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  1. What can i say....once again in a rampage - Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires (In japan is 6 Empires......i still dont know why) - Dark Souls (japanese port) - Earth Defense Force Insect Armageddon (another japanese port) - Soul Calibur IV (this one is also a japanese one.....that actually is multi language) - The Idolmaster 2 (actually will be the first one in the series that i would be playing) - Hatsune Miku Project Diva F (first one of the series that i also played for the first time.....and got a platinum for it - Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City (one that comes back with a vengeance) And - Deus Ex Human Revolution (the special edition, with a blueray of information and a artbook)
  2. #128 Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme VS Force FA Project Complete Difficulty: 6/10 Fun Factor: 6/10 Rarity: 16.48% Time in Total: 6 Days, 1 Hour so, it takes me so long to talk about this games that a entire year pass by.......happy new year anyway! ok, so this is technically the last one of the 3 japanese games i bought previously, and is more that anything else, a action/arcade game by namco bandai here, this is a spin off of the Extreme Vs series (again, action arcade games made like arcades.....) and it exclusive for the vita is pretty much Extreme vs for the ps3, just on a vita screen, without multiplayer (although a ad hod mode is included), and with some content, i got the japanese original (this game actually got a american port) so this one instead comes with a DLC with multiple gundams that didnt make it in the initial roster, gotta admit that i love that detail so technically is decent, the gundams looks excelent and graphically looks polish enough, i can only criticize the lack of ambition in the stages to be honest, really short maps and probably somehow repetitive as time when on, this game got a campaign mode that is pretty ok, the idea is that you need to beat each stage in certian conditions in order to get medals that also will unlock other missions, some medals are normal like beat the stage with certian gundam or beat it while having a certian amount of health, other can be complicated like beat a stage without recieve damage or beating within a certian amount of time, of course the game will help you with the Force commands, as you defeat enemies and taking bases, the game will give you point that you can use later in exchange of a variety of force commands like increasing damage on gundam or warships, having more defense instead, having your health restore, even giving you invencibility or unleashing a force attack in order to destroy enemy warships with ease, all this element make battle actually a lot more entretaining that the original extreme vs on ps3, with that aside, the rest of the game is pretty much standard stuff, if you play gundam breaker or any musou game, many of the missions will be familiar, like taking bases or having to send you warship to a certian location to gundam fights, etc, is kinda hard, but also forgiving, and it give you a whole bunch of different gundams to use to experiment with them, sadly, some mission actually will requiere to use a pre-determined gundam in order to completed, so it could be a little frustated, but it still manageable. gameplay once again is really fluid and aracde type to my liking, the controls were really nice, the music (some themes are exclusive from the game, another ones are for the gundam series) are really good and the modes will lacking (force mode and versus mode "both offline and ad hod") are servicial at the very least it was my least favorite of the three i manage to get, but that was mostly because im not a big fan of gundam (having gundam breaker 1 and 2 platinums was mostly because i am a sucker for musou games), regardless, the quality on this game is undeniable, so if you got the chance, go for it, is a game worth of atention.... and it works on PSTV too
