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  1. I wanted to get this game too, being a poker enthusiast. But unfortunately, it is gone!!
  2. This game is currently on sale for $0.75 on the Australian PSN store and was interested in purchasing it, however, it doesn't seem like many people own or have earned trophies on it. From the trophy list, it seems quite standard and not too difficult. Why are most trophies very rare? Anyone have any info?
  3. Head to the Challenges Menu, change the single player card to Multiplayer then change the number of rounds to three. Select any game (Shape Up is the quickest) and trade wins between your two players. This is done with a single controller.
  4. Thanks @HuntingFever - I didn't realise that my disc was an NA version, when I am in Australia - Oceania (EU). All fixed now, bought a local copy and all working now!!
  5. I have the physical disc version and purchased & downloaded the DLCs from the online store. However, they are sitting in my Download List as ‘Waiting to install’ - I can’t start the install as the DLCs are not associating themselves with the game. Anyone have any answers?
  6. Love the Vita!! Great when I don't have access to the PS3, PS4 or PS5... and just need to keep the trophy hunting alive...
  7. Yes you can. I bought the disk and finished all 8 episodes in late August 2021.
  8. Finally got the Platinum!!! I've just joined the small club of now 10 people on PSNProfiles who have the Plat!!! What a grind!!
  9. Oh man!! So it is... I didn't look down at the bottom of the screen... What @CobraMJD said...
  10. Finally got it to pop!!! Hat trick - 3 bowled out in a row... No reloading the disc to v1.0 or backing up saves... If it didn't pop before finishing the 1,500 wickets, I would've given these options a try. Swish and Flick to go, then hellllloooo Platinum!!!
  11. Finally popped it!!! Bowled out, 3 times in a row...
  12. What exactly are the bounties? Is this based on the ‘Sniper’ XP that you get from knocking someone out of a tournament or busting someone in a cash game? Or does it have to be a tournament on the PCC Tour that pays bounties on knocking someone out of a tournament?
  13. How long before the tournament starts does registrations open?
  14. @PMV Thanks mate! I see you updated your post. Is this your Brissie time? Or daylight savings time in Sydney (where I am)? You guys are an hour behind us atm...
  15. What is the time zone being used in the game? I’m in AEST in Australia. Bit confused 😐