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  1. Sorry for a late response! The PS5/XBS release has caused last gen updates to receive lower update approval priority for those platforms. That, in combination with the update gap, has caused the review that was sent on November 5th to still be in approval from either/both Sony and Microsoft. The Devs at Antihero wish for the update to be rolled out on all console platforms together, so until that is resolved it's still in waiting. Once the update rolls out, there will be several QoL improvements for console players looking to earn the Platinum. -New Multi Location Quest, Fords of Isen -New Cards that make No Ally quests far easier -Offline Mode support -Co-op fixes that take into account the platform specific issues (Quests with multiple choices no longer lock your controls) -New MoG content, to allow quicker Quest grinding and more fun random Bosses The Trophy Guide itself will need updating, which I will do after the update rolls out. I'd advise picking the game up right now, while it's at the lowest price in release history! Also, I'll be sure to drop a huge thread/post when the update rolls out. For some Behind the Scenes as to why this Review for the update was sent later to Consoles: Adventure 1 and 1.5 had several bugs and issues that were revealed on a Day Zero Beta Test, right before public release. These were deemed "Below Standards" and the mode was shelved for a week+ while 1.5 was rolled out on PC. They also delayed the Console Build until they had a fully working Adventure Mode and 1.5 to put into it, with several fixes, since they new the ETA on approval would be long. If 1.5 was put on consoles on October 23, it would have been a bad experience and multiple patches would need to be approved for the platform. Since the 5th of November, the Review Sending Date, the Devs have held off on any further PC updates until the other Platforms get 1.5, while working on the next content Adventure 2/Campaign 4. The Devs have been transparent about this on their Discord, but they're limited in what social media stuff they can do on Steam (due to Asmodee needing to approve all news updates and the store page pending a full rework) I hope this covers a lot of what you wanted to know. Having played 1.5 on PC, it's a fantastic improvement of the game. I'm hoping it gets approved soon, might resort to sending some DMs to find out why Sony/Microsoft are slacking
  2. Based on the upcoming update in November, a lot of content in the guide will need to be updated (Adventure Mode and Offline Support)
  3. I'm currently having to resolve some formatting issues with the guide, to make it more suitable to PSNProfile Standards. And yes, this game will have Offline Single Player by the end of November at the absolute latest (Antihero Studios is sorting out platform approval for the update that's coming to PC this Friday.) Meaning, all Trophies will be achievable even after the Co-op servers go down. BTW, you can find out info about this game on the ACG Discord,, or the Subreddit,
  4. @Beyondthegrave07 Thank you. If I'm able to find a better image for use, or I get recommended something better on the ACG Discord, I'll be sure to let you know.
  5. Banner Images & Trophy Card Images: THE LORD OF THE RINGS: ADVENTURE CARD GAME This game's page has what appears to be a default PlayStation Banner+Trophy Card Image set to it. There's a far more appropriate one to use, either the PS4 Game Launch Visual or the Gandalf Glamdring Image (a prominent image in various cards. Both of which I'll post here: Hope the images are acceptable to use/crop, I'm wanting it to be added since I'm close to publishing my Trophy Guide for the game. If I need to edit/alter anything or provide more info, I'm happy to go into more details.
  6. The Guide is almost ready, once it's up I'll be able to update it with any new information.
  7. PlayStation seems to have issues distributing games through codes, but I'd say that's more an issue with PS Store than it is Publishers/Developers not wanting it to happen. Still, I'll be sure to raise the feedback on their Discord 👍 Being able to gift games at all on PS Store would be nice, tbh (EDIT: Yep, PSN is at fault sadly:, you can no longer even buy keys on gift cards for Digital Downloads.) I'm sorry, since the AMA already happened, but it wasn't an Asmodee representative answering the questions. It was Antihero Studios. Also, I only asked Asmodee Digital questions regarding the LOTR ACG. That's what the AMA stream was for. I'll try to timestamp parts of the VOD where they talked about Asmodee Digital's involvement with the game.