  3. to me censorship "never" is a big deal when it comes to games quality in general, you dont play a senran kagura game just for the obvious fanservice, a game also need other things like graphics, music, gameplay, modes of game, etc. Based the success or failure of a company in general just because they censor a certain cutscene in a game, or certain character didnt show that much skin in a game is giving fanservice too much importance (by the way, nintendo technically has censor some of thier First party games this generation, did they technically also deserved to be called SWJ for that?), also be careful about all this because if you really put so much effort into critic sony because they decide to censor a certian scene/character dress, you pretty much are telling people that you care more about the fanservice that the game in general, and that is a dangerous thing this days, especially when you going around telling people "this people tried to censor my titties!, is a crime against human rights!" or something like that, just because you cant see a chick in a hot bikini in one scene because of it does not mean that the game is doomed to fail or that sony is censor everything that has a hint of fanservice
  4. Two more for the count Castlevania LOR2 and DOA 5 Ultimate
  5. As a person that play that console for over 7 years, i cant recommended enough for anyone that at least want to get invested into his catalog, from resistance burning skies (the first one i manage to play and plat by myself) passing for some of my favorites independent games at the time, games like proteus, Resogun and Dead Nation, Lone Survivor (favorite horror game), flower, hotline miami, the swapper, Xenon Valkyrie+, Helldivers, etc, to a really self freaky need from RPGS like Demon Gaze (great dungeon crawler and game in general) Mei Q, Natural Doctrine, Strangers of sword city (another great one), the japanese gundam games (the first 2 Gundam Breakers and VS Force) and a hell lot of other, i even get one PSTV to use my TV defeat that difficult Phantasy Star Nova by myself and plat it also, for a console that didnt have the success i was hoping in the first place, i still didnt regret even buying it in the first place, hell, still play it more that my ps4 even today
  6. sorry for the two years delay, but i can confirm to you that is not compatible sadly PD: Also, from the time i have been playing the game, is really hard, specially in the second cycle of the game, you really going to need heavy skills in this game if you want to plat it one day
  7. Killzone Mercenary (great shooter in general, the best you can get in the vita) Slain: Back From Hell (after the patch obviously) Soul Sacrifice (monster hunter type game, great exclusive) MeiQ (dungeon crawler with huge golems that fight, glad that Demon Gaze also get some love here, love the first one to death) Natural Doctrine (if you want a masochistic strategy rpg, this one got you covered) Phantasy Star Nova (pretty much the PSO but without the online, since this one is full one Single player) htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary/Yomawari: Night Alone (got both games in a single pack, Firefly is more like a platform puzzle style adventure and yomawari is full survivor horror, both worth the money)
  8. If i remember well the ones i beat..... -Amnesia:Memories "vita" (first one i play, pretty decent story in general, also got bonus minigames) -Code Realize - Guardian Of Rebirth "vita" (more entretaining story honestly, beautiful art for the vita too) -Hatoful Boyfriend "vita" (for the lols) -Hakuoki: Stories of the Shinsengumi "Ps3" (great game in general for being a VN, i remember that this is a extended port of the psp story but with bonus content, well worth your money if you are going for it, got the limited edition)
  9. if i got to suggest some of them.... Dead Nation: great port in general, true that you need someone online to fully plat but damn it still fun as hell, probably one of the best one in terms of quality/price this days Helldivers: my godsend favorite one on the vita, hard as hell, but also fun, specially if you manage to get some other people to hop into your sessions, sadly is also is the most consuming game in the vita when it comes to GB, like the last time i manage to get that game with update was over 6GB alone, so i sadly has to erase it, but if you manage to get a bigger memory card and like games with friendly fire, it becames pretty much a obligatory choice. (also plat it) Resogun: pretty much a great shoot em up, all aspects (graphics, sound, gameplay) is excelent in general, also cross buy with ps3 and ps4, worth playing. Riddled Corpses Ex: damn good game, ended up like it a lot Fast Striker: since no one has recommend this one yet, old school shoot em up, actually created by neo geo, so it got that "old school flavor" of hardcore difficulty and some sort of bullet hell, but still fun as hell, but as much as the others i name here of course then you have velocity and velocity x2, darius burst, hotline miami, etc
  10. officially have 466 games played and 185 complete, deciding if hyperdimension neptunia victory will be the 186 one.....
