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  1. I can connect to EA Nation but it's not possible to start a game. Always getting this error message that the session I've created is not available.
  2. Yes, but you can't buy the base game, only the DLC's.
  3. Ingame upload to insomniac servers on your PS4. Ingame download the save on your PS5. PS+ cloud won't work, otherwise this would be a PS+ exclusive feature.
  4. 1. Recruiting the templars will lead to the "Champions of the Just" quest and Cole joins at the end of this quest. 1.1 Dorian joins your group later in the "From the Ashes" quest. 2. Choosing the mages will lead to the "In Hushed Whispers" quest and Dorian joins at the end of the quest. 2.1 Cole joins your group later in the "From the Ashes" quest. Both companions join, no matter of your choice. If you'd like to go for the "Trial of the Magician" DLC throphy in your first playtrough, you should recruit the mages.
  5. ... and buy the key to the map. I've finished the sentence for you. Don't forget that's EA, they want your $$$
  6. Yes and make sure that it is the same region.
  7. Yes and No, disc and digital versions use the same save files, so they are compatible to each other. But be careful some of the disc versions like the standalone UC2 are pre-patched. (read the spoiler in the start post)
  8. The trophy glitched for me the first time too. I did a second speedrun in one sitting and the throphy poped. A workaround for you could be to don't close the game and just put your console in rest mode. Make sure you play at least to chapter 4 once you have started a new speedrun because you can't change Drake's skin in chapter 2 and 3 but Donut-Drake must be active in the bonus menu.
  9. My rarest Trophy is 'A Peaceful Planet' the LocoRoco Platinum Trophy. Only 307 achievers in three years.