed out of those that would just blow huge holes in my tower and ruin my run. 9-2, 9-3 and 9-4 were pretty straightforward, and I got those gold prizes really quickly. The boss level on 9-5 took me aaaaages, and I kept losing my step chain combo which was really irritating. Then yesterday I managed to finish the final boss on 9-6. First attempt somehow only netted me an overall silver prize, which was a bit disappointing. But then I ran it again moving a lot faster and improved my score by 50,000 points....go figure 😅 With hard mode completed, the last thing to complete was stage 4 of Babel, Axis Mundi. It took me quite a few tries, but I managed to get it earlier today 😁. It needs to be played in co-op mode, because the single player version is glitched and pretty much impossible. It can get a bit confusing controlling both characters by yourself and swapping the controllers constantly 😅. Overall though I really loved this game, and it was a really good challenge. Would recommend if you like puzzle games. And with that, my list is complete. Well done to everyone who took part, and good luck to those still working on those lists. Many thanks to @MidnightDragonfor hosting, and hope to see you again in the summer challenge 😊 Trophy progress: Gravity Rush - 31 -> 100% Assassin's Creed Unity - 13 -> 100% Guacamelee! - 0 -> 100% Death's Door - 0 -> 100% Hades - 0 -> 100% Crash Bandicoot - 34 -> 100% Catherine - 32 -> 100% Swaps used 1/2 Catherine Full Body -> Death's Door
  2. I did AC Freedom Cry a few months ago. A tip, play it offline. For some reason the standalone version port is not very good, and it's prone to frequent crashes when it tries pinging the Ubisoft servers. I found it pretty frustrating losing progress frequently, but no problems at all when I played offline 👍
  3. Update 11 Hi everyone, hope you've all had a fantastic week 😁 This week I played a little bit of Catherine, completed Stage 6 on hard mode and got the gold prize. No trophies earned, but only 3 more levels to go! However the majority of my week was playing Crash. I decided to persevere through my frustration, and the difficulty and finish this game once and for all. I began by finishing off the story mode part. I only had The Lab level to complete and then the final boss against N. Cortex. Even though in the grand scheme of things it's a straightforward boss fight, I kept messing up and found it pretty frustrating 😬. Got it done eventually though 👍. After that, it was replaying levels to get the boxes and unlock the gems. The coloured gems need you to complete the levels without dying ... Again, super frustrating, particularly Slippery Climb 😖. I also did the Stormy Ascent gem instead of the Fumbling in the Dark level. I hate that level so much, but more about that later 😅. With all the gems done the final part was the remaining relics. Most levels took numerous tries, but was never anything more than an hour or two. Until we get to Fumbling in the Dark. Oh...my....god, I was stuck on that level for about 9 hours yesterday, no joke. So much so my gamers thumb cramp returned 😞. But I did eventually finish it, but the rage......so much rage! I woke up early this morning, hand rested and ready to go again. The final 3 relics I needed, including Stormy Ascent (which took nowhere near as long as Fumbling, but I was not attempting The High Road). Still took me about 5 hours but it is finally done!!!! 🥳 Just Catherine left to finish, and 4 trophies until my big milestone 😁. Should be able to finish it before the end of the challenge. Keep up all the great progress everyone! Trophy progress: Crash Bandicoot - 47 -> 100%
  4. Update 10 Hey everyone, hope you've all had a great week. Time for my weekly progress check in 😊 It was another bank holiday on Monday, so I spent pretty much the whole day playing Hades. Turned out that I needed more dialogue with Patroclus to finish that quest I was still working on, so after another 2 or 3 runs to Elysium and finding Patroclus I was able to trigger all the remaining conversations and finish that quest pretty quickly, which also granted me the last Cthonic companion I was missing. During those runs I got through to the epilogue of the story and popped that trophy. All that was left was the grind to max out all keepsakes to level 3 (I had about 6 left to do). This took several hours of just running through Tartarus, trying to quickly clear encounter rooms. The last trophy that I had to get was Thorn of Thanatos, which was to get the 30% damage bonus with the Pierced Butterfly keepsake. This needs you to clear 15 encounter rooms without taking any damage, and it took me about 4 hours to do 😖. Eventually I got a good set of