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  1. Yes because using the PS4 disc just installs the PS4 version.
  2. This only works for the Remastered version which you don't get a free upgrade for. I was installing the PS4 disc on PS5 when I remembered.
  3. I think it'll be shared. I'm pretty sure they said it'll support cross save, so it would make sense so people can start now and then move over to PS5. Unless the trophies would auto pop.
  4. I was excited until I saw you say its $25 lol.
  5. Man...I thought this was going to be about a brick breaking game.
  6. I basically only use the web store to buy games/DLC etc. I went and typed up the games in my wish list just in case this is true. I don't bother looking through their sales, I just go look at my wish list and if nothing is on sale, I hit the x and move on.
  7. 75 to 692.
  8. This whole pre order process was a nightmare. When PS4 was announced I had 0 issues going on Best Buy and ordering it. They even had 2 pallets full of extras on release. Last night it took hours of clicking Checkout and Place Order over and over again to finally get it ordered. It was 10x worse than any Black Friday. I know right now things are a little different because of Covid, but it could have went way smoother. I'm curious to see how the Xbox pre orders go since they have a date set instead of a surprise drop.
  9. Damn that's terrible. Luckily you had it backed up. I had that happen with Brutal Legends. I had it backed up, but after losing everything I did that day, which was a lot, I just moved on from the game lol. Hopefully this issue will be fixed before I buy it.
  10. Exactly. I have fun playing their games. Even though you get the plat within an hour, there is usually still a lot left to play to actually finish the game. I've played like 44 games from that list lol. At least 10 or so I won from Twitter. The rest I either bought on sale when they go 1/2 off, or I buy them just because it has the Vita version and I need stuff for my Vita, IE when I go out of town. So, shout out to @RatalaikaGames for keeping my Vita alive for as long as they could.
  11. I only had 1 blue screen error in the arcade fighting the bloater in my 2nd run. It froze/crashed as he died to I had to re launch the game then kill him again. Other than that it was a smooth, great experience.
  12. I wouldn't mind some DLC (I know they said there won't be any)
  13. I didn't want to start a new thread for this: I came across this profile looking at the 100% club for Shadow of The Tomb Raider I saw the completion time and thought it was hacked, but I think it's actually just a site error. It says she has the 100% in 33 min, but she actually only has 97/100 trophies and only 2 actually show as being unlocked. The platinum time says timestamp missing and the 33 minutes is coming from the gap in the only 2 trophies that show up as unlocked.
  14. To be fair, the whole game is terrible.
  15. I feel like it was more than once, but the one I remember the most was my Brutal Legends save on PS3. I was like 88% done with everything and when it got corrupted I sold the game and moved on. I think the save I had in the cloud was also affected, because I back up before turning it off. It was a known issue in the game.