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  1. #126 Bullet Girls Bullet Girls Difficulty: 3/10 Fun Factor: 7/10 Rarity: 17,98% Time in Total: 2 Days, 4 Hours Ok, so after literally 5 months since the last platinum (thanks to a bunch of game that get to me out of nowhere) im finally back to some platinum talking, this time, will be a trilogy, three japanese games for the vita (also working in the PSTV) that i got to play until i decide to go back to my good old ps3 to replay some classics, so lets talk about the first of three games here, Bullet Girls.....or walking fanservice: the shooter..... Now, since i beat the game back in february (before all this incident right now in the world), i can barely remember that much (also help that was full on RE5 over again so.......) but my general terms is a third-person shooter in basic terms, playable, a little clunky here and there but for the most of the time, is decent enough, but the biggest virtue is premise. A bunch of girls decide that for some reason that to fight each other with realistic weapons and vehicles (even freaking tanks!) because the plot demand it or something, i guess the story have some deep but im not willing to translate it and i think that the gameplay in general will make you understand why, now, of course weapons will be one thing, but why girls?, well, that is because this game has the "senran kagura" sense of fanservice.....that right people, transform a serious thing (shinobi that fight in one and girls with weapon in the other) and put them a goddamn shield system that use the clothes as one, that right, you weapon can literally destroy part of the enemy girls clothers and leave them naked with the classic "fog-kun" to protect them for showing us his stuff (even better with a bazooka!, they get "technically naked" with one shot or two in general!), so pretty much "senran kagura with guns, wonderful... ok, so graphics and performance...actually really good, frame rate is consistent and the characters models looks decent enough, especially in the pstv, sadly, the scenarios and missions in general tends to be pretty flat in return, some of the mission in general are getting certain amount of medals, destroy certain enemies (or even vehicles), get to point a to b, protect or destroy convoys, etc, no really big or original, but they also short in general, there will be one or two that will be a little more difficult to do, but in general the game tends to be no really that hard, but the basic graphics in the scenarios were a no-no, even with the great framerate for the most part. Sound in general is decent i guess, music in the intro is really good, but i cant barely find anything about that theme in YT or in any media, mostly the second game and that Phantasia get more attention...but this one, really hard to find, anyway, the rest of the soundtrack is there, nothing great but nothing terrible either, sound effect the same, and since is japanese, this game has full VA in cutscenes and during gameplay and sound good (even if the most you are going to listen in general are the enemies moans when you beat rips their clothes) Gameplay maybe is the biggest thing in this room, so to sum up once again is a third-person shooter that is mostly easy if you dominate the controls first, you can run, take cover in walls and objects big enough, get into first person mode to more precise shooting (the controls make that a little more complicated and a dogde mecanic that is important to master, no only because you are invencible will you are rolling, you can also shoot at the end of the roll to get some sort of auto aiming in general, making killing enemies even easier, now the weapons you can use are the basic standart in this type of war games, pistols, shoguns, assault rifles, spiner rifles,bazookas and grenades, each of them with 3 different levels, the more higher the level, the best the weapon becames, i will explain later how to get them. each of the 8 playable character (have 2 of them in the beginning, and after beat her main mission you unlock the rest of them) have a special affinity to certian weapons, for example the red haired one is good with pistols in general, the other inicial chick is actually good with shotguns, every weapon is good for certain enemies, but in my opinion (and the one in the trophy guide) is using the assault rifles the most, they have the most ammo, they make good damage and pretty much one bullet in the head is enough to do headshot in general (which, you can guess it, also defeat the chicks in one shot...) to not spoiler more, there are like 28 stages in general (3 normal missions and the last one serves as a boss battle), a special one that give you consecutive missions in general, many bra and panties to unlock (that actually give you bonuses in general, but get them....well, better discover that for yourself) and the most brutaly explicit minigames that you ever see after beat the boss of each area....good lord that was something else. But anyway, that is the first of the japanese last run of the pstv this year, and really was a suprised one, it was a better game that i was thinking in the beginning, sure, hell of fanservice and simple gameplay aside, at least was more fun to play that the port of E.D.F 2 for the vita (that still called bullshit that no even years latter can give at least a normal framerate in a consistent time, so anyway, still like it, not the best of the three (the last is a sure one in that) but still is a game that really proves to me that is worth my time.
  2. Here is Musou Orochi Z, a HD port of the first two ps2 warriors orochi game in one disk in general, love it, but this time i will try to play it slowly, since the last one i got i could not enjoy like i should, so really happy to play it anyway.
  3. Right now that game would be Deception IV: Blood Ties, after more that 60 hours that still feels like a eternity right now for a 68% in total, and im not eager to tries to make more effort in general, especially since i barely manage to beat the game once.
