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  1. My predictions for September: Tekken 7 and PUBG
  2. God of war too Even though iron man vr follows that trend, I think the Plat is harder than most of sony's first party games
  3. Look for the community uncharted 4 survival star Hunters, they help a lot of people
  4. Disc for sure
  5. Pretty much the entire celeste ost
  6. Gerald's game on netflix. The moonlight man still scares me
  7. Watchmen minisseries. HBO is awesome
  8. Uncharted 4. I actually liked playing survival mode, got most stars with random people online, only needed help on the last two stages
  9. To each their own i guess. If not playing games because of thropies makes someone happy, cant judge them. At the end of the day, you are the person who Will Care the most about your trophy list right
  10. Tales of berseria Celeste or the Messenger
  11. Thanks a lot! Sorry for speaking without knowing
  12. Arkham Knight
  13. Crash bandicoot
  14. Generally it's to make you come back to the game after you stopped playing It. Sometimes it's to spark interest before DLC is announced
  15. How do you do that? Never Heard of It before