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  1. So since I have two ps3s, would I be able to get the trial for ps now on my account (I don't have the game yet) and on a dummy account and boost like that? I'm not sure if ps now still works with ps3.
  2. I thought it was only if you first made your account a few years ago. So you had to start the game a few years ago? Because I made my account before the game even came out.
  3. Try buying it from the store on the playstation app on your phone. It would freeze for me when I tried to buy songs from the ps store on the ps3 but the app works fine. After I pay for it on the app I go on singstar and filter *songs purchased but not downloaded* (it's something along those lines) and then you download it from there.
  4. Would I be able to make an Asian account and buy this and somehow be able to transfer the dlc over to my USA account? And the USA version of the premium level kit was 5.99, and I converted the 22 Malaysian Ringgits to US dollars and it's $5.41. So it's close so it's possible that it is.