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  1. I gave up on Dogurai. I think it's the most dificult platform game I ever played.
  2. I found this spot , it's easier to farm kills here .
  3. I confirm , you can get the Around the world trophy in under 50 minutes.
  4. So, I uploaded the save from PS4 Spiderman from the game. And now I am in the Miles Morales , I have the ultimate edition but the serial nr is used (this is how I bought it) . Can I get the platinum from the Miles Morales save menu ? Or I need the remastered version ?
  5. I didn't even pick the flashlight, and I used the lighter only at the door to burn the ropes but it still not popping and Secret neither. I don't know I do wrong. For Soda you will find outside near a car a bin a soda on the road (when the rockets are on the sky)
  6. Ah, ok. Thank you!
  7. Internet Off Internet ON
  8. I can't view the trophies from the game. I only saw them when they popped .
  9. Same prob here Not showing up on PS5 .
  10. Still getting scrap at this time..
  11. They people are still getting the Up To The Task trophy, today 1 nov so.....
  12. They fixed the trophies guys. Go ahead and download again the game . I had a save with the game completed. I used level select and I picked up some batteries and I saved some robots and they cumulated somehow and all the remaining trophies popped up.
  13. It's 13 sept 2020 , the same trophy issues. Too bad, I liked it a little .