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  1. If you’re talking about the custom badger trophy, you don’t need the PlayStation eye camera. You can use a photo you took in game (go to the pause menu and you can click on the camera icon there). I used a photo like that to get the trophy.
  2. If you actually look at the date of when that person got the online trophies it was before the server closure. The other trophies they got after were offline ones to get the platinum.
  3. There are certain levels that after you beat them, it doesn’t automatically bring you back to the hide out even if you’ve beat the game before. It’ll take you to the next level like it does on your first play through unfortunately. I think it’s just how the game works. Are you talking about St. Petersburg Stakeout or Revisited? I remember that after beating Anathema it’ll take you back to your hide out and won’t start St. Petersburg Stakeout until you want to, but I’m not positive about Terminal Hospitality going into St. Petersburg Revisited.
  4. This is the perfect event for me since I’ve been focusing on trying to get the platinums and 100% for all the PS3 games I have that are obtainable. I’ve had my account since 2009 and have only gotten platinums for three of my games lol. This will be my first event on here as well. Unfinished Games: Little Big Planet (91%) God of War 1 (91%) Katamari Forever (83%) Singstar (78%) Grand Theft Auto 4 (75%) Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (65%) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (61%) Batman: Arkham Asylum (60%) Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune (54%) Injustice: Gods Among Us (50%) ! * Resident Evil 5 (41%) ! Call of Duty: Black Ops (39%) ! Mirror’s Edge (38%) Dead Space 2 (38%) The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (22%) * Mafia 2 (21%) * Fallout 3 (16%) Rocksmith (15%) Bioshock (14%) * Dark Souls 2 (14%) * Little Big Planet 2 (8%) ! * Hitman 2: Silent Assassin (7%) * Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues (7%) * God of War 2 (7%) * Deception IV: Blood Ties (7%) ! * Far Cry 3 (7%) * Call of Duty: World at War (6%) ! * inFamous (6%) * Wet (5%) * Street Fighter IV (4%) ! * Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 (3%) * Resident Evil 6 (1%) ! * Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection (1%) * Silent Hill 2 HD (0%) * The Darkness (NTS) * Unfinished Games With Unobtainable Platinum: Hitman: Absolution (57%) FEAR 2: Project Origin (29%) Grand Theft Auto V (16%) * WWE 12 (5%) * WWE 13 (4%) * Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe (4%) * Midnight Club: Los Angeles (1%) * Games I Haven’t Started: The Darkness 2 Eternal Sonata (NTS) Assassins Creed (NTS) Assassins Creed Brotherhood ! Batman: Arkham City Need for Speed: Most Wanted ! Max Payne 3 ! Sonic Unleashed LA Noire Bioshock 2 FarCry 2 ! Dragon Age: Origins Dante’s Inferno ! Dishonored Street Fighter x Tekken ! Online required to complete / * Story need to complete / (NTS) No trophy support
  5. I’m really upset about it. I would use that and PS Messages to see who’s online on PS3. So I still have PS Messages installed for that reason. And yes Sony keeps showing more and more that they want us to forget about their legacy devices. What they did with this app update makes it absolutely certain for me.
  6. So since I have two ps3s, would I be able to get the trial for ps now on my account (I don't have the game yet) and on a dummy account and boost like that? I'm not sure if ps now still works with ps3.
  7. I thought it was only if you first made your account a few years ago. So you had to start the game a few years ago? Because I made my account before the game even came out.
  8. Try buying it from the store on the playstation app on your phone. It would freeze for me when I tried to buy songs from the ps store on the ps3 but the app works fine. After I pay for it on the app I go on singstar and filter *songs purchased but not downloaded* (it's something along those lines) and then you download it from there.
  9. Would I be able to make an Asian account and buy this and somehow be able to transfer the dlc over to my USA account? And the USA version of the premium level kit was 5.99, and I converted the 22 Malaysian Ringgits to US dollars and it's $5.41. So it's close so it's possible that it is.