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  1. Yeah you're right, it's kind of a blended method. I bet you're glad you got that trophy out of the way....I know I was!!!
  2. Now I just feel silly 🤪
  3. 7 games now available in Australia for $AUD1.45 each
  4. That worked
  5. Yes, I can't start the game either
  6. Separate list for PS5 available now
  7. Game came out today on PS5, though don’t see a separate list for it here
  8. Yes, that’s the one
  9. Been trying to complete level 248 for what seems like ages. Does anyone have any tips? Remove the amount of frost created
  10. @darkjian92 what did you do to get this to pop? I tried 3 runouts, 3 catches & 3 bowled (in casual mode), but didn't pop.... Am I missing something? Mode? Teams? Ground? Etc? I've even raised a ticket with BigAnt and they say they will get back to me next week with the actual requirements.
  11. Good one mate!! That'll help a lot of players!!
  12. Any update on this? Are the PS4 & Vita trophy lists shared? I bought both, but wonder if the second version will pop trophies or not...
  13. Do you need Playstation Move to play this game?
  14. Weird! I played on EU version on Vita - no issue. Got this trophy 9 days ago. I can't see this game on your profile (I assume you are playing this offline). Maybe you can change that....I dunno...
  15. Don't have a list of all items, however, just keep buying 60K packs and you'll eventually get them all. It shouldn't take too long and it will help you with progress for the 'All boosted up' & 'Dedication' trophies.