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  1. Does anyone have a trophy world set up for the 2 new Bedrock DLC packs? Trying to get those knocked out. PSN - JDizzle0420
  2. You can see them on PS4. Gold - A Proper Hand Off - Complete mission All Bets Off Bronze - Firebug - Sabotage all statues for Ember Bronze - Killer Look - Complete the Mayors outfit Bronze - Scovillain - Destroy all of Mr. Torgue's hot sauces Bronze - Shoe Money Tonight - Get a 21 in the blackjack minigame Bronze - Don't Be A Stranger - Return for a chat with the Calpstructor Silver - Who Collects The Collector? - Defeat the wandering Debt Collector
  3. WHERE ARE MINECRAFT REALMS/MINECRAFT REALMS PLUS? Minecraft Realms/Minecraft Realms Plus are not available on PS4™ at this time. https://help.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/articles/360037725571-Minecraft-for-PlayStation-TM-4-FAQ
  4. Im looking for someone to help w these new DLC trophies too. The 2 people who have helped in the past cant help any more. One person has connection issues and the other guy "retired" from gaming apparently.
  5. Edit: I just uninstalled the app and reinstalled (Android 9) and now the app works just fine. I was able to register a movie code. Im sure in a day or 2 it will go back to not loading when I go to upload the tickets for Jumanji 3. Ive been having that issue the last few days too. Its happened before, but usually fixes by closing the app. I used to ALWAYS have issues on the website, but only when looking at stuff to buy with points and genuinely believe it was designed like so you get sick of constantly getting errors and just let your points expire. Sony are a bunch of cheapskates imo. Wow while writing this I just got this email: Thank you for contacting Sony Rewards online support.We have research your account balance inquiry and confirmed your balance is correctly displayed . .Thank you for your continued support.Kind regards,The Sony Rewards team
  6. I emailed 2 weeks ago and never got a reply so I just called and they said all trophy information from Sony is accounted for and everyone has been credited. That's a lie. I have 200 points from 2 silver trophy passes that I never got credit for and the rep was incredibly rude and unhelpful and just kept saying there's nothing that can be done. I asked to speak to a manager and she lied and said they were in meeting. She refused to help at all she said she couldn't just give me points and straight up said if she escalated the issue they wouldn't care and nothing will be done because on their end it says everything is accounted for. I'll keep harassing them until I get them though lol.
  7. Thanks for posting this. You actually only have to watch 10 seconds of each video so thats even better.
  8. Hey Craig, if I win, can I also get a signed head shot? I would also like Coach The Complete Series on DVD if you have some spares laying around. Thanks.
  9. I play a lot of terrible games. The most recent one that sticks out is Bouncy Bullets. I hated everything about it lol.
  10. Youll get credit for it. Itll just take forever. It seems to update whenever it wants. Theres no set system for it. Before October ended I went crazy and finished all the quick easy plats just to get my 1000 points and those kicked in within a week or so. I also got a good amount of silvers during that time and its been at 46/100 since at least some time in September lol. I definitely know I should be getting 100 more points for silvers at some point. If the pass ends up disappearing from the app then Ill email and/or call though because I know I got more than 54 silvers before the deadline.
  11. That so cheap and petty of them. They could have just let that go. Its not your fault they messed up. 500 points doesnt even do much with how over priced everything is. They keep making this program so bad its not even worth doing anymore imo. I guess maybe if you have the Sony branded credit card, but for people just buying movies, games and earning trophies, its pretty much over...
  12. Its on the US store. It could be because Ive already bought it though, Idk. https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP9000-BCUS98245_00-LBPDLCMOVELK0001
  13. Well that makes me feel a little better lol. There was a few times where that same thing happened to us and we all said we didn't see any get by.
  14. I kept failing this, so my friend said let's try to do it together, and it worked. Whoever starts the game will get the trophy. We actually did it with 3 players, 3 times and we all got the trophy. I'm sure most of yall got it in 1 try, but for those who struggled with it, doing it co-op works and makes it easier/quicker.
  15. If you aint cheatin, you aint tryin.