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  1. I took a long ass break came back and it takes 5-10mins to find a match wtf lol... my rank got reset to 20 I’m not even rank 1 no more and it still takes this long.
  2. Just want to start off saying this site is amazing. but do we have a way to hide online sessions for games we already got platinum in? It kinda bothers me looking around at sessions for games I have and I still have sessions for games I already got a platinum in. and if not can I recommend this to an admin or something?
  3. Looking for: back to the future tales from borderlands ps4 and also a Japanese hook up where I can buy systems and Japanese based games! Pm me if possible.
  4. Unlikely it’s brand new? Hard drive possible but slim I will try it on another PS3 later to make sure
  5. My second account has the premium edition with the disc but every time it loads up to main menu if I do anything online related it will freeze the game and I can’t do anything? anyone knows why or a fix around this one?
  6. ok thanks so much to both of you but yes thanks for telling me about the sol0 card thing that’s what i will look out for. I just load up on 4 sticky’s and rush clues it’s fast and easy but I wanted to make sure I was doing it right
  7. On Xbox they said you need to be the last one to hit the boss is this true? i prefer someone who has the trophy to reply to this thanks!
  8. For someone who actually has the trophy and not someone saying stuff for the sake of talking. play 3p match you can usually play aggressive early on but sometimes the spawns suck so you will have hunters near by, it’s honestly comes down to map awareness and knowing what you can and can’t get away with. but the boring way that is like 95% safe just play like an idiot avoid your team kill monsters silently around the edge of the map while they kill hunters and bosses you share xp with them then if they die or even get the bounty you should probably just leave without them to not risk it because some players will team kill you for not helping and then again people just team kill you at the start of the match because they are jealous of your load out or lvl I guess happened to me afew times. btw remember that the edges of the map has no monster spawns.
  9. Game is actually easy once you get use to the controls and it’s fun but the games balancing is total trash tbh most of the op weapons are unlocked later on and cost next to nothing... such a shame tbh.
  10. how dare you give up on spec ops the line... get back to that you only need two more trophies for platinum!
  11. Thank you so much idk why my eBay keeps missing some posts.
  12. wait I only see the Japanese version would that work still? When I looked at another site it looked totally different?
  13. Just curious, region and system doesn’t matter like for example I seen a Chinese version or Rayman on the vita for around $100 just for a platinum lmfao. did you guys see or even buy something around that price range just for a platinum?
  14. From what I remember this game doesn’t have matchmaking you need to know the person who you are trying to boost. When you play with a friend the mission will save after you are done and you can pick up where you guys left off.
  15. It was on public but it is on endless I’m going to change that next time idk if that has a impact or not