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  1. A bit challenging? It's almost one hour not doing more than a few mistakes, lol.
  2. It depends on your approach, if you do it 100% legit without any guide, exploring everything, looking for the charms yourself it can take way way longer. I looked for the charms, masks and vessels that I didn't get by the end of the game with a guide.
  3. Yeah, I mean, you need some skill but it's just like Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro, etc, so, for the PSNProfiles standards it would be 6/10 I believe. But the pantheons without glitch are a nightmare, I'd say 11/10
  4. The guide can be missleading so I'm writting this because it might help someone. Those are numbers for people that haven't played the game, of course someone who has played 2-3 playthroughs can get it in 12 hours, but it won't be your case if you're a new player. This would be the time you would need as a new player, doing everything your own way BUT using a guide to find charms, masks and vessels you didn't find by yourself after beating the game, if you want to explore and find them yourself you can add 10-20 hours or even more. Using the invencibility glitch as soon as possible: Difficulty: 4/10 Time: 30 hours Using the glitch only for the pantheons but getting everything else without using it: Difficulty: 6/10 Time: 35 hours Without using the glitch: Difficulty: 10/10 Time: 50+ hours (entirely skill dependent but I'd say that the pantheons can take 20 hours of practice to say the least, if you're not specially skilled maybe 30-40 or more, using the glitch in less than 2 hours you got it)
  5. Well, I platinumed Spiderman 2018 + all 3 DLCs in about 30-35 hours and that one costed about 60€ + 10 € every DLC, 90 € total, so Miles Morales doesn't seem that bad. I'm not gonna buy it until next year though, I don't usually buy games until they're on sale.
  6. I've heard there's a problem with coil whine, and the controllers are failing (triggers not working and stick drift) so I'm going to wait one year until I buy one, but if it was for games, PS5 has more than enough to justify the buy in my opinion.
  7. In my opinion combat challenges in Arkham City are super easy, and Predator normal challenges are ok, but Predator Extreme challenges are super hard and they make you do some stupid stuff that depends on the AI of the enemies, and on top of that there are 2 campaigns that make you do 3 extreme challenges in a row and with only 3 retries, it's insane... I have all the ranked challenges and 8 out of 12 campaign challenges, but the 4 left are driving me mad, 2 of them are 3 extreme predator challenges and the other 2 are 2 extreme predator challenges + 1 combat challenge and I think those are impossible to beat for me, it's kinda sad after all the hours doing all the other challenges. I don't understand how 10% of psnprofiles users have done it, I wonder how.
  8. It's the last in the Predator Expert, meaning I have to go through 2 other challenges every time I want to even try...
  9. It's super unbalanced, 3 extreme predator challenges in a row and with handicaps? What the fuck were they thinking when they created this bullshit challenges? I think I'm going to give up already, it's literally making me hate the game... Apart from finding 400 collectables, this must be one of the worst trophy list ever done.
  10. The thing is I didn't know I had to press L1 in front of the stupid blocks to unlock the story behind so I didn't take it and all the cells are closed and I cant get that one (the one that is in a cell next to the one you put Harley Quinn in), is there a way or I have to play New Game +? EDIT: Ok, if you zoom in you can get it from outside pressing L1
  11. I mean for the trophies like "Get 21 stars with the Batman vs Superman 2016 batmobile" or "Get 21 stars playing as Catwoman" Can those stars be yellow? As for the 69 stars for the main game trophy, can I get those as Nightwing or Robin? (meaning I can get a lot of 2 stars challenges instead of 3 stars) EDIT: Yes and yes. I got all the stars in combat challenges instead of predator and it works just fine.
  12. Well, I think it's more a matter of patience than skill. Sekiro is way more skill dependent and about 27% of the players from PSNProfiles have completed it. My guess is that Lords of the Fallen has an ultra rare platinum trophy because it requires 3 playthroughs to platinum and it's not as good as From Software games so people don't want to play it 3 times to get the platinum.
  13. It's curious, some games have ultra rare trophies that are not hard, for example I have 3 ultra rare trophies from Warframe that are pretty easy to get, the platinum trophy for Lords of the Fallen is not that hard either and it's not too grindy. At the same time I have way harder trophies, for example some from Crash Bandicoot Trilogy, that are not ultra rare, and not even close. What are those "ultra rare" trophies that you have and you can't believe that are ultra rare because it's not too hard/grindy to get them?
  14. For some games, once you load your save from PS4 on your PS5, a lot of trophies pop instantly, even the platinum. But I wonder if it works the same way the other way around, if I complete Spiderman Miles Morales on PS5 and then I use the save on the PS4 version of the game, will all the trophies pop as well?
  15. I've just finished the game and I wonder what cars are worth buying and which ones are not. Could you help me? I'm mostly using Nissan GT-R