boons, particularly from Athena which gave me deflect on my main attack and I levelled it up a few times so that by the time I got to Asphodel I was just punching projectiles straight back at the enemies 😁. Overall I really liked this game, my weapon of choice for the most successful runs were the Fists of Malphon using the hidden aspect of Gilgamesh. With Hades completed, I'm down to my final 2 games of the challenge - Catherine and Crash Bandicoot. For Catherine, I finished up the remaining levels I needed to complete in the Rapunzel arcade. Although towards the end it got a bit boring, there's 128 levels in total to do it just felt a bit much. Other than that, I'm tackling the gold prizes on hard mode one level a day. Yesterday I completed stage 5, so only 4 more to go. Once that is done all I'll have left to do is complete the final level of Babel, but I am saving this prior to my milestone of 4000 trophies. Booted up Crash again as well yesterday. Firstly I went back to The High Road and collected all the boxes to get the gem (remembering to get the ones at the start of the level I missed last time 😅). I managed to progress a few more levels, have defeated N. Brio, collected 5 time trial relics and got the key from the Sunset Vista level. But going back to this game now it's super frustrating, makes me pretty mad when I play it. I'm remembering why I have been putting it off for so long, but I'm determined to get it done this time. Plus the number of trophies I have left on this game perfectly lines up to make the Catherine plat the milestone, so I will finish it this time 😁. Just got to keep pushing through the frustration and git gud! Trophy progress: Hades - 90 -> 100% Catherine - 77 -> 80% Crash Bandicoot - 34 -> 47%
  5. Overcooked All You Can Eat was one of the first games I played on the PS5. It was great fun revisiting it, and the improvements on the first Overcooked game were really noticeable. But the removal of the 3 star requirements for the plat was a bit disappointing. Some of the new trophies were fun though, having specific chefs for unlocking the trophies. We actually figured out how to do the split controller thing, so you could control 4 chefs on 2 controllers simultaneously. That was some crazy brain bending stuff! 🤣
  6. Overcooked is such a great game, I had loads of fun playing it with my husband, even if we did end up shouting and swearing at each other loads 🤣 Overcooked 2 has a really good trophy list, challenging enough because you need to 3 star the levels. The re-release All You Can Eat version has Overcooked 1 and 2 included as remasters plus some new content, but the platinum is way too easy. It was given away as a free game on PS Plus a while back, so you may already have it 😊
  7. Ok, summer list is here: - Team Sonic Racing (4%) - Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch Remastered (0%) - Resident Evil 2 (0%) - Resident Evil 3 (0%) - Operation Tango (0%)
  8. Update 9 Hi everyone, hope you've had a great week 😊. Feel like I've made some pretty good progress in the Spring challenge. I started the week by finishing up the umbrella run on Death's Door. This was a really good game, I very much enjoyed it and would also highly recommend this game if you're looking for a good indie game to play. It's not a difficult game, the trophy list is pretty straightforward, and even the run using the umbrella, once you upgraded your skills enough it wasn't even that noticeable that you're using the weakest weapon in the game. After I'd finished Death's Door, the rest of my week was playing Hades. I've managed to get through almost all of the remaining trophies, but now I'm at the mercy of RNG. I need certain dialogue to come up when I'm talking to NPCs to advance things, but I'm not having too much luck. In particular I'm trying to finish Achilles and Patroclus quest, all I need is for Nyx to tell me where in the Administrative Chamber the contract is so I can resolve the final step....but she will not give me the dialogue 😖. From what I've seen on the forums, you just have to keep talking to Nyx, Achilles and Patroclus and eventually it'll show up, but who knows when that'll be 😅 Trophy progress: Death's Door - 91 -> 100% Hades - 42 -> 90%
  9. Count me in again 😁 I have 4 of my 5 games identified, will post a list once I've got the last game figured out
  10. Can't believe how quickly that has rolled around, but already have 4 of my 5 games ready for the summer submissions 😁
  11. I remember this in the spring challenge last year. I think I gave you the heads up, as soon as the screen shakes GRAB EVERYTHING AND MOVE!!!!! 😁 I remember the first time it happened to me....I was devastated lol. Though I think for me it was 3-4 in Campfire Cook Off. Having to deal with the shifting kitchen, but also chopping logs to keep the oven fires going, super stressful 😅
