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  1. Hello. I have a weird bug with Master Of All You Survey trophy. I've got the trophy for discovering all named locations on Nekrotafeyo but the in game stats say that I'm missing one (26/27). I've discovered all named location on Pandora (78/78) but didn't get the trophy for it. And now the game says that I've discovered 222/223 location so i can't get the trophy for it... I went back to Nekrotafeyo in the area where I'm missing one location, followed powerpix's guide, but didn't get any new area discovered... Is there a way to fix this or Am I good to start again... (I played 99% of the game in co-op, just cleaning the trophy in solo) I will try to see if finishing all Side missions and all Eridian slabs will help...
  2. Turns out I was missing Logan’s Spar in the Splinterlands on Pandora even though it said I had all locations (6/6) there. Went there with a friend in co-op that had problems with the buggy area just before and both trophy unlock. I guess I was lucky and got the platinum without having to start a new character !