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  1. Any changes needed to be done the available trophy guides? Or you could rely on them as is?
  2. Nice! I have not played it since 2013 and with a whole new trophy list I am really looking forward fort this game. There is a lot of nice games out now/coming out. I need vacation!
  3. So do we think that we are looking at a brand new trophy list for the PS5 version?
  4. The contest is closed! The result is according to /playtime in the game: 36 days 18 hours The one with the closest result is 36days 2hours. Congrats @Klart! I will DM you details. Now my journey continues to break 900! 🙂
  5. Sorry made a final edit to the question.. I want it in: Days-Hours So your answer is: 850h = 35 Days-10h
  6. I continue my journey with my bucket list goal (to become Top 100 in my country (Sweden)) and today I celebrate that I broke 1 000! As I have done in the past, to celebrate this I am giving away a $10 PSN Code! Celebrate Milestone (1100 place) + $10 PSN Code Giveaway Celebrate Milestone (1200 place) + $10 PSN Code Giveaway/Celebrate Milestone (1200 place) + $10 PSN Code Giveaway [Take 2] Celebrate Milestone (1300 place) + $10 PSN Code Giveaway This went quite fast since I got some cheap trophies mixed with some harder ones. The game that made me tipped over this time was Horizon Forbidden West, which I am enjoying quite a lot! My longterm project Final Fantasy 14 also gave my some trophies but this will take me some time to get the Platinum! So the question this time to celebrate my milestone is: How many days and hours have I played Final Fantasy 14? (Hint: I started playing this on my PS4 and now I am playing it on my PS5) Add your answer in the format: Days-hours For example: 10 Days - 10 hours First person that gets it correct before the Deadline 27 February wins! If nobody has guess the exact number, the winner closes to the correct answer wins.
  7. So taking in your feedback, I have now a new suggestion. 🙂 As you mention there is no need to count all the trophies just the value of the Platinum. But I want to reward the one that manage to get an Ultra Rare a little more, so thinking about adding some extra points there. For games that do not have a Platinum, the idea is that Gold trophy that is the rarest, will work as the value for the game BUT and worth 1/4 of a game with a Platinum. So by using this calculation based on some games we have discussed above this is how it would look: Game Platinum Rarity 100% Score Ultra Rare TotalScore # ChristmasRun #NeverAlone #Spiderman Final Fantasy 14 0,1 100 99,90 200 299,90 47,6 17,9 3,6 Dead by Daylight 0,2 100 99,80 200 299,80 47,6 17,8 3,6 Dead Cells 1,2 100 98,80 200 298,80 47,4 17,8 3,5 Assasin Creed Valhalla 2,4 100 97,60 200 297,60 47,2 17,7 3,5 Marvel's Spiderman Remastered 15,7 100 84,30 84,30 13,4 5,0 1,0 Never Alone 8,2 25 16,80 16,80 2,7 1,0 ThunderFlash 87,1 100 12,90 12,90 2,0 Christmas Run 93,7 100 6,30 6,30 1,0 100-Platinum Rarity = Score (if ultra Rare Platinum add an extra 200p) For example, you need to complete around 47 Games like Christmas Run, to get the same points as Final Fantasy 14. Also, no Stack games are allowed. There can only be one version of a game and only one game are counted.
  8. Do you need to complete all 10 rounds in a row? If you fail one round you need to start over with round 1?
  9. This game was a lot harder then I thought it was going to be! 8 Shots to start with feels quite low. But I guess I just need to put in the practice.
  10. Thanks for the feedback! About your comment above, from your perspective what would determine how difficulty the game is? Any suggestion? Volume of type of metal (Common, Rare, Ultra Rare)?
  11. Got it @Evil_Joker88 and @scemopagliaccioh, Thanks! I will go back to excel and test something that I will share and hopefully get some feedback on.
  12. Interesting idea! I did not really follow how do you score a game without platinum (just 100%, since then there is no value like that on a Platinum game to get a single rarity score from? ) Edit: Games with no platinum always only have 1 Gold? If that is the case, then maybe that could be use? That's why I like this forum to get input and challenge you all. 😊
  13. Hahahaha! Love the food metaphor @DrBloodmoney! Great list, thanks!
  14. I was thinking about the games and who you could group them. One group is of course Triple A titles. Then we have all the "fast-easy-platinums" (for example Ratalaika games), which is another group. What other games/categories do you consider exist/could be and could be grouped?