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  1. I have started playing this game and it's probably the first game I have played for 2-3 hours plus and I have not had a single trophy pop. Strange feeling for a person how likes his trophies. 😀
  2. Sorry guys been of the radar due to other stuff! By the end of the month there was an issue with the automatic reload, so need to many add the results for the last days manually. But I hope to get it done soon and hopefully publish the result by the end of this week. I have not forgot! 🙂
  3. Yes, there are some issues with the reload. Looking into and I hope it will start working soon and then of course everything from 1 May will be populated.
  4. I have not have time to finalise the final result (since the was a glitch in the reload for a couple of games, so need to fix it manual for now). But I aim to annouce the winner hopefully by end of this week. I have not forgot! 🙂
  5. You don't. Everything will be automatically logged her: There will soon be a MVPP May Leaderboard.
  6. Yes, this will hopefully be adjust as-well, since the reload did Galway trough. I will get back to you.
  7. I must say that I love all the energy and passion here. However, this has become way bigger that I anticipated. I am now done "celebrating" my 1200 achievement and need/will to move on with my life and my journey 1100. Next time I will probably have one question like "How many windows does my house have"?. So I am glad all answers are in: 7 March - Han_the_Dragon 12 March - maiathewinners 5 March - HusKy 6 March - jpwbjpwb 10 March - TugaSonic 6 March - Varhur 14 March - Mr-Photo and the winner is.............................. @HusKy! Congrats! 5 March was the closes result since the game was Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War with was earned on 3rd Mar 2021 4:05:49 AM. I will DM you the details.
  8. Ahh, sorry. I did not know you needed @Mr-Photo. I have always thought it was enough to add Mr-Photo. But thanks @Han_the_Dragon for pointing it out. I learn something new! Sorry, I missed you post. The correct answer is 599. I did not specify that it needed to rounded up/down, so that is why I gave everybody another chance who hit 599-600. Also, to make it fair this was never first come first served "guess sense we all live in different timezone and it should not be dependant on when I add the question. But I will learn from this and be much clearer in my communication going forward. If you don't want guess/be part of the second question it's up to you.
  9. The contest is now over! Unfortunately there is a technical issue, so the data from yesterday has not been reloaded. Looking into it, so there might still be some movement on the Leaderboard when they get in. I will confirm when all the data is in place.
  10. The contest is now over! I will summarise and create a leaderboard and publish the results shortly. Again, sorry for not getting the Leaderboard up and running during the contest.
  11. Great you have been added Leewor!
  12. 7 March - Han_the_Dragon 12 March - maiathewinners 5 March - HusKy 6 March - jpwbjpwb 10 March - TugaSonic 6 March - Varhur 14 March - Mr-Photo
  13. Nice! VoltrefferNL & Han_the_Dragon you have been added!
  14. Correct! But for a game to be included in the Leaderboard the total point for the game must be over 2000p. This is where you can use the Game Search to verify that your game will be included. You have been added TimeLordCrow13y! And as I mention above Game Search verifies that Thumper will be included. 🙂
  15. Cool! Darling Baphomet you have been added!