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  1. I have a similar problem. I was able to level my paleontologist up quickly since he had a lot of lost cargo near him and he was level 5 and I noticed I didn't get the required email after resting in a nearby safe house several times. I seen this thread about the first email. I checked all and I didn't even get the first. Anyone know if I locked myself out of it or can I trigger it still somehow?
  2. Nevermind thanks for all your help!!! I figured out what the discrepancy was. Capital Knot City has to be maxed in connection, which makes it a 5-star, but it does not have to be connected to the network and thus I have MADE 28 connections, but have 29 maxed. You helped a lot to point me in the direction to find that information.
  3. Thank you that is very helpful. But again, under my Bridge Links it says I have 28 connections, but 29 max level connections. So, I have connected 28, but I have 29 at max level. That is what I am confused about. And I realize I didn't include this information to begin with and I should have.
  4. Of course I can finish the game. I'm talking about getting all connections trophy. And you can see how many connections you have on the map when you press Options at the top it will say region information. The Q is your connections then the number next to it is your bandwidth for how many structures you can build.
  5. Forgive me if this topic has already been addressed or there is already a forum, but I have a question. I am in the episode deadman, at the very end and since I like to max out preppers I am working on that as I go along. So, here is the issue. My bridges link says I have 28 connections, but my map says I have 29. Of which I am sure I have all the ones available to me at this point (which are all the ones in eastern region as well as all in central (besides the south western section)). My question is will my trophy be glitched because of this discrepancy? Bridges link is still updating. For example I just got all my "29" to 4 stars and bridges says so, but it still says I only have 28 connections. Again, my even my map says 29. I have dedicated about 70 hours already and don't want to finish the game if I am going to glitch. Any help? EDIT: I realize this was actually a winded explanation. Essentially my question is since my map says I have 29 connections, but my bridge links says I have 28, will I be screwed out of the trophy? Did it glitch a connection somewhere? Or, does the count in bridge links not matter?
  6. Thank you so much I can't believe I missed such an obvious one
  7. I'm still having trouble with imperial refinery and imperial occupation #4. I found #5 using the previous thread but needing #4 Might you kbow where imperial occupation #4 is in imperial refinery
  8. The above walkthrough from Pakeeda is how to find #5. Do you know where #4 is?
  9. So I am having the same issue, but apparently I am missing #4. It seems I am in the minority and everyone found #4, so can anyone point me in the right direction?