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  1. Hello. Any news for my proof and dispute? I proved that skipping increased the game's percentage progressing. So what is next? Have anyone of you made any observation? By the way finally I'm able to reply my topic now.
  2. If you have even one skip in the mission, you move to the next checkpoint of mission then you can complete the mission afterwards. Skipping works actually like this. You can even complete the game with skipping all missions. There is a speedrun like this, check that: I skipped the missions that are related with the trophies. At the same time of course I tried to get gold medals from other missions for solid gold baby and in free roam, I tried my progress to %100. My goal to get the career criminal trophy is getting the trophy after completing the last mission successfully. And I did that. Afterwards like I said, I replayed the missions and completed them successfully for getting their trophies. Edit: Check 1:35 in the video for example. You'll get bronze medal after completing the mission with a skipping. Edit 2: Can't find where quote is in mobile safari sorry. It is still possible. I know it's an any% run but he still got his progress. He got autosave in 09:00 at the video. This means the game increases its progress. If you want further I could create a new account and show that progress increases in a video. Edit: I can't share anything new or quote anything. So I decided to edit this again and share my proof:
  3. My run was legit and the time could be improved more. If we were more lucky in the online ones, I could've got the %100 in 4-5 days. And I believe 2 weeks and 5 days is actually quite a long time. I think that guy didn't even try to beat a record. Other people's times were longer. Because they spent a lot of time for the doomsday trophies. But me and my crew were ready from ''the beginning'' to boost them. Our goal was to complete as short as possible and like I said we could've gotten a better one. How could you consider me cheater because I was much faster than the others. That's not an accurate thought. See what the game is capable of then show your argument. I have my game stats from social club up here. The things I did in single player were legit methods. If anyone ever finds a crew like that again and experienced I swear he could beat my record and ended up reaching %100 with 5-6 days. Skipping the missions is a legit feature and if you see my social club stats you could see my work in online was legit too.
  4. Thank you for your understanding. Because especially the online ones were quite a lot of pain. I still remember the disconnections when me and my friends were doing our Masterminds trophy run. I hope they'll see this dispute topic.
  5. I was wrong, you are right. I realised that if you have jailbroken PS4, You can do it. But I swear I have normal PS4 and I didn't cheat. There are actually more reasons I explained in my post. Don't get me wrong because of this misunderstanding. I'm just a little bit stressed because of this situation. For story related mission trophies, you can fail the mission 3 times. Then you can avoid the trophy popping up. Then if you replay the mission later you can get the trophy once the mission is completed. This is a legit game feature. And I saw that professional speedrunners who boost for GTA V's story use that. Then I realised that if you skip the mission the trophy don't pop up. This is my way to unlock solid gold baby at first.
  6. KerpetenAli1972 Grand Theft Auto V I just noticed that my account was removed from fastest achievers list of %100 club. I am shocked and very sad about all me and my friends' hardwork on summer were considered as cheating. Before creating KerpetenAli1972 account, I was a player that chose wrong region in my psn account in 2011. I was 14 back then and had no plans about being a trophy hunter player. I still play with that account and I've had a lot of experience in GTA 5 since 2013. That account's ID is Denizcankaya97 by the way. During summer I decided to create a new account with my true region. Then I wanted to start that account with a record of fastest achievers in GTA V's PS4 version's %100 club. I played 15 hours a day. My plan was getting the solid gold baby trophy at first. Because that was my favorite trophy. I knew that if you skip missions then you can get their story related trophies any time you want. That's why my aim was getting platinum and %100 with welcome to los santos trophy. For online trophies I have a 4 player crew of my friends. I boosted og heist, doomsday trophies with them. And we played a lot of jobs to earn rp and reach level 100 in GTA Online. Like I said we worked very hard and at the same time we dealt with a lot of connection issues especially boosting for Masterminds trophy in GTA Online. If I and my friends were lucky we could've reached %100 in 4-5 days. But still we were proud at leading the list with 1 week and a couple of hours. And now I saw that my account was removed from the list. That wasn't fair and there is actually no way of doing cheats in PS4. I don't know how to explain more. If you want more proof I could show the trophy popping pictures from my PS4. So at the end I want my account being back to the list and justice for me and my friends' fair work. This is my social club account by the way: Edit: I saw that I was removed because of the single player mission trophies. But like I said, you can fail a mission 3 times and skip the mission then you can avoid the trophy popping up. We wanted to unlock solid gold baby at first with that way. Unlocking welcome to los santos at the end was my goal like I said in my post. If you want trophy popping screenshots we can send it. And you can also look at my GTA V's stats in Social Club. new edit: skipping increases progress proof