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  1. I've just finished the game and I wonder what cars are worth buying and which ones are not. Could you help me? I'm mostly using Nissan GT-R
  2. Are you sure about TLOU1? It was pretty grindy
  3. I finished my first blind playthrough, everyone survived (but Alice and Kara didn't get to Canada) and now I will have to make other decisions in order to get all the other trophies, The question is: I know some collectibles are only achiavable with the decisions I made, and others are only obtainable with the optionss I didn't choose, so my question is, if I start a violent playthrough, will I miss the chance to get collectibles that are only available on pacific runs or I will be able to get them anyway because on my first playthrough I unlocked those paths?
  4. I won't preorder anything and I'm pretty sure I'll be able to buy it day 1, this thing Sony is pulling off is the oldest marketing strategy in the book.
  5. This is my problem too. For example Red Dead Redemption 2, I've played 98 hours offline and I almost got all the trophies, but there were about 18 hours of grind that I didn't enjoy and on top of that there are online trophies that are another huge grind. Resident Evil 2, I've played it 4 times and it was fun, but to get the platinum I need 2 more playthroughs and I don't feel like doing it. Almost half the games have trophies that make you not like the journey, I feel the only developers that get it right are Sony Playstation Studios, those platinums are mostly great (Spiderman, Days Gone, God of War, etc)
  6. At the beginning it was mostly fun to go for the platinum, but lately it feels like a job. I'm at a point that I check a trophy list before I buy a game and I think that's not good for the hobby of gaming. I don't know if I need a few months/years off, just play for fun without thinking about routes, or missables, or checking guides for collectibles and stuff like that. Has someone of you experienced something like this?
  7. Why does it matter? Do you get something if you get more platinums or rarer ones? I do it for myself, to feel acomplished and to know that I have completed the game and all it has to offer, I got Cuphead's platinum a few weeks ago and if other people want to get it cheating, it's fine for me, I won't feel less acomplished, I won't feel like I have not completed the game, I won't recieve anything anyway for having a rarer platinum, why should I care?
  8. Wow, that was awesome! Thank you very much, very detailed and helpful!
  9. Yes, I checked both, I guess I will have to do another playthrough with a guide after I get both S ranks on hardcore. Thank you!
  10. I have 52/58, I know 3 out of the 6 that I need (one is in the orphanage, and I have my last mr racoon there) and 2 more are Leon's notes in Claire route 2 that I haven't completed yet. But how can I know which ones are the other 3 that I need?
  11. I finally did it, it took about 7 days to me too but I think I played about 25-30 hours, the pacifist run was fairly easy compared to the expert playthrough but you're right, Expert is not that hard except for a few bosses, in fact most bosses were harder the first time I fought them, but a few of them gave me a hard time on Expert (Wally Warbles, Hilda Berg, King Dice, Grim Matchstick and the Devil). I died 667 times in total, meaning I died more on my first playthrough (404 times) than on my A rank + Expert + Pacifist playthrough (263 times). However I have to admit that I restarted the levels a lot so maybe those 263 deaths would be 400 as well.
  12. Surprisingly bosses that were super hard on my first playthrough like Cala Maria and Dr. Kahl's Robot were not hard at all on expert, and bosses that were pretty easy on my normal playthrough were super hard on expert, for example Hilda Berg and Wally Warbles. My top5 toughest bosses on Expert is: 1-Wally Warbles 2-The Devil 3-King Dice 4-Hilda Berg 5-Grim Matchstick
  13. I'm already doing Expert + A-Rank playthrough. Right now I have all the A-Ranks from islands 1 and 2, and I have beaten all those bosses in expert except for the plane bosses, they're super hard for me. But I'll keep trying.