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  1. I know this is late. But really guys a platinum trophy shouldn't be an easy task, I understand that for sure. But this game which I really like and enjoy playing went too far when it comes to platinum trophy. It went from very hard challenge to very hard almost impossible and frustrating having to replay scenes with your horse walking. PLUS you can't pace your horse. I even understand the objectives to do them all in one go. Because that is platinum trophy, should be hard. But please what is really bad from Rockstar and frustrating thinking they did it on purpose is the horse travelling almost in every mission. That takes hours from your life just to get to the important part. It is really a shame for a huge game like this, they made this part so stupid and frustrating. But for them to change it? Never gonna happen, you bought the game so they already had your income, what happens after, they don't care. They care only where the money is which right now is on RDR2Online. There comes one day where I won't even care anymore about Rockstar games. Maybe this would be the last game I bought.