  11. #127 Gundam Breaker 2 Master Breaker 2 Difficulty: 5/10 Fun Factor: 10/10 Rarity: 20.03% Time in Total: 1 Week, 17 Hours Hey there, ace21 here, so once again i im talking my sweet ass time into writing some of my plats here (aside for the fact that i have so much fun over the internet over again) to write the second of the japanese ps vita/ PSTV trilogy (the first one was Bullet Girl) and now we are moving to the best one of the three and oh man, i can even wait for doing a little talk about this one, gundam breaker 2 so first of all, i also platinum the first one (like 2 or 3 years ago if i remember well) and it was one of my damned favorite games of all time (more that 200 hours of my life well wasted) so once i got the legit chance to bought the second one, i did it in a heartbeat, once i ended it, once again, i love it, not as much as the first one but i will be lying if i didnt tell you that it was much better that the first one. So gundam breaker, technically a musou game (button mash to killed armies of enemies, my cup of tea) with rpg elements like level up in order to get more and better pieces, and gundam parts that allow you to do your own gundam.....i will put a photo in the end to show you my little pet project, that i called "NekoNekoNya".........let say that was because a nekopara bet a made with another friend......if i ended up liking the show, he could have the right to name my gundam in the game.....we still need to decide if that happen in the last game of trilogy ¬-¬ (since the first one also have the name) now, first of all the graphics, while the game runs a little worst that the first one, graphically looks damn better that the first one by a long shot, even if i played the vita port (also on ps3) it looks great on the big screen, also like the more stylish menu when you can select the missions, going to the shop to buying gundam parts, new pilot suits for the character or material to increase the gundam part level and thier atributes/unique skills (new in this game), going online, or just wasting your time moving around, the scenarios and gundams in general also looks great. in terms of GB2, if you played the first one, this one is not really that mindblowing, sure has some new special move here and there and maybe more gundam in general which has parts that you can use, also the ultimates (special attacks that you can use while you are in awakening mode) but aside for that, is gundam with some dynasty warriors gameplay, you cant really complicate a more simple formula that this......and i love it, the game still gives you the freedom to customize your gundam as you pleased, while some weapon ended up being better that others (ended up with a bazooka/spear combo in this game, and in the first one was a sword/gatling gun combo) you can put effort into learning any weapon combo you want and going nuts with that, aside for that, just attack enemies with your weapons, taking their parts, putting thier parts in your gundam, rince and repeat, the story is just like the first one, you now have more CPU partners in general (the first game barely put with some of them in some missions and they were for a lack of a better word......useless) this game on the other hand, give you better CPU partners that actually matter, and that is a good thing, the missions are pretty much the same in general, normal, defending objectives, capture certains checkpoints, team battle against enemy gundams and new to this game, gundam huge boss battles, once you get into a certain level you can unlock special challenges missions in the gundam cafe (actual existing in japan) and gundam shop, when you can get even better parts for your gundams but they are also more difficult that the normal missions, the storyline was something, since i dont read japanese i have no idea but sounds cool last thing before moving, if you manage to import the original GB save data, it gives you the ability to play with your original gundam design for the first game in the prologue, pretty cool huh? Sound design is pretty good, japanese voice acting and gundam effects in general in this type of game, a good thing is they also included some gundam classic themes from the gundam series, so if your are fan of this franchise, sure that you will find one or two themes that sounds familiar to you. now, i know that is me just praising this game at all.......and it damn well deserve it, but one thing i actually surprised to see that i find no one to play online, while online is pretty much ok and works fine, i never, ever find someone that actually bother to have even a tiny sessions to play, hell, i find more people in fighting games this days in my ps3 that people playing this game and that really shock me at first, especially since some of the main missions can be complicated, even if you have some backstory and experience in this game (like me) you will have to struggle into some of the main game missions and even some challenge missions later on......but funny enough, i still manage to plat it by myself, hell, it takes me less time to play this one that i did in the original (one day and five days) with some missions that require online partners because they where bitches in that game (that can actually one shot you, if you are not careful enough) but in this one, i manage to beat all the stages with S ranks with less time.......that actually scares me a little bit. and that is this is pretty much it, hell of a game, some times still play it, but surely moving on this days, but damn, once i get the ps3, good lord is going to be a hell of a day, so yeah, hell of a game indeed, as a musou fan i can recomended enough, and if you are a gundam fan, you will not feel dissapointed with this one, definitely the best of the japanese trilogy PD: by the way, here is the "NekoNekoNya" photo if you think i was joking with that. PD2: sorry, i put one less Neko and one more Nya XP
