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  1. If there's a Demon's Souls Remake, yes, probably. If not, then I'm not buying it until holidays 2021 or summer 2022
  2. Top 3 games: 1. The Witcher 3 / 91 hours (although this has to be wrong since I got Persona 5's platinum and it took about 120 hours) 2. Dark Souls 2 / 86 hours 3. Death Stranding / 83 hours Days played: 163 played at 874 hours clocked. 829 offline, 45 online. With my longest streak at 7 hours. Trophies earned: Total: 1008 Trophies earned Platinum: 20 Gold: 95 Silver: 248 Bronze: 645
  3. I don't care at all about their reviews, Death Stranding had a 6.8 I believe and I enjoyed every single minute of my platinum journey and I still get goosebumps every time I listen to BB's theme.
  4. Mystic, Staypationt, BadDriver, LudiXP, PS4Trophies, PowerPyx are the ones I follow
  5. I have done everything and still no trophies popping, I'd understand the Void trophy not popping since I could miss one chest somewhere, but the other 2 trophies are pretty much unmissable, I've done everything and still no trophy. So the only thing that came to mind is that maybe you can't get those in New Game +, so I'd have to start a new game to get those, am I right? (I have to do another playthrough anyway since I'm missing one class and one ending)
  6. I don't know if I'm playing the game the wrong way but in my opinion (having the platinum of all the soulsborne games) this game is frustrating and way harder than any dark souls, the enemies with shields are just dumb, they have no window to get hit, they just attack and they have the shield instantly up again, they deal a ton of damage, the mages are ridiculous, I'm not getting through this bullshit in a second playthrough or a third, no way unless I'm playing it wrong and shields have actually counterplay in this game... I have never been so frustrated with a videogame. Good luck that I started playing in a blank account. Bosses are no problem, normal enemies are.
  7. I've just defeated the second boss and this game looks pretty fun to play and it's not hard at all, I've only died once to the first boss and once to the second. I just hate the rollover animation so far, why does it have only 5% platinum rate?
  8. Platinum the PS4 Remastered version, it has no online trophies
  9. It won't go above 10% in my opinion, it's not hard but it takes time, I got the platinum in 79 hours and I enjoyed almost every moment, the grind was not too bad with the ziplines and highways I had by then. I think it will be similar to Metal Gear Solid V, just a little bit easier and shorter, so my bet is 6-8%
  10. Pick the motorbike or the truck. The thing is you use your ziplines first on the facilities that are more underleveled (since they will give you more bandwith when maxed out), also remember picking lost cargo for those facilities, it helps a lot.
  11. First you connect 3 facilities then you get 5 stars in those 3, then you have more bandwith and you connect a fourth facility, get it to 5 stars, connect another facility and keep doing so until you have all of them connected.
  12. That's because you'll be lacking delievery time orders and/or misc orders (recover cargo from rivers, mules or terrorists)
  13. No, you don't need PS+ but you need internet connection.
  14. Yeah, but if you click on any trophy you'll see a ton of people who has earned it already, for example the prologue tropyh: https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/9955-death-stranding/2-delivering-is-what-i-do