  4. I Just bought Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS Force for my PSTV here, and is the japanese port also, really cheap and really good in general.....and already platinum it too!
  5. #125 LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham PLATINUM Difficulty: 2/10 Fun Factor: 8.6/10 Rarity: 37,98% Time in Total: 1 Day, 5 Hours So, we meet again i guess, its been a while since i make another of this entries, but i got to get some new platinum before showing here anyway, so without more delays, here is batman 3 in lego style So lego games, it been a while since i play the last one, if i remember right, it was the harry potter one, you know, the one with the nasty framedrops after a few hours.....damn that was terrible, lucky for me this game didnt have that, so i few backstory first, i bought this game new for $5 bucks, yep, just $5 freaking new, i still cant belive it, ok that the backstory X.X Ok, so the game in general, play it in my PSTV, and love every second of it, the story if i get it, is batman and robin goes to find killer croc to save the watchtower to join the lanthers to save the world from braniac, all of place story, but pretty enjoyable in general. Now the performance, since the harry potter years 5-7, i have doubts about the lego games in general on the vita (i hear the avengers game port be just freaking terrible in general) so when i bought this batman game, i have minor expectatives in general, but damn, i was really glad to get it, performance wise, it was solid in general, just a crush and a few framesdrops in general, but nothing really serious, definitely more solid that the harry potter one by far, and really playable, since the vita versions has a more condensing hubworld and a smaller roster of unockables compare to the ps4 version, is still a solid one in content. The music is really good too, since is WB, they have access to some soundtracks of series (like batman series) and themes of movies and media (superman movie`s theme for example) and the original one is good, the voice acting is fine a guess, no complains there. Since is a LEGO game, difficulty wasnt a problem at all, hell, even some cheap platinums games like METAGAL or Back To 1995 were far more challenging in general, some time invested and ta-da!, new platinum gain i guess. In my PSTV, looks good, and the controller adjust nicely with the system in general, just some use of the touch here and there, but nothing to serious. And that really is, a good old LEGO game that actually make me feel great, and i cant recomended enough.
  6. hey there, sorry for not answer before, i was in a storm of games recently, so i have no time to send a reply, now i have 1. i get that nepU is more boring thanks to the replies i get here, but i still wants to play it, just for the fact that is a genre i enjoy too much (the musou style) in games like DW, SW, Basara, etc, so i will still try it in the future. 2. i actually want to try the first hyperdimension neptunia, the problem is of course how freaking expensive that game is, since i only find new copies of that game, also i get the issues for that game in general like: how slow the gameplay and the battles are in general, but also about how good the story is with respect to rebirth 1, so i will try to get it later, just not now. 3. with the others ones, sadly i have chances to get them, but others game take thier place, like Bullet Girls or Gundam Breaker 2, but i will try to get them next time
  7. So a quick question here before i finish deception IV in my PSTV (i definitely not going to plat that one, no way at all), i already play MK2 on my ps2 and the 2 first remasters on the vita (Re;Birth 1 and 2), so my thing is what game you recommend me to buy next?, i got SuperDimension Nep vs Sega Hard Girls, Hyperdimension U Action Unleashed, MegaTag Blanc and ReBirth 3 in my scope, so for all the nep fans out here, what game you say i have to get next?
  8. i already hunting Rebirth;3 but it seems i got the chance to get Steints;Gate instead so i will try to get that one first and then Rebirth;3
  9. i see, even with that, i still will play it in the near future, just to see with my own eyes, after all see is belive, also i see you are from chile......and if it is true.......bueno entonces sabras que yo tambien soy chileno aca XD, si quieres preguntar en español con gusto respondere. it seems that must be the rational choice right now, hell, at this time im even try to buy criminal girls invite only just for fun and all, but I will definitely see Re;Birth 3 in the future
  10. Yeah, i heard that a lot, to be honest, im pretty hardcore in musou games in general so Action Unleashed looks to me like a rational choice at the moment, but definitely i will take it in count. Yep, but like i think in general is all the Hyperdimension games has a grinding thing in them, so repetitive dosen`t bother me, and im pretty good in musou in general (musou orochi 2, gundam breaker, shin gundam musou, that kamen rider game, fist of the north star ken rage, DW Next, senran kagura) belive me when i tell you that i play more boring games before (that kamen rider game make run with the motorcycle in a map for days just for one trophy ¬-¬), so Action Unleashed should not be a problem...........but i will look for Rebirth 3 first, after all, i love the first 2 so the last one should be really special (since a lot of my friends always hype me that game up) so im definitely going for that one XP, and superdimension later.
