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  1. Yes you can. I bought the disk and finished all 8 episodes in late August 2021.
  2. Finally got the Platinum!!! I've just joined the small club of now 10 people on PSNProfiles who have the Plat!!! What a grind!!
  3. Oh man!! So it is... I didn't look down at the bottom of the screen... What @CobraMJD said...
  4. Finally got it to pop!!! Hat trick - 3 bowled out in a row... No reloading the disc to v1.0 or backing up saves... If it didn't pop before finishing the 1,500 wickets, I would've given these options a try. Swish and Flick to go, then hellllloooo Platinum!!!
  5. Finally popped it!!! Bowled out, 3 times in a row...
  6. What exactly are the bounties? Is this based on the ‘Sniper’ XP that you get from knocking someone out of a tournament or busting someone in a cash game? Or does it have to be a tournament on the PCC Tour that pays bounties on knocking someone out of a tournament?
  7. How long before the tournament starts does registrations open?
  8. @PMV Thanks mate! I see you updated your post. Is this your Brissie time? Or daylight savings time in Sydney (where I am)? You guys are an hour behind us atm...
  9. What is the time zone being used in the game? I’m in AEST in Australia. Bit confused 😐
  10. i begrudgingly deleted my save and restarted and the cards & keys are being unlocked. Thanks for your advice @ClearVHS & @AllHailScience. I wish I would’ve done this before spending so much time on the game - now back to the grind….
  11. Did you solve this? I am on level 40 & have the same issue & get that tutorial message too!!
  12. Does anyone know how to unlock all the titles?
  13. @wacky-fluorine0 So when you reloaded the disc on v1.0, you just completed the hat trick and it popped?
  14. Thanks @HusKy Now I get it!!!!
  15. OK. As I have nothing in my list, how do I get a game on the list?