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  1. It takes way longer than it used to, to register trophies. They take WAY too long to email back and will probably say they cant help in email, that you need to call. If you call they will just give you a generic reply like keep waiting.
  2. Contact Sony and give them the error message and see what they say is going on.
  3. You left out Reddit, grandpa!
  4. Watch this video and keep trying. I was able to go from 5-5:45 to 4:15 in 1 try after watching it. It still took a few more tries to get under 4 min though. I really enjoyed this game. Def worth the $2 imo...
  5. Bikes is way easier than Cars imo. My friend just did all the DLC trophies in 1 day recently after not playing the game for 2+ years. Just keep at it and youll get it eventually. Thats how I had to do some of them...
  6. I couldnt find this posted anywhere else, so if this is dupe thread, my bad. The other day I got an email from Sony with a code for a free dynamic theme for the game Judgement. I dont want the theme, so whoever wants the code just PM me. EDIT: Code is gone. Thanks.
  7. This is better than what theyve given recently. Ill def play Sonic. I almost bought it the other day at a pawn shop for $12, but passed cause I have too much in my backlog as it is. Ill grab BL cause I take every game thats free, but I doubt Ill play it again. I have BL3 pre ordered and will more than likely just wait for that...
  8. Funny thing about this stupid owl, it took me a while to find it for the story, but Ive already killed 2 in the middle of the day outside Blackwater while playing MP...
  9. Nuggets are different than bars.
  10. My first trophy was April 27, 2009. So it was around that time. I dont know if I started playing the first day or not cause I actually bought it for the Blu Ray player, then slowly got back into gaming lol...
  11. Night of the Living Dead (1968) House of 1000 Corpses Halloween (1978) Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) Scream 1 - Say what you want, but this film reinvented the slasher genre.
  12. I was able to get the 10 online games done solo. I just looked for a match, let it fail, then hit create. After that it'll show you in a waiting room. Just hit start game and it will add 2 AI players. Play 10 quick matches and the trophy will pop after #10.
  13. GTA 4 and Burnout Paradise greatest hits edition. About a month or 2 after buying my fat PS3 they released the slim and dropped the price lol...
  14. I have the SP, but thats pretty shitty of them imo...
  15. Thats what Im doing. Also you should wait until after all the DLC before playing on the hardest because you cant change it back from what I read. Unless you want to do them all on that setting or plan on doing just 1 play through lol...