  11. #124 Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2 Gamindustri`s Ultimate Savior Difficulty: 6/10 Fun Factor: 9/10 Rarity: 20,57% Time in Total: 1 Week, 5 Hours Ok, so here is it, the main platinum this month and what a plat that was XD. So a little history first, this game is officialy the third game of this franchise i play and beat, after the original Rebirth and MK2 (plat both of them by the way), now,. I never was a fan of the franchise in general (funny enough, i am a weeb for japanese game, especially JRPG.......but no persona), hell, even to this day, i still feel weirdnees play this game (funny for a guy who plays senran kagura for fun.........naw xD, i play it because is a musou game, no really a fanservice guy) but play this game again, after beat MK2 on the ps3, i fell really happy in general.....except for some things. So HDN, who dosent know the franchise at this point, is a RPG with free move but still in turns, i have not idea how to say the thing so sorry for that, the premise is save the CPUS ( the previous game protagonists) with their sisters, the CPUS candidates against the Arfoire Syndicate of International Crime (ASIC for short) and the CFWS....thats is, i mean, i guess i shouldn't expect more of a remaster of the original MK2 in terms of story, but to be fair, i still like it, it was simple like the original but good enough for entertain. And talking about that, like i said, this game is a remaster of the PS3 original (ps3 exclusive yet XP) for the ps vita (and PS TV too) and also on PC though steam if you want to buy it there,. So like a good remaster, if you play the original is the same, but not the same, almost the same story but with two characters changes (Nisa and Gust from the original were replace with RED and Broccoli, and i dont like them......especially RED, i hate it with a passion, the movites are personals), the Remake System from the first Re;Birth is back here too (plans that allow you to gain new stages, game advantages, weapons, accesories and clothes, and others things in general, but you have to sacrifice some memory that you gain through the adventure to do it.....oh, and harvest items too.....too many ones), all the DLC from the original game (the two extra characters and the bonus dungeons), a new ending and easy way to win the other ones, and the stella dungeon.......i will rant on this later here. So Graphics wise........its was MK2 for the vita, its run almost the same as the original, funny enough, i never see something brutally graphic about this game, so i never get why has this sudden framedrops in some areas after beat certain enemies and sometimes even just by walking (ahhh....) anyway, in terms of performance, just a crash and nothing else, so at least the game works fine, but man, this companies (Idea Factory And Compile Heart) need more ambition in terms of permormance and graphics here in this franchise (hell, even the last canon game, VII and the remaster of that game VIIR, look pretty outdated in general), but well,. The music is very good at least....i mean, is the original soundtrack so of course should be solid, aside for the new opening and ending (that i liked) every score from the original is here, the voice acting is good too, obviously, both in japanese and english (i know that many of you loves the english one, but not me, japan all the way.....still, i love the english voice from neptune....that is), one thing before the gameplay, i really dislike the 2D spites in general in this game, i always like more the 3D models in the cutscenes from the original MK2, feels like more effort put it, the 2D only feel cheap in return, im glad at least that VII got some of them in general. Now the gameplay, JRPG are always tough cookies for me (Demon Gaze, Stranger Of Sword City, MeiQ, that thing NAtURAL DOCtRINE, FF Tactics, etc) and since i play and beat the original (without DLC proudly), it wasn`t that complicated, just boring for the farming in general (the obvious thing here in this franchise) this game however, i used my wallet to give me some advantages this time, and i destroy this game just like Bizzard is destroying his reputation with the new Warcraft , now without the paid dlc, the game is a more tough one, but since i beat more hardcore games before (Natural doctrine man...and FF tactics in general), i dont thing the game could give me more problems that the original did in that deparment, but one thing stands in my way.....the stella dungeon, ok, this thing is a bonus game, that works like a dungeon crawler of sorts, you send tiny stella to diferents dungeons (the ones you unlock first in the main story and the bonus ones) and she goes and do their own thing, now the issue is, without one specific DLC, is dungeon is brutal, first, once you send the little one, your luck is done,since is predetermined by the game inself, also since is a DC, you send to gain equipment, and if she dies, she loses everything, and i mean everything (the things she wins in the dungeon and his equipment, all gone), just one plan allows you to save what you gain even if you lose.........and you win it by finish the last dungeon, which i remind people here, works with real time (like the other ones), and a full clear of this map take one day and hour late.......yeah, no wonder why i paid for the DLC, without it, that part with stella, with take me months to do, just to finish every dungeon of hers ¬.¬. And thats is in general, if you play the original MK2 on the PS3, you will love this, i wish a little more polish in general (graphics more that anything else) but i suppose the pc version looks better....., if i wasn`t for the many crashes and issues this pc versions not just this game, but for the franchise in general has on pc (lazy developers indeed) even with that, the game give me the happiness that i need it, and im good with that, a game with Heart and Idea in mind.......see what i did here Before i go, here is some tips for the true belivers who want to start this game...... -First and Foremost, buy the Histy Emergency Help Pack DLC, is like $0.99 and its saves you so much problems, specially if you go for the platinum, you have a super EXP UP to unlock right on the start for better farming, but the most important benefits are the the Felis Insurance And EXPRESS, this two plans decrease the time of the stella dungeons in half and make you stay with the gain equipment you get in the dungeons, even if you lost, which make this game and minigame farming far more simplier. -Also buy one of the additional