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  1. That's good, well done. I did Hardcore yesterday, not too bad once you've played the game through a few times earlier. I highly recommend using Dominika for Hardcore, as she has a higher jump and a hover which makes some dangerous platforming sections and bosses a lot easier (especially the 4th, 5th and 6th bosses). Her minimal health doesn't matter, as all hits in Hardcore are one-hit kills no matter which character you play with. You can still use the Restart method I mentioned above (restarting after a death will take you back to the last checkpoint with your lives restored to what they were when you activated the checkpoint). This will work for every level except for 2-3 (that Battletoads style sliding stage with the horrible controls) for whatever reason, which is really annoying because I reckon this is the worst level in the game by far. My first attempt at Hardcore was ruined by this level alone, and I lost one continue on this stage on my successful attempt. Once you get past 2-3, it's just a matter of using the Restart method where needed to get through levels without getting hit.
  2. Pretty sure it has to be in one run. Play with Lulu on Normal difficulty (Lulu has the most health, taking more hits). You can cheese it though; if your health begins to drop too low, just pause and hit Restart. It will take you back to the last checkpoint with your health restored to what it was when you activated the checkpoint. This comes in especially handy with bosses that you may not be comfortable with. It's worth noting though, if you do die and then Restart, you will still be sent back to the last Checkpoint with your health restored, along with any lost lives but the game still counts the death before the restart, hence voiding the trophy.
  3. Wasn't expecting Dracula X to be on there (which is a remake of Rondo of Blood if I'm not mistaken). At least it doesn't look like 100% in Dracula X is required, getting 100% in Rondo of Blood for the Requiem Collection was annoying. Really looking forward to this!
  4. Almost 45 hours in, and yet to come across this shop. Only have this and the last six of Frifle's hunts left for the Platinum. Is it ever in a hidden room by any chance?
  5. #83 Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD Fun: 7/10 for main game, 2/10 for mini-games Difficulty: 8/10 Time to Platinum: ~40 hours PSNProfiles Rarity: 4.3% It's's done. I had pretty much given up on this Platinum for almost a year, but after knocking out some trophies I previously struggled with, it was the motivation I needed to git gud and finally go all the way! What makes it hard, you may ask? The controls are overly sensitive and the camera is just horrendous. Those of you that have played this will know what I mean, particularly for the camera, as you cannot freely move it which becomes a real pain in some of the later levels. The main game is divided into 10 worlds and is actually quite fun, save for a few levels (the infamous 10-5 being the main culprit). The challenge comes in when you have to beat each of these worlds without using a continue (i.e. losing all of your lives) in one sitting to earn the Champion Medal for that world. And the even bigger challenge is the "Expert Course" in Time Attack Mode, where you have to complete the entire game in one sitting, without continues. That was my final trophy and took me over 2 hours alone due to taking everything slow and as careful as possible (you can see the time at the top of the screenshot, near the end of my run), farming lives where I can so I'd have enough when I eventually got to the dreaded 10-5. I'm not even going to waste my time talking about the incredibly horrible and pointless mini-games, but if you're interested you can check out the thread on this site about it all, complete with my rage-quit comments from a few months back 😂 Overall, it's a decent title that would've been MUCH better without the terrible mini-games, but very happy and proud to have finally finished it!
  6. Tried this a few times just earlier, both on the results screen and map screen, nothing unfortunately. Which sucks because God Mode is easily the most difficult of all the modes and took significantly more time and effort than the other modes combined. I've sent another message to the devs again with screenshots of the missing trophies and my 100% stats screen, though they probably won't care to even reply. Think it's time to retire this one, until they either release a patch (unlikely) or we get lucky and figure out a workaround. My inner completionist is screaming right now.
  7. Just had the blue star trophy glitch on me 😓 saved the first level for last and backed up my save beforehand. Reloaded my save twice and tried again, no luck.
  8. Playing this game right now, have the exact same problem. Messaged Green Lava Studios, only to have their PR rep (?) reply saying that they'll let the devs know and never heard anything since. I brought this up in the "Glitchy trophies" thread for this game on this site and MMDE (the guy who wrote the guide for the game) was testing different ways to pop the 5k and 10k and somehow managed to pop the 5k on one of his streams (which are in that thread), which popped randomly after more than 26k deaths! Even he was unsure with how it popped. Did you ever get any useful information from the devs before that we may be able to try now? Such a shame that the Platinum is locked away because of two otherwise very simple trophies, especially considering how good the game is.
  9. Agreed! Really appreciate the effort with all of this, @MMDE. I'll PM the Green Lava Studios Facebook page again (they never responded beyond their first response) with links to your streams to show them how messed their trophies are. Might help kick start some life into any chance of them looking into it.
  10. Yeah I was just on your stream earlier having a look but couldn't figure it out haha. I guess I can try your double death method to speed up the death counter and try on a blank save later tonight. Hopefully it'll work!
  11. Yes! How did you do it?!
  12. Haha for sure. That's if I can get past the whole of God Mode first, I'm on the first world and the absolute perfection that is required is ridiculous. Talk about difficulty spike! 😵
  13. Yeah fair enough that makes sense. I'm hoping it decides to pop through sometime during my God mode run that I'm about to start. Definitely will have to grind for 10k, still only at around 6300 last I checked. Yep, just through the Green Lava Studios page. Of course, it's such a good game and it's a shame that it's fallen victim to glitched trophies. Will keep playing in hopes I come across a workaround. Btw, Challenge Mode trophy for red stars works fine, just unlocked mine now. Gonna get onto God mode now.
  14. At this point, nothing is a bad idea! Will try this once I'm done with my Challenge Mode run. Your screenshots from earlier showing that they popped at a random time give me some hope that they'll randomly do the same for me but I won't hold my breath 😆
  15. Based off what @STAR-SOLDIER-X has said above, it seems that the God Mode trophy seemed to glitch when the game crashed between loading screens. Hasn't happened to me thankfully so hopefully will pop when I go for it soon. Likewise, I'm almost done with my Challenge Mode run, just have the second half of the final world to go. I messaged them on Facebook a couple days ago and got a reply from what seems to be their PR rep, Sean. He said that he'll ask the devs if there is a solution. If they get a few more messages now, it might prompt them to do something about it Yep I noticed that too. Might be a visual bug where it counts to the visual death counter in the stats screen but not the in-game death counter? Can only speculate at this point. Wondered about the online and doing them offline doesn't seem to yield any results. Such a shame that what should be two easy trophies are making the Platinum unobtainable.