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  1. It's just hilarious seeing you pretending that your account is 10 yrs old while you're just a pethatic CFW user/hacker looking for attention @B1rvine how the hell is this guy not banned yet? Isn't it a too obvious CFW? And for your information, this is the same owner of the account "GoldennirO" lol
  2. You mean you get fast times because you CFW Games? I mean holy fuck, you really don't have anything better to do that you hacked every trophy one by one just to make yourself look like that you have a 11 year old ACC? Just to brag on people that you have "X" game 100%ed? Get a life man Also, nice save edits on Sekiro,DS3 and DSR:)
  3. Hello, I've got 1,000,000 Criminal rating but my rank didn't go up to Godfather . But my rank is still stuck at Don . Is this a glitch? Does anyone know how to fix this (Just so you know I did this in my 100% Save if that matters)