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  1. Make a new email address. Make an EU/UK account on PSN. You might need to Google a hotel/business address in London to use as your address for the account. Then you can find websites that will sell you digital EU PSN cards through email. There are plenty if you Google it, but this one has £5 cards if you didnt want to buy bigger amounts. Also keep in mind about the exchange rate lol. £5 is $7.15 USD and that site charges $8.50 for the code... https://www.play-asia.com/digital_codes/playstation_network/14/711z3
  2. Twin Robots and 36 Fragments of Midnight are both cross buy with easy plats...
  3. I agree. I would be more shocked if they didnt have a second list for this game lol...
  4. https://blog.us.playstation.com/2018/04/13/the-drop-new-playstation-games-for-4-17-2018/
  5. Eekeemoo has a plat and is in NA/EU...
  6. Ive claimed a 1500 point Blu Ray and a 2000 point Blu Ray. Really hate that they charge a tax on these items. I had to pay .08 cents because I was 8 points short after the tax lol...
  7. https://blog.us.playstation.com/2018/03/30/the-drop-new-playstation-games-for-4-3-2018/
  8. Love The Room/Disaster Artist reference for "Oh, Hi Mark".
  9. Just an fyi they patched this trophy yesterday to give you 2 min instead of 1: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/true-fear-forsaken-souls-part-1-a/323584-solve-all-puzzles-less-than-minute-question-2.html
  10. Im pretty sure they said it will be cross buy just like all their other games, and it comes out next Tuesday... Edit: Itll be $5 according to their Twitter...
  11. Yeah I enjoyed it, but there were a few times where I was 100% clueless on what to do next lol. Overall, for $6 I'm not mad at it...
  12. Yeah. You gotta do this bs. This was the worst part of the game imo lol:
  13. When you get to the trees theyll have a season symbol on them and you just change the season and theyll start moving. If you still need help check out the Xbox guide. It seemed to have more info than the one posted in this thread... Also, Id like to point out that the flowers trophy IS missable. The guide posted in this thread and on the Xbox site both say nothing is missable. But, if you dont have all the flowers before doing the "true ending" and getting the Reunion trophy, it starts you back at a new game, with no save. Luckily, my cloud save was at 84% and it only took about 20 min to run through and get all the flowers I had got earlier and the few I was missing to get the trophy and plat...
  14. ^ Exactly. If anything all those old games should have went down in price and I think they would sell more. Raising the prices is pushing customers away imo. Most people wont even buy a game day 1 for full price. Theyll buy it when its been out for a few years and is cheaper or wait for a flash sale if its a digital only game...
  15. I only really care about the older ones being raised. I already own them, I just think its a bs move lol. I still want this game, but instead of buying on day 1 like usual Im going to wait until a flash sale. Whats really annoying is, Ive seen a bunch of people Tweeting to them about this issue and they havent replied to any of them. I know they had the news on their site, but they could still reply to people on Twitter and I think they should 100% go back and put all those older games back to $10... Edit: So on Twitter they finally put a link to a generic statement and someone in the comments posted this link saying heres what people really think of your price increase. The Xbox gamers seem pretty pissed about this lol. https://www.trueachievements.com/n31393/price-increase-for-all-artifex-mundi-games