content packs for break the level cap, making the game even more easy. -if you decide to just buy the HEHP DLC, try to some of the free ones, like the emergency and trial pack for some free items and materials to create plans (including the dlc ones) and the anime collaboration especially.....why you ask, hell, they give the best weapon in the game until the share blade (spoilers here) for nepgear for free, you can actually rekt things with that sword until you second new game plus with care for some weapon to her, so yeah, pretty awesome. -Now, in terms of game in general, try first to go for the normal ending, to get that just play the game normally and beat the game, since is pretty easy to block it later if you have lily ranks with all the human friends in the game (i belive is 5 or more) try to get it out of the way first, than go for the others. -To be honest, dont waste your time farming, some of the CPUS characters since you get them too late in the game and they are a chore to unlock and most of the time you play with the basic four ones, (to get the Other CPS, get to chapter 5 and level up the shares of that nation to 50% to get each and the maker, since the maker appear in 30% you get them too) so use more the base four heroes (Nepgear, Compa, IF and RED........) and try later when you unlock more characters to experiment with them. -If you want more information for the game in general (like the endings in general), the guide here in PSNprofiles will give you more than enough to advance without issues, and for the Stella Dungeon, the steam user MakoSipper have a pretty good guide with vast explication for the minigame in general, thanks to that, i manage to get the last dungeon on my third try XP. -the only thing i can tell you about the stella dungeon in general is, try to get stones that give you HP+Lv or Critical UP, in the first level and then move on with ATK+LV and HP+LV, for more attack and health per level in general, but the most important thing is in terms of accessories, use the WARNING BELL, i cannot tell you how important this thing is, since this minigame, especially after half of the dungeons start give you purple chests instead of green ones (good ones) and the purple ones are evil, they can poison you, drop you ATK or your VIT, with the warning bell, you avoid future frustrations and have more safe travers. and that pretty much it, the next game is a lego game, and a good one in that, but for this one, really good, just wish is was more polish in general, but great game in general.
  12. #123 Adventures Of Mana The Hero Of Mana Difficulty: 3/10 Fun Factor: 6/10 Rarity: 25,94% Time in Total: 1 Day, 16 Hours Now here comes a dandy, after beat Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth 2 100% (this time i got all of them ^-^), is time to go back to the previous plat i got and this one is really odd to me. So this game for my undestanding, is a "Remake" of the game Final Fantasy Adventure back in 1991 for the gameboy, now, i never....and i mean the never even touch the game for the original gameboy., to be fair i barely play anything on that thing with the exception of Super Mario Land 2 and Killer Instinct, i also hear about the first remake for the gba (sword of mana i think) but still no interest, is funny too to know that this game alone create the mana series in general so kudos for that. So the game mainly play like a legend of zelda type game (you in a giant map with no real direction but the little pieces of story to guide you, squares of map you enter over and over again, sometimes for accident, and lots of farming), so pretty standard to what im regularly play, to undestand better, this game is just a ios port (the game was made for mobile) and that implies that graphically looks like a ios game (pretty poor but funny enough, no crashes at all), the music is fine for what it is, is good but really repetitive, to the point to be irritating sometimes, but in quality all of them are good (by the way, the game give you the choice to use the arranged or the original 1991 soundtrack at any time, nice touch there) and the gameplay was typical for this kind of action rpgs of sorts, in moments i got all i need to advance and others one i got to use tutorial to understand some mechanics in general (the fact to use keys each time you has to go to a closed door really piss me off for some reason) and that 8 palm puzzle, i hear horror stories of people in the pass try to understand that thing, to discover that you have to do a literal 8 on two pamls to get the door open must feel like discover god to something back then..................i waste 2 hours running around that desert until i give up and ask for help to that puzzle XP, other than that, gameplay was pretty solid, i love the fact that every weapon got other uses that just attack (the axe cut trees, the giant ballchain destroy rocks, walls, pots, etc....and make me happy because i dont need anymore pikes to do that, the sickles cut plants, the flairs grab ledge to other sides, the spear help with long distances and the sword do things i guess), you can also do magic to attack enemies but to be fair, i barely use magic for that, instead i use it for cure HP and poison, a lot of poison. Now is funny how technically this is the second Final Fantasy game i beat without play main games (i have Final Fantasy Tactics for the PS1 and this game is in essence is FF) and is was a fine game in the meantime for the main dish (HDN Rebirth2), and still pretty satisfied to play it, of course i wish to see a better port than just take the ios port and put it in the vita (in my case the PSTV) but still happy to give it a chance, now before i go, here some tips if someone want to give it a go to this game. (and because i enjoy give them the last review i did here) -In the beginning, please buy mattoks (pickaxes) and keys in general since you going to need it advance in the dungons, once you got the Morningstar (can destroy rocks, wall, pot in general) the mattocks became useless, but you still need keys sadly. -If you play and beat the original, i guess that you got it pretty easy to beat it, since this game, follows the original almost to a 100%. -Use the chocobo to ride and advance fast if you got no need to farm enemies or just move to the world fast. -All the collection trophies are follow by the game, if you got a armor, shield, or helm that you dont need, you can sell it or discard it to make space for other ones you find on the road (the weapon got all the slots you need to get all of them). -knight for a day......................... -Only one weapon is unable to get after a certain point and that is the blood sword in the Glaive Castle 2F in half of the main game, if you get there, dont finish the boss until you get the sword (the sword also is good since gives you HP for attacking the enemy). -Shop..................... -If a boss is given you problems, you can (in some battles by the way) get away for the boss, that gives you some time to breath and try to think a better strategy to fight it, but dont really worry if you die, you start one block before the one you die......yeah, no big consequences, also some weapons do more damage to certain enemies that other in general, keep that in mind. -Code........................ -In serious mode, the only good item aside the two i mention in the first point are medicine, since poison can kill you really quick, especially in early stages, but when you start gain levels, you gain spells, and the only two you need are CURE (HP) and HEAL (STATUS), and thats is, the others ones are just least to me. -when you level up, they give you four types to level (Warrior, Monk, Wizard and Sage) that give you some attributes (Stamina give you more HP, Power more ATK, Wisdom give more MP and more power to your spells and Will increase the speed of the special attack bar in the bottom line of the screen, the red bad, that give you special attacks for your weapon a lot sooner) if you want a 99 in each of the 4 attributes just level up each time between Warrior and Wizard and thats is, for example, you current level is pair level Wizard, and if your level is uneven Warrior, or try to see what order you like better. -Finally, the elephants at the road to the mana shrine is the best place to farm endgame, just do like 3 hours of farming and i got 99 pretty quick, just be calm and patient when you do that and try to kill them fast and then before they fully die, goes to the other block and goes back to spawn them again. And thats is, pretty happy to play it, and i hope that others enjoy it too, now i going back to parasite eve (i beat the game fully two years ago, but i want to do the extra dungeon again, you know, The Chrysler Building to see the true ending again to make me hype.....i wish to play a remake of that game some time in a future) and Prepare my Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth2 Platinum journey here, with that saying, we will seen again X-X.
  13. #122 Xenon Valkyrie+ A True Hero Difficulty: 10,5/10 ( a true hero indeed) Fun Factor: 10/10 (Fun and hard as hell) Rarity: 5.35% Time in Total: 1 Week, 2 Days So after technically beat Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth2 100% (i mean that because i still need the dungeon master trophy and good lord knows how painfully long is going to be, but it will happen!), i decide to going back to memory lane to rescue one of the two recent platinum i got this year, and what better way to start with the one i think is one of the most brutal plats i ever get. In general, is a rouge like rpg create by Diabolical Mind (the same ones that did Riddled Corpses EX, another favorite of mine this year) and is in line with other game i tent to like a lot, like Risk Of Rain, The Swindle, etc. So the point is, you choose one of the three characters (one extra if you do the lab) and up we go......then the game just goes to brutal mode, like i lost all the time when i start it, now thats normal for me, i lost in this type of game many time, accidentally break the controller in a state of rage, lament, and money to repair and goes back to try again (to be fair, Dark Souls II proves that point to me too......still plat it XP) with time and love (a lot) i manage to beat the game, with all three of them, and then the game goes again in witch mode to tell you that to beat fully the game you have to beat a dude in a bullet hell section out of nowhere and one shot one kill rule.......with a object that you must forge every single run you do if you lost, i was having natural doctrine vibes from this one (decent concept game, bullthing execution), then i try go with the other routes trophy, especially the Blackstorm Lab and the AI Mothership, they take me some time (days) but manage to get both with a little luck and that sword that launch projectiles (i dont remember the name ), then i try a few practice runs to the game when i decide to do the final boss again....1:10 AM man, me and the most biggest thermos with milk and coffee i ever prepare defeat the final boss and see the ending, pretty cool i must say, with pixel art graphics, decent soundtrack and gameplay, and legit fun, this game turns out to be one of my favorites this year, and with good reason, also the fact that is PSTV Compatible helps to that. now before i end this, i try to put some things to take in consideration if you want to give it a try to beat it. -When you level up in the game, you must end the stage first in order to put the points in some atribute you need in the tablet (HP,ATK,DEF or AMMO) -Try to level up defence before anything else, the enemies do way more damage the game, even in the first stages, give youself full defence first allows you have better survival factor in the next stages. -Beat the sub bosses when you have the chance and use the keys in the random chests in the levels, expecially in the first stages, a good sword and gun in the beginning, saves you a lot of time and effort in the next stages. -Go with calm, if you go in this game like a action hero (guns and swords blazing) you will die for sure, and remember, the guns need ammo, so dont waste it in enemies you can easily beat with your sword. -Dont Try any of the alternative paths until you have a general idea to how play the game, belive me, the game get more clear the more you play, and the extra stages (like the lab) are way long and chaotics to beat at first (also if you play the lab, only take the teleports with the single block each, they are the most easy to beat) -And finally, please see the final boss in youtube befere fight hin, the bullet hell stage was not a lie, and try to turn down the lights a little, that helps me to see the bullets better, also remeber to stay as much far of the boss as posible in order to predict the bullets pattern and give you time to dodge, and last, dont forget to mantain square to shoot, since the game has auto fire in that stage. so that is, despise my initials issues with the game (some crashings, there and there) pretty enjoyable retro game in general, i recommend it in a heartbeat.