  8. In regards to my last post, I used the AMA to get various questions raised in this thread answered: Including questions about Asmodee Digital and their involvement with the game from now on.
  9. Next Tuesday, 29th September, is when you can expect them to next update us on the situation. After an AMA stream on their Steam, YouTube, Twitch and Facebook channel, they're going to be updating Steam with a new announcement/dates of content. Thank you BTW for giving me information regarding Asmodee Digital, I am trying to get a much clearer picture on the situation, regarding the game's development history/post launch issues. And yeah, I'll leave it at that as well. Sorry for any ignorance on my end, I'm not in the know regarding the Publisher's history as much as others. EDIT: I'm actually going to make sure these questions get answered, from this thread, on the AMA. I'm sending them to the Community Manager so that I don't forget.
  10. Antihero Studios have confirmed Console Parity will be in effect to ensure content comes out for all platforms at the same time, as well as dealing with platform specific bugs (especially current noted softlock issues with some quests. They're asking for feedback on which platforms these affect, you can provide this on the LOTR ACG Discord.) Believe me, I know they had a hand in several decisions with this game that I do not support. I'm just not willing to let this Developer suffer for that.
  11. That information does explain some things about the post-launch history of the game. I had some hunches that most of the negatively received issues with the original game model were Publisher/License holder decisions. But, I still support the new Developer and I can see clear positive change coming from them. I can compare it to Sleeping Dogs, a game that was lauded by the Publisher (Square Enix) as a failure for not meeting sale quotas. They then pushed UFG to make Triad Wars instead of Sleeping Dogs 2, which caused the developer to close shop after the beta/alpha bombed so hard. I can understand not wanting to support Asmodee, but this new developer is taking a risk in reworking this game with such a small team. At least appreciate the people making the game happen/improving it after all this time when you consider picking it up. They've been incredibly social and friendly, providing support to all platforms and assisting players in anyway they can. Painting this game as DoA because of Asmodee is condemning the Developer as well by proxy. The Publisher might be vacant from supporting this game, outside of handing it to Antihero Studios, but that shouldn't push you into seeing it as a lost cause or rewarding bad publishers. Show Asmodee that THIS is what you want, Developers actively working on making games consumer friendly for all platforms. If this game can do better now than it did at launch then it would send a clear message to them. Get it on sale, sit on it for a while and start it up on December. Please just don't paint it with the same brush you would other Asmodee games.
  12. I'm sorry, but I think you misunderstood that line. They, the publisher, meant that because the game was, at the time, going to be without a developer indefinitely. That's no longer the case and the new developer is implementing Offline Support for Single Player. Asmodee Digital are supporting the new Developer as they implement this, allowing them to continue producing content for the game. Asmodee Digital did not say that "They would keep the game Online Only." I'm saying that they would keep the servers running. Unless you are talking about the publisher specifically for some other reason not related to this game, rather one of their other games/products?
  13. Thanks, I'll be sure to make it known that it's confirmed that doesn't count towards progress. The guide is still in the unpublished draft phase, so I'm open to all input 👍
  14. I'd recommend checking out the Antihero Studios Youtube Channel, they're the new developers handling the game. The gameplay streams they do show off the game from a newcomer perspective, might help you decide on if you want to pick it up.
  15. Even after the original studio closed, Asmodee Digital confirmed that the game would continue to stay online. Now, the game is being supported by a new developer studio who has a roadmap laid out for this year and until June of next year: I've seen the dev streams, they're simply making sure the next update can be done for all platforms and the store pages be reworked for each of them. This, combined with the small size of their team, means that changes are coming but are going to take time. Offline Single Player Support is estimated to be implemented platform wide in December. At that point, every single trophy in this game will be possible to get long after development stops. EDIT, I just realized I posted this Roadmap already ;-; but for sure the devs are doing stuff mostly behind the scenes. You can check the ACG Discord to see some of their concepts and such.