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  1. Im so glad to see someone else say this lol. I thought it was just me. I kept hitting a guy in the neck and he never died, but I die instantly lol...
  2. Damn, I was going to rent it from Redbox if it was in there. But if its that bad Ill pass until they patch it, or just not play it at all lol...
  3. Lol. Just an FYI it gives you an account credit of $32.97 if you already have Netflix, which according to the email covers 3 months of the basic plan. After claiming it from the PSN site, it just emails you a code to use on Netflix. So if you wanted to give the code to the person whos account youre using, you can do that lol...
  4. Just got an email from PS+ for 3 free months of Netflix 🙂: A Netflix gift for you. To thank you for being a loyal PlayStation®Plus member, here's a gift from us to watch unlimited shows and movies on Netflix. From the hottest new series to big blockbusters, stream it all on your PlayStation alongside your favorite games - Netflix members can redeem this gift too! Don't miss out.
  5. Thanks for this. I watched it twice then started doing it on my own. It took about an hour, but I finally got it in 3:17 using the stop watch on my phone. Definitely kind of annoying and luck based. I missed it by just a few seconds multiple times. Hopefully they'll change it to 5 min or something and fix the court room glitch...
  6. Theyre gone man sorry. Check out the link I posted to try and get one... https://www.lunchablessweepstakes.com/
  7. You can have them both lol. I have no use for them. If I "win" more Ill PM those too. I guess this can be closed now. Thanks... If anyone else cares about these. I got them from doing this - https://www.lunchablessweepstakes.com/
  8. The codes are gone and I have posted a link to how I got them. This thread can be closed. Thanks... https://www.lunchablessweepstakes.com/
  9. https://www.gamespot.com/amp-articles/the-walking-dead-final-season-removed-from-sale-te/1100-6462045/
  10. Thanks for posting this. I just decided to Tweet them and ask if they had any left and they DMed a PS4 code and a Steam code lol...
  11. Have they announced a release window for these episodes?
  12. My rarest trophy period is the plat for Sports Champions 1 - 0.59%. So, Im going to assume thats the one with the fewest achievers lol. 1,535 out of 260,340...
  13. Just RDR2 for me. Ill end up getting Tomb Raider and maybe Spyro since I never played it back in the day, just not on day 1...
  14. Can you go on the store and see if the SP says purchased?