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  1. Anyone else still getting error code WS-37073-0
  2. Guess the devs are gonna need hit up on these 2 trophy issue's everything else seems to unlock at this point
  3. Just steal against a 2nd controller & the play a game in every ball park aswell seems glitched and idk what's going on with the sweep trophy seems buggy
  4. I accidentally climbed 1 in the 1st mission but have no clue how I did it but it seems to be glitchy or broken when it comes to this
  5. You made that look stupid ez 🤣, thank you for this!
  6. What setup seems to be the best song wise and speed, because literally every song on extreme seems ridiculous and when adjusting song speed to 0.5 I find it even harder lol, any advice is appreciated
  7. The upgrade trophy glitched on me and I basically had to beat the game twice , so after seeing this to anyone else trying to get this plat will need to backup your save frequently