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  1. This sounds awesome! I love how they're focusing on Mega CD games and hopefully you get use that little tower of power thing to make it feel a bit more authentic. Some 32X games would be nice too, although the only one I'm that bothered about is Knuckles Chaotix.
  2. Just sticking to PS1 for now: 1. Croc 2. Mega Man Legends 3. Bugs Bunny Lost in Time 4. Gex 2 5. Spider-Man (2000) Since these are all series I'd be happy to do any alternate games instead (or all of them!) if they're released again.
  3. If my profile wasn't obvious enough, I'm going to plat this and I look forward to it
  4. The DLC trophies are separate from the base game. They can all be done solo but some are much easier in co-op
  5. I used the DLC from when I first bought the base game too and they all counted. Even so, in the main base game's hub worlds getting all the gold bricks and mimikits is easier with the more characters you have.
  6. To be honest the PS3 versions of 1 and 2 aren't very good ports, but CD is amazing and well worth getting on its own. I'd love to see Sega still keep an option of buying the games separately and 1/2 are replaced by the newer versions
  7. Hopefully Fifa has a newbie boom which means I can get some of the FUT trophies out of the way. Otherwise, not arsed about this month
  8. Well done! Tried getting this achievement on the 360 back in the day. ONE gamerscore...
  9. Been wanting this version for ages and finally grabbed it! Now need 2 more controllers
  10. Just the one, which is the PS4 version of FIFA 18. On course to get at least another 2 though.
  11. The Hire-A-Hero is done for accessing gold bricks in the hubs and minikits in the story levels, you can't access the level packs with them.
  12. You can plat the game with the starter pack but not 100%. You'll need to buy the figures in order to access all of the DLC
  13. Currently playing it. Doesn't even come close to the worst car game I've ever played.
  14. Never mind that, the servers for CoD 2 on Xbox 360 are still up!
  15. As far as Sonic games go, this doesn't seem hard. I tried doing 100% back in the day on the Wii and the worst part about the collectables was the fact you couldn't die before reaching a checkpoint IIRC. However with a bit of patience you'll be fine.