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  1. #116 NAtURAL DOCtRine That thing does not deserve wallpaper Difficulty: 11/10 (no, no hyperbole) Fun: 0/10 (thats because i love to make me myself suffer ¬¬) Rarity: 2.01% (i wonder why......) TIme: 3 years, 11 months Before my little rant, big thanks to psn user Aaronbig for the mutual chore to farm 100 wins each other for the gold trophy, Without him, this would not have been possible, so once again thank you for the help, and sorry for the not positive mini review of this, but lie i dont do. now with the rant, went i bought this game back to 2016 (2nd of january to be precise) i was a massive fan of jrpg or obscure games (meiq, demon gaze, stranger of sword city ,etc) that no really get much praise by the community, so i was thinking to myself, maybe this game will be good enough to be play. little did i know the this thing will became my worst enemy (like the joker to batman i guess) god, where do i even begin?......... the graphics (i forgive them), the music (i kinda in the middle), the voice acting (decent but repetitive), but my biggest issue was the dificulty and the gameplay, my god, that thing makes my time with dark souls 2 be like a walk in park, at least with DS2 i cant blame the game for my own lack of skill (still plat by the way), this game however love to put you in the most hardcore draconian rpg iyou ever play, with the link system be the mayor offender. that system allow to the one to have the initiative, who begins the turn have the ability to be assisted by their allies in joint attacks, at least thats what i think it works (dont hate me for that XP) here is the issue. if your system is going to give you advantage the more allies you have, dont put enemies than surpass my troops 1/4 the size (like if i got 3 character to play, the game launch like 12-15 per map, lovely), add the fact that if an ally dies in combat in any moment, is game over without exceptions (maybe in the last 3 mission dont but anyway) but one dead and you have to do the map in the last checkpoint or just start the mission from the beginning (....) and the IA is really something, i beat the game on easy and it feels like im beat it in maniac, love to predict your move and use the link system better than you, mean one mistake and just like that, no hero lost, all over again. Like no real balance in anything, hell even the japanese port was patch for that dificulty, that tell you something. now, i know i write in anger (and you are right) but jesus christ, two entire playtroughts to the main campain and the hours i put in the online got me like 120 hours to make, and over 3 years, and it was frustrating and boring, very boring, very very veru (this last one was on purpose) boring. to end this, i fell vindicated now than i beat it 100% and never, ever want to play it again, but like all things in this world at least i can say i ended up appreciating the game for what it is, despise my hate in general to this game, i can see why some people actually like it (yes, they existed) and wants to play it anyway, so words of advice, if you want to play this just remember, this game is hard both in gameplay and difficulty, and it requires that you understand its mechanics deeply, especially the link system and how you can take advantage of it, if you want to beat it obviously, going with another set of mind and this game will destroy you (mentally and spiritually more than anything else). so yeah, that my life with this game, like a normal love and hate relationship..........cute, isn't it?
  2. Platinums in order #113 Zeroptian Invasion 1/10, 10 minutes, 54 seconds (one of the fastest platinum here XP) #114 Paradox Soul: 1/10. 46 minutes, 35 seconds (this one still confuses me, like how to beat it, i mean i beat the last boss, but i need 2 green thing that the game never tell you Z-Z) #115 Back In 1995: 2/10 1 hour, 3 minutes (one of my new personal favorites here) Now, to be fair, this is what i like to call my try easy plat mode, im a sucker for easy games, and since i beat more brutal horses this year (Dead Space, Resonance of Fate, Axiom Verge, etc) why not celebrate this last months with some easy platinums for myself ^-^, now just for charity sake, i will say i really enjoy Back to 1995 , even for the amateur texture level for 1995 standards, the generic voice acting or the fact then it take like a 1 hour to beat it, i just love the game so much, the other too were ok i guess. by the way, if someone in interested, even if not, all this games (and Fast Striker by the way) all are PS TV Compatible Games, so if someone has the system (maybe 1 or 2 here ¬¬) can use the games there without issues (maybe a crash or 2 in Fast Striker went you left the demo plays by herself) but all were finish in the ps tv, i give my word
  3. hey, if you can read this, im ready to play any time you want, just please dont send a message in psn message board, send it here in psnprofiles.



  4. hey, i need people for ultimate marvel vs capcom 3 for the vita, you know, for the online trophies, if you still got the game, i have session open for enter.

  5. since i have the ico/shadow of the colossus collection i have the exclusive theme of SOTC since then, pretty cool looking indeed
  6. ......wow this game men, it almost almost transcends to something epic..........an epic failure somehow, it's almost amazing that sony allows "smackma" games like this on his console, but then again, life of the black tiger is also in ps4. you know, sometimes games like this, make me wish the climate change come soon and free us from this thing of a game. now if you escuse me,i will play something less stressful. "playing DMC2 Bloody Palace"
  7. man, oh man , i going to have a laugh at this one, well deserved by the way. between this, blizzard and EA, i have a good month of free entertainment.
  8. looks like a cheap rip off version to any good......anything thanks for the advise!!!
  9. men, the stories i hear about it.......those 2 games don't scare me but see a wrestler literally stretch to touch the other side of the ring not once but twice in a match.. i second the man who fear wwe2k20.
  10. mmmm....,thats a hard one if you understand and like this type of games, sure, look pretty ok, but remember, use youtube to look gameplay and reviews, better informed than anything else
  11. i mean as a bonus would be great, but a rather a full remake than a game just with trophy support for the sake of hunting them.
  12. Portable Ops could get in the collection, i mean peace walker did it, why MGS PO no, and Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake (the 2 MSX games) are currently playable, just select MGS3, and the menu got the 2, now a remake of the 2 would be great indeed, just with konami right now in his current state i prefer not. With Zelda Link Awakening been a success, Ghost Babel shouldn't have any trouble to being a sales juggernaut
  13. Since i put a lot of thinking, specially after beat peace walker and platinum, which i must say, i feel like a true hero after that, my biggest complain about this collection will always be the lack of spin offs or more games to be honest. yes, i know, metal gear fans want only the main games, but i always love the morbid felling to play a spin off, and no take the franchise seriously. because of that, i made this little poll to put a small think of brain cell inside me. now.....my biggest inclusion in this collection will be The Twin Snakes, just for sheer amount of nonsensical action this remake has, and the glorius cutscenes. the other one definitely has to be the mobile version, im still impressed with the quality, it literally blow my head.
  14. hey, in a few hours, i start the session with aquapazza, just go to ranked match and look for me


    i also have discord, if you want to ask questions about the farming and how we going to do it.


    to end, the session will last until 22:00 pm (2 hours and a half), i have other things to do, but, if you need more time, i can add 30 more minutes into the boosting.


    other then that, have fun


    my discord is AccessEngage21#7683





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  15. as a guy who loves the ps2 original and the ps3 hd release (and 100% boths) i will buy a sequel in a heartbeat if some day happens, kamina and capcom must decide to forget the differences and join forces one more time for this. and if by some miracle, the alliance works and we got the sequel... make it harder, its really my only complain to the original, i mean god hand was hard, really hard, soul shatters if you will, and viewtiful joe was kinda in the middle, but okami was easy. like how to guess what a godsend zombie thinks easy. but we can only dream, we are humans after all.......or we can just piss off kamina sending tweets over this XP