  12. Thanks 😁 I saw your post as well about saving all the bosses until the end. It's good to know, as I think I need to upgrade my skills before going into some of those fights 😅. I'm up to the inner furnace, hoping to have the game finished in a few days
  13. Update 8 Hi all, hope you've been having a great week 😊 I started the week by finishing up the hard mode run on Guacamelee. Took about 5 and a half hours to do, which I didn't think was too bad. A couple of the encounters were a bit trickier compared to normal mode, but generally wasn't much of a noticeable difference. I'm continuing to do escape runs from the Underworld in Hades. I'm on about 7 successful runs, I think I need to get to 10 to trigger more of the story beats. This game is a lot of fun, but very easy to pick up and do an escape attempt, interact with the characters to progress the prophecies. Still got a fair way to go, my focus now is mainly to gift out the nectar and increase my bonds with everyone. But due to the RNG, it's difficult to know when characters will show up. I'm hoping it won't take too many escape attempts to complete it 😅 Other than that, I started Death's Door on Wednesday and I've already done the 100% completion save file. All I have to do now is the umbrella run on a new game. I like the game a lot, the music in it is really good. But I find some of the encounters a bit frustrating (mainly because I suck at dodging 😅). I'm hoping the umbrella run won't be too bad now that I know where to go and what to do in each dungeon. Keep up all the great progress everyone! Trophy progress: Guacamelee! - 92 -> 100% Death's Door - 0 -> 91% Hades - 22 -> 42%
  14. Update 7 Hi guys, hope you're all having a good weekend 😊 This week was more productive for me gaming wise. I started a new job on Monday, so this week has been much more relaxed. Also helps with the Easter bank holiday having an extended weekend 😁 First things first though. I have come to the realization that I definitely took on too much thinking I could plat 2 versions of Catherine in this challenge 😅. I still haven't finished the original yet, the Full Body version will take even longer. So I have decided to swap out Catherine Full Body for Death's Door. Being a shorter game I think I can manage it in the time frame. Plus I worked out with all the games on my list, the number of trophies earned will take me to 4000 trophies exactly. So I've decided to milestone the Catherine plat as trophy 4000 😁 Gaming wise this week, I've been switching between Guacamelee and Hades. Hades is a lot of fun, but it's quite RNG heavy to have certain events show up. So far I've only managed 1 escape, but I'll keep chipping away at it. The gameplay loop is a lot of fun, and I think it's pretty clever how they do it so no 2 runs are the same 😊 The bulk of my time this week has gone into Guacamelee. Actually the bulk of my time today has been spent on the clean up 😅. I spent about an hour or so on those tricky platform sections to get the orb from the Tule Tree and Sierra Morena, they were pretty frustrating but thankfully didn't take me too many attempts 👍. Finished the story on normal, got all the collectables and misc trophies as well as completing the DLC challenges. All that's left now is finish the story on hard mode. I think I can finish it in a day or two 😁 Trophy progress: Hades - 0 -> 22% Guacamelee! - 15 -> 92% Swaps (1/2) Catherine Full Body -> Death's Door
  15. Update 6 A pretty slow week for me gaming wise, but pretty manic life wise lol 😅. I don't have a lot to update on this week. Still chipping away at Catherine. I've done around 20 of the 64 extra stages of the Rapunzel arcade, but it's starting to drag a little. I've also done 2 out of 9 gold prizes on hard mode towards the Golden Child trophy and unlocking the final stage of Babel. No new trophies here though. I did try and get back into Crash Bandicoot last weekend. Managed to complete The High Road (by creeping on the ropes, naturally 😅). Got annoyed when I realized I'd missed 5 boxes at the start of the level. Then died too many times on Slippery Climb and turned it off, as is my way with this game haha!! Other than that, I started up Guacamelee on my Vita. So far I've completed the Temple of Rain and defeated the Alebrije. I'm loving the game so far, but then I've enjoyed everything I've played by Drinkbox Studios so this is no exception 😁. Although I have heard some of the platforming sections can be tricky on the Vita, we'll see how I get on 👍 Trophy progress: - Guacamelee! - 0 -> 15%