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  1. To be fair, the whole game is terrible.
  2. I just add everything Im interested in to my wish list and if I dont see it on sale, or cheap enough, I just close the webpage.
  3. I feel like it was more than once, but the one I remember the most was my Brutal Legends save on PS3. I was like 88% done with everything and when it got corrupted I sold the game and moved on. I think the save I had in the cloud was also affected, because I back up before turning it off. It was a known issue in the game.
  4. I win a pretty decent amount of Ratalaika games from Twitter. Either from Rata themselves or people like Knoef who do Twitter contests. I also won LiveLock from the website PlayStation Lifestyle. This doesnt really count, but back in the day I used to spend a lot of money at Best Buy and would rack up points really fast then use the points on getting movies and games for free. I still get a decent amount of movies for free with the points, but not like I used to lol. I also got a decent amount of $10/$20 PSN cards and movies from Sony Rewards over the years.
  5. Lmfao. I didnt even notice that. I guess their stats are wrong. Either that or maybe cross buy games? But I def bought more than just 3 cross buy games. Heres the link to my wrap up: https://www.playstation.com/en-us/campaigns/2019/wrap-up/?PXP=9f7749087c95f1e381da6427e051c8abe8473ba489f03000c11f93078a0c3e0f Edit: I was always really suspicious of the hours before this, but after looking at it, half of my play time for the year was spent on just 3 games? Then the other half was used on 73 others. Doesnt really make sense to me lol. I know I play a lot of short games, but its still weird to me.
  6. 76 games. 731 total hours. Top 3 Games: Borderlands 3 - 153 Hours Red Dead Redemption 2 - 86 Hours Far Cry 5 - 78 Hours 186 days played. 13 hours longest streak. Prime playing time was Tuesday afternoons. 1967 Trophies - 79 - 618 - 628 - 642
  7. Biggest surprise for me was how incredibly boring this one was. I loved the first season and the prequel and was really excited to play this. I didn't care about any of the characters and absolutely hated Daniel. Gave it a generous 2/10 because the soundtrack was good.
  8. Any update on your case or anyone else's? I still haven't got a reply after they said my points are accurate and I told them I was missing 200. I'm pretty much positive that I won't be seeing those points. I know it's only 200, but it's also technically worth $2 if I get a $10 PSN card lol.
  9. We spoke on PSN. My MS name is JDizzle00420. Ill be on at 7pm. Thanks for doing this. Edit: Thanks again for the help man. Like I said, sorry for the confusion and sorry to the other person I messed up during the trading. I thought I had to go back and forth. I didnt know what I was doing (obviously). Hopefully this is the last DLC for this list. Ill gladly keep deleting the 0% when they add more trophies if it automatically adds it to my list.
  10. It took me like 10 times before it gave me the trophy. It didnt pop until the final Hidden Object scene which was like 6 or 7 in a row without a mistake.
  11. The Last of Us RDR GTA V Life is Strange Resogun Uncharted 3 The Walking Dead S1 The Wolf Among Us Moss Astro Bot Rescue Mission
  12. Does anyone have a trophy world set up for the 2 new Bedrock DLC packs? Trying to get those knocked out. PSN - JDizzle0420
  13. You can see them on PS4. Gold - A Proper Hand Off - Complete mission All Bets Off Bronze - Firebug - Sabotage all statues for Ember Bronze - Killer Look - Complete the Mayors outfit Bronze - Scovillain - Destroy all of Mr. Torgue's hot sauces Bronze - Shoe Money Tonight - Get a 21 in the blackjack minigame Bronze - Don't Be A Stranger - Return for a chat with the Calpstructor Silver - Who Collects The Collector? - Defeat the wandering Debt Collector
  14. WHERE ARE MINECRAFT REALMS/MINECRAFT REALMS PLUS? Minecraft Realms/Minecraft Realms Plus are not available on PS4™ at this time. https://help.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/articles/360037725571-Minecraft-for-PlayStation-TM-4-FAQ
  15. Im looking for someone to help w these new DLC trophies too. The 2 people who have helped in the past cant help any more. One person has connection issues and the other guy "retired" from gaming apparently.