  12. Man, i was on a gaming rampage this days
  13. Badland - ANTISTOP 1.02% For not stoping time in the level flipping in single player
  14. #126 Bullet Girls Bullet Girls Difficulty: 3/10 Fun Factor: 7/10 Rarity: 17,98% Time in Total: 2 Days, 4 Hours Ok, so after literally 5 months since the last platinum (thanks to a bunch of game that get to me out of nowhere) im finally back to some platinum talking, this time, will be a trilogy, three japanese games for the vita (also working in the PSTV) that i got to play until i decide to go back to my good old ps3 to replay some classics, so lets talk about the first of three games here, Bullet Girls.....or walking fanservice: the shooter..... Now, since i beat the game back in february (before all this incident right now in the world), i can barely remember that much (also help that was full on RE5 over again so.......) but my general terms is a third-person shooter in basic terms, playable, a little clunky here and there but for the most of the time, is decent enough, but the biggest virtue is premise. A bunch of girls decide that for some reason that to fight each other with realistic weapons and vehicles (even freaking tanks!) because the plot demand it or something, i guess the story have some deep but im not willing to translate it and i think that the gameplay in general will make you understand why, now, of course weapons will be one thing, but why girls?, well, that is because this game has the "senran kagura" sense of fanservice.....that right people, transform a serious thing (shinobi that fight in one and girls with weapon in the other) and put them a goddamn shield system that use the clothes as one, that right, you weapon can literally destroy part of the enemy girls clothers and leave them naked with the classic "fog-kun" to protect them for showing us his stuff (even better with a bazooka!, they get "technically naked" with one shot or two in general!), so pretty much "senran kagura with guns, wonderful... ok, so graphics and performance...actually really good, frame rate is consistent and the characters models looks decent enough, especially in the pstv, sadly, the scenarios and missions in general tends to be pretty flat in return, some of the mission in general are getting certain amount of medals, destroy certain enemies (or even vehicles), get to point a to b, protect or destroy convoys, etc, no really big or original, but they also short in general, there will be one or two that will be a little more difficult to do, but in general the game tends to be no really that hard, but the basic graphics in the scenarios were a no-no, even with the great framerate for the most part. Sound in general is decent i guess, music in the intro is really good, but i cant barely find anything about that theme in YT or in any media, mostly the second game and that Phantasia get more attention...but this one, really hard to find, anyway, the rest of the soundtrack is there, nothing great but nothing terrible either, sound effect the same, and since is japanese, this game has full VA in cutscenes and during gameplay and sound good (even if the most you are going to listen in general are the enemies moans when you beat rips their clothes) Gameplay maybe is the biggest thing in this room, so to sum up once again is a third-person shooter that is mostly easy if you dominate the controls first, you can run, take cover in walls and objects big enough, get into first person mode to more precise shooting (the controls make that a little more complicated and a dogde mecanic that is important to master, no only because you are invencible will you are rolling, you can also shoot at the end of the roll to get some sort of auto aiming in general, making killing enemies even easier, now the weapons you can use are the basic standart in this type of war games, pistols, shoguns, assault rifles, spiner rifles,bazookas and grenades, each of them with 3 different levels, the more higher the level, the best the weapon becames, i will explain later how to get them. each of the 8 playable character (have 2 of them in the beginning, and after beat her main mission you unlock the rest of them) have a special affinity to certian weapons, for example the red haired one is good with pistols in general, the other inicial chick is actually good with shotguns, every weapon is good for certain enemies, but in my opinion (and the one in the trophy guide) is using the assault rifles the most, they have the most ammo, they make good damage and pretty much one bullet in the head is enough to do headshot in general (which, you can guess it, also defeat the chicks in one shot...) to not spoiler more, there are like 28 stages in general (3 normal missions and the last one serves as a boss battle), a special one that give you consecutive missions in general, many bra and panties to unlock (that actually give you bonuses in general, but get them....well, better discover that for yourself) and the most brutaly explicit minigames that you ever see after beat the boss of each area....good lord that was something else. But anyway, that is the first of the japanese last run of the pstv this year, and really was a suprised one, it was a better game that i was thinking in the beginning, sure, hell of fanservice and simple gameplay aside, at least was more fun to play that the port of E.D.F 2 for the vita (that still called bullshit that no even years latter can give at least a normal framerate in a consistent time, so anyway, still like it, not the best of the three (the last is a sure one in that) but still is a game that really proves to me that is worth my time.
  15. Here is Musou Orochi Z, a HD port of the first two ps2 warriors orochi game in one disk in general, love it, but this time i will try to play it slowly, since the last one i got i could not enjoy like i should, so really happy to play it anyway.