  14. #121 Zeroptian Invation (Ps4 Version) Platinum Invasion Difficulty: 2/10 (there i suppose) Fun: 5/10 (Fine) Rarity: 91,81% Time to Beat: 17 minutes, 50 seconds So, back again with another plat, this time like the last, is another easy one, and one that really did nothing to change me XP, i mean, i love arcades shoot`em ups (Resogun, Fast Striker, Strikers 1945 series, etc) but this one feels like cheap wine, no really expensive but mehh taste. Gameplay feels ok, and it got the classic space invaders looks and thats it, put some bosses here and there and you got your knock off game ^-^..... Anyway, game works fine and im grateful for that, so if anyone love this type of games, it does what its promise, i wish a little more difficult balance between the stages and other stuff. Compatible with ps tv too, so that a plus, and boss level 7 is cheap, cheap i tell you!!.
  15. #120 Back To 1995 (Again)(PS4 Version) You did everything you possibly could. (Again) Difficulty: 1/10 (easy) Fun: 7/10 Rarity: 80.68% Time: 1 hour and 2 minutes (almost less than a hour XP) Ok, so i already got the platinum in my ps vt (yes, this game is compatible) but i play and beat the game on my Ps4 for celebration of this new year, also to talk a little more about it. so this game, man this game, is something alright, for a guy that never play the original resident evil back then....(yes, this kind of people exists) the tank control was no surprise for me since i was fan of dino crisis (the 2 one, no the first) so back in 1995 was actually easier this time around, doesn't mean i was less entertaining for this piece of art. like i said before, it has bad graphics (even for the 1994 standards), the music this time is just fell out of place for me, and with the expection of one battle, the rest of the game was a breeze to beat, i still like it for the charm, but the game really need more than a 1 hour of gameplay to be better. i hope that the next game of this person (Takaaki Ichijo i think?) puts a little more than a nostalgia pet project, and have the same spirit than this one.
  16. #119 Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle New Owner Of The Scarlet Devil Mansion Difficulty: 4.0/10 (i suppose is ok) Fun: 10/10 Rarity: 16.85% Time In Total: 3 Days, 7 Hours Ok, i suppose that Riddled Corpses EX was the last platinum of this year, but nop, it seems than i got one last plat for real, and its a touhou one., now, i was pretty much vanilla over touhou in general, i mean, i know the franchise in general, but this is the first game i got to play full time and it was something indeed. so this fighting game got all i need, bad graphics, simple gameplay and modes, framerate issues for every match thanks to all the orbs flying around (bullet hell thing i guess?), no unlockables at all..............and i love every second of gameplay put in the system. As a fan of flawed games in general, i cannot recommend it enough, its like $9.99 right now, but with endless fun and laughs (at least for me). PD: And works on the ps tv too!
  17. #118 Riddled Corpses EX Hardcore Gamer Difficulty: 3.5/10 (so, so) Fun Factor: 8/10 (love hell bullet games XD) Rarity: 47,95% Time in Total: 22 hours, 57 minutes Oh boy, christmas is pretty much tomorrow and i got probably this year`s last platinum and i got to say, really fun game in general. So in simple words, R.C.EX is a shoot em up/rpg/bullet hell game, so is right on my alley (love metal slug in general), of course the farming in the beginning can scare some people, but no me, nooooooooooooooooooo, i born for farming, hell if i got the chance i will bought farming simulation just for hyperbole. After passing by the farming in general, the game is far more enjoyable, select a character in story mode and try to beat it, then pass to the arcade mode if are good enough (pretty easy by the way, hell, i did it on my first try!!! serious mode ¬¬) or test your might! and luck and survivor mode, i got to admit, i was really entertained so much......i play that day until 4:00 am (of course almost got late to job today.........totally worth it) For real thought, one of the last game i bought this year that make my day, my week and maybe my month, simple in style and gameplay, but super addictive and i like the soundtrack (the metal one thought....awesome) in general, now my biggest complain should be more stages (maybe 2 more will be enough) and more weapon to use, other then that, the game is great and im greatful to be the last plat this year.........oh, and 2 players coop (im playing the vita version by the way). PD: If you are interested in play it, this games was tested and worked perfectly on my PS TV, since this game is not marked as compatible, now i make it clear.
