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  1. Now it's the time you all have been waiting for. 😊 Here is the final result! Mission 2-4 Status Congrats to seblegamer, AuburnDRM and cazcomp to the top 3 spots! I will DM you about your prize. Of course, Congrats to everybody who took part in the contest and for you great effort. A lot of trophies was earned! Everybody who completed all 4 Mission in the Mystery Map, a badge is coming your way shortly. I hope see you now in March or in the future for the next/new contest! For more info, 2021 Contests - Release Plan
  2. I am sorry to hear Leenewbe and Otenko_the_sage. I need to keep this datadriven and cannot stretch the timeline/date since we there are so many players and data. I hope you understand! As you know the contest is now over and I will summarise the final results and post them shortly. Thanks to all the players who joined and well done!
  3. Only the trophies you earned in April would count. Each month is a open/close contest, so you need to finish the game within the month. However, the game would of course be part fo Hall of Platimon. 🙂 Nice to hear! You have been signed up Sptj7. Like ArtikSkarab said, we have now officially started the March contest, but the contest will be open the whole month if we have any who would like to you at anytime. My goal is the release the site this week! Good luck everybody!
  4. Correct. Thanks for filling in Han_the_Dragon.
  5. 1) Yes, there is some games that actual are over 2000 p but has no platinum. Just an example: (around 2 300p) has a lot of trophies (Gold & Silver) but no platinum. So these are not eligible for contest. 2) No, DLC is it's own "game". So DLC trophies will not count. I am glad you are looking forward to the contest! 🙂
  6. Great Lojtana! You have been added. Correct. That is the plan.
  7. For me it will be a fun test to see as-well. For example if Light Fairytale Episode 1 is that "fast/easy", how long will it be eligible since maybe "everybody" will jump on it? I will lean and adapt and maybe we will find the perfect system, who knows? 😉 As I stated in the opening post, by entering you will also be part of two other MVPP leaderboards, that are more longterm and it will be fun to see the effect on those list as-well. This will be fun! 😊 See you in a couple of months then! 🙂 Maybe this contest is not for everybody and the timing is not good for some reason, but I am glad that I can offer other contest that you enjoy!
  8. Unfortunately I will not manage to give a last update before the final result. But hopefully this add some extra excitement to the final result instead. 😊
  9. It could be a strategy, however the risk is that a game that is just above 2 000p might fall off the list and not be counted since "everybody/many people" will do it/complete it and the game will not be included anymore due to being under 2000 p. . We will just test and see, because that's why we are here. Have fun, challenge our backlogs and complete some games! 😊 Welcome back Caquis_1. You have been added!
  10. Light Fairytale Episode 1i s currently 2 205p, so it would be included! Psy-Tychist and Eblait you have been added!
  11. Depending on where you are in the world, we are now entering the last weekend for this contest and hopefully people will get some more gametime. Good luck everyone! As we look forward there is a new contest in March for those who are interested MVPP [Mar 2021] [Win Prize] [Sign up open all month] If not, maybe later during the year, so keep your eyes open for other new and old improved contests if your interested 2021 Contests - Release Plan
  12. Nice! You are correct. You are done with Mission 3 and your next 28 trophies will be for Mission 4.
  13. Like many before me, just the possibility to be able to buy one. But if they somehow made a bundle it with a remake of Final Fantasy 9 and a brand new Metal Gear Solid game, I might do some jail time (with my PS5 in my cell of course)!
  14. I tend to end up there aswell, since there soo many good games I have not played yet. But I have promised myself to use the "Trophy Advisor" here to help me clean up som easy onces and then try to take some old platinums each quarter. 🙂 I need to bump my % completion!