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  1. yes
  2. congrats bro!! yes tanks with derp guns can be used for this since u can take out lights with 1 shot
  3. i am currently working on the ps4 version having plated the game on ps5 before here is what happened: as soon as i lunched FUT, the stadium trophy poped then after winning 1 coop fut game, the play 10 coop games trophy poped park the bus poped after 1 respective trophy for volta the item purchace trophy poped after 1 purshace The majority of the other trophy you need to re-earn
  4. oh danm, ok thank you bro, ill keep trying to rack in points when i can, and update you guys! this means, there is still a chance
  5. hello, thanks for the valuable input my question is, the accounts with 170 and 260 hours spent, did end up popoing the trophy on ps4 ?
  6. ok i can confirm the overall 100 hour trophy is glitched on the ps4 version i have been leaving the game on on the last sub lvl of lvl 9 ( leaving the speed boosting thing) overnight and writting down time spent each time after each sessions i am above 100 hours now from this methode alone and no tropy if i do the same on ps vita for this trophy will pop ? or i should keep going at it on ps4 and it will pop eventually ?
  7. Bro from what i remmber on the ps4 version, there was that italian map, and bots at tier 1 it was much much easier to get that trophy, but on ps5 now, like you say, almost impoosible btw in the past i was playing on pc a tier 5 german medium, for some reason all the light rushed me and coudnt kill me ( lower tier) and i got that medal there without even knowing how rare it was
  8. Much thanks for the expalnation, always good to know
  9. hey guys can anyone please explain to me how he rarity on psn is in the 30%s while on psnprofiles is 0.8% for the platinum shouldnt it usualy be the opposit, since on psnprofile much less people ? i am just curious and would like to know, working currently on the plat with the time and buying all litch powers and headshot trophies left
  10. i just got platinum rank using a dinosaur deck
  11. this video is just for proove got a disconnection streak in 30 min WTF
  12. anyone else getting randomly discconected from ranked matches ? especialy when your wiining ? sooo anyyong
  13. ok i finally got the trophy after 6 days trying for it 7 hours per day let me explain why this trophy is significantly harder to get from the ps4 version back in the day the most important thing to keep in mind, is that for some reason tier 1 and 2 tanks have been removed from the game, a new player will start with tier 3 tanks and go up this means unless you have a tier 1 tank in your carage from the old days, u can get this trophy in tier 1 7v7 games makes it much harder if your a new commer also, for the ones who do have a tier 1 tank from the old days, they can still use it, but keep in mind u wont be able to seal club, because no new player will be able to join a tier 1 game, it will be you vs the players you have another tier 1 tank from before. Another thing worth mentiong is that the italian map is gone, now only you can play on mines for tier 1. and on mines you can cover 2 lanes at the same time max. u cant control what tanks goes to the third lane and die far from your sight . so the map choice makes it much harder as well i wish i knew all this before i downloaded the ps5 version, but also glad i finally made it cant tell you enough how many countless times i came 1 hp away or one shot or one kill from thiss here is the video of how i did, hope it helps thanks
  14. world of tanks on ps5 autopop your trophies, but not all of them, all medals related ones u need to re-earn
  15. hey guys so i got the platinum for wot on the ps4 in the past, and now i want to do it on ps5 however the most problematic trophy for me is ranger, i have gotten so close killing 4 out of 5 light tanks in a single match, too much variables making it super luck based/hard any ideas how to better my chances of getting one ? much appreciated