  18. #117 Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Bye, Bye Xenoverse Difficulty: 6/10 Fun: ¿?/10 Rarity: 7,23% TIme: 2 Years, 3 Months Not too much to say, i really didnt play the game that much, my little brother takes almost all the entire effort for the platinum, but anyway, happy to have it i guess?
  19. Oh, ok, since you going to the most beatiful places to go (to gamers and......maybe everyone else) i can only wish you good luck and care in your travel. and christmas and new years too!!!! PD: im interested in EDF 2017 portable for the vita....l have a friend who has connections in japan, so he import me games theme and i buy them here, thats why most of the ps3 japanese games comes in my hands thanks to him ^-^. so i shouldn't have trouble getting it, maybe not now but soon out of that, my best wishes to you travel here!.
  20. How ironic to start this year with my ps3 running hot game after game (the last one really beat was tears to tiara II), only to come back to the ps vita/tv to play this last two months (yep, im that not interested in the ps5 and the xbox super x or anything ¬¬) and what a 2 months man!, play arcana heart 3 and beat the silly memories trophy, to play (and torture myself in the process) to wins two super rare trophies in xenoraid, coming back to beat fully that tank game (girls urd panzer i think) and my classic marathon of $50 bucks in anything retro or easy platinum and speedrun then i tent to do on this holidays (or any month) and discover some new favorite games like Back In 1995 (i just love the game man, for some reason), Metal Slug 3 (with this only one snk port left to buy(¬¬ yeah, i look at you samurai showdown V special)), Bloodstained: Curse of the moon (speedrun the hell out of it, and love every single run of it) and Fast Striker (love shooters). but my biggest win, it was definitely beat and platinum Natural Doctrine, man that game, if you want a deep analysis for this wait here because i not going to do it. i already talk in the latest platinum discussion if you want to see it, but let me tell you, it was something.....yeah, something. anyway, this is more like a open discussion over this year, i really love to come back to the vita/tv in this last two months and feel like i still want to play more games on that system, so my question will be like what memories you have on the vita this year, you finally beat that hard game you fight to beat, or just love beat some easy ones, or maybe have problems with others games. Finally, i want to do a little service, and put here some game than in 2019 are compatible on the ps tv (since the list of them stop in april for this year in the review2go page, there is no info of this game works) but i tested and work fine, at least for me Back To 1995 - Compatible Fast Striker - Compatible Metagal - Compatible Paradox Soul - Compatible Zeroptian Invasion - Compatible ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PD: I still yet to see if this games are compatible too: Inksplosion, Planet RIX-13, Drowning. PD2: anyway, happy next holidays and new year to all of you ^-^
  21. Mmmmm, as far as i remerber, i have and beat rebirth and mk2 before (platinum both) and yes, both are really fun to play, if i want to, maybe i will play mk2 again before this year ends, as a speedrun of course. with the natural doctrine topic. i am proud for the platinum (natural doctrine), as much as the killzone mercenary and helldivers (by far the more hardcore ones i have) so like i said before, i dont hate the game, just i finished it and then move on. on the pstv thing, i try to play the ps tv game natively, so if a game is in the non compatible list, i dont buy it, but if the game is in neither list (the compatible and the non one) i always play dices with them and try to see if the games works there, and i also love more play it on my tv. speaking of EDF, i have the the port of the second game (Invaders from the planet space) and i still think of playing, my issue is the insane effort to just beat a campain and then play it again and again and i beat it once and thats it, so maybe one day i will continue it. by the way, my favorite genre in definitely are musou games in general, up to 231 hours just in gundam breaker only and many in the others one i have.
  22. On the first quote, natural doctrine is more dificult than anything else, maybe if the gameplay was a little faster and give you some advantages i will like it, i mean i hate it as much as the dark souls series (let me tell you, die 50 times on the first boss was soul crushing) but its more like a personal hate, unlike games like ride to hell retribution which i hate for real (i burn like 5 copies, new ones, one time even try to do a rite with one of them). so in conclusion, i dont hate it for real, just for personal taste, i mean, i play it like 70 hours so i earn the right to do it) and the other thing, review2go has a ps tv list full of games if you want to list, is just like lack some games, and the last update is for april of this year, so its more like let people know about this games and the compatibility. anyway, thanks for write and merry christmas and happy new year ^-^!!
