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  1. Bonus badge is so gorgeous, I might have to use it as my next avatar 😁 or psn profile picture... WOW, seems way too fancy for a level 6 player 😂... now I feel like 666 ... full disclosure: it doesn't take all that much to make me go off the rails lol
  2. Can we stop for Big Macs on the way?
  3. and unquenchable thirst
  4. ...oh...Were you asking me or the Big Bad Wolf above you?
  5.'ll do just fine.
  6. like the Titanic
  7. Again, do you guys even notice how many times you use the word “big” in this thread? 😂
  8. after hitting icebergs
  9. end up sinking
  10. These badges are off the charts awesome! 🏀 😁 Thank you again!
  11. Thank you @Kristycism and @SpaceCoresDad, awesome event! If you're waiting for us to choose, I'll take Ratchet and Clank with my actual psn username: magneticamusic.
  12. ...oh how sweet...😂
  13. at my heart