  23. #116 NAtURAL DOCtRine That thing does not deserve wallpaper Difficulty: 11/10 (no, no hyperbole) Fun: 0/10 (thats because i love to make me myself suffer ¬¬) Rarity: 2.01% (i wonder why......) TIme: 3 years, 11 months Before my little rant, big thanks to psn user Aaronbig for the mutual chore to farm 100 wins each other for the gold trophy, Without him, this would not have been possible, so once again thank you for the help, and sorry for the not positive mini review of this, but lie i dont do. now with the rant, went i bought this game back to 2016 (2nd of january to be precise) i was a massive fan of jrpg or obscure games (meiq, demon gaze, stranger of sword city ,etc) that no really get much praise by the community, so i was thinking to myself, maybe this game will be good enough to be play. little did i know the this thing will became my worst enemy (like the joker to batman i guess) god, where do i even begin?......... the graphics (i forgive them), the music (i kinda in the middle), the voice acting (decent but repetitive), but my biggest issue was the dificulty and the gameplay, my god, that thing makes my time with dark souls 2 be like a walk in park, at least with DS2 i cant blame the game for my own lack of skill (still plat by the way), this game however love to put you in the most hardcore draconian rpg iyou ever play, with the link system be the mayor offender. that system allow to the one to have the initiative, who begins the turn have the ability to be assisted by their allies in joint attacks, at least thats what i think it works (dont hate me for that XP) here is the issue. if your system is going to give you advantage the more allies you have, dont put enemies than surpass my troops 1/4 the size (like if i got 3 character to play, the game launch like 12-15 per map, lovely), add the fact that if an ally dies in combat in any moment, is game over without exceptions (maybe in the last 3 mission dont but anyway) but one dead and you have to do the map in the last checkpoint or just start the mission from the beginning (....) and the IA is really something, i beat the game on easy and it feels like im beat it in maniac, love to predict your move and use the link system better than you, mean one mistake and just like that, no hero lost, all over again. Like no real balance in anything, hell even the japanese port was patch for that dificulty, that tell you something. now, i know i write in anger (and you are right) but jesus christ, two entire playtroughts to the main campain and the hours i put in the online got me like 120 hours to make, and over 3 years, and it was frustrating and boring, very boring, very very veru (this last one was on purpose) boring. to end this, i fell vindicated now than i beat it 100% and never, ever want to play it again, but like all things in this world at least i can say i ended up appreciating the game for what it is, despise my hate in general to this game, i can see why some people actually like it (yes, they existed) and wants to play it anyway, so words of advice, if you want to play this just remember, this game is hard both in gameplay and difficulty, and it requires that you understand its mechanics deeply, especially the link system and how you can take advantage of it, if you want to beat it obviously, going with another set of mind and this game will destroy you (mentally and spiritually more than anything else). so yeah, that my life with this game, like a normal love and hate relationship..........cute, isn't it?
  24. Platinums in order #113 Zeroptian Invasion 1/10, 10 minutes, 54 seconds (one of the fastest platinum here XP) #114 Paradox Soul: 1/10. 46 minutes, 35 seconds (this one still confuses me, like how to beat it, i mean i beat the last boss, but i need 2 green thing that the game never tell you Z-Z) #115 Back In 1995: 2/10 1 hour, 3 minutes (one of my new personal favorites here) Now, to be fair, this is what i like to call my try easy plat mode, im a sucker for easy games, and since i beat more brutal horses this year (Dead Space, Resonance of Fate, Axiom Verge, etc) why not celebrate this last months with some easy platinums for myself ^-^, now just for charity sake, i will say i really enjoy Back to 1995 , even for the amateur texture level for 1995 standards, the generic voice acting or the fact then it take like a 1 hour to beat it, i just love the game so much, the other too were ok i guess. by the way, if someone in interested, even if not, all this games (and Fast Striker by the way) all are PS TV Compatible Games, so if someone has the system (maybe 1 or 2 here ¬¬) can use the games there without issues (maybe a crash or 2 in Fast Striker went you left the demo plays by herself) but all were finish in the ps tv, i give my word
  25. Since i put a lot of thinking, specially after beat peace walker and platinum, which i must say, i feel like a true hero after that, my biggest complain about this collection will always be the lack of spin offs or more games to be honest. yes, i know, metal gear fans want only the main games, but i always love the morbid felling to play a spin off, and no take the franchise seriously. because of that, i made this little poll to put a small think of brain cell inside me. biggest inclusion in this collection will be The Twin Snakes, just for sheer amount of nonsensical action this remake has, and the glorius cutscenes. the other one definitely has to be the mobile version, im still impressed with the quality, it literally blow my head.