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  1. I really wanted to set up a gaming session just for fun but I can't connect. should be listed as an unobtainable platinum.
  2. Then don’t play it.
  3. I played the series in order and its definitely not the best game in the series but hardly the worst. Its a great entry. I dunno why people think it is, i personally liked dead souls the least.
  4. My name is mayo
  5. I would be more than happy to help out and contribute to something like that that.
  6. I think AJ is pretty cool honestly. I see him everywhere too lol i can relate to a lot of his posts. i guess its because i don’t think hes a prick just for disagreeing or having a different opinion than i do. And he is probably older than both of us, maybe you should respect your elders.
  7. Damn.. I know it gets said all the time but screw online trophies man... I remember the first time this happened to me when this thread was created., I was in the middle of getting the platinum. Trophies timed to events like this are the worst. Hit em up, they should be able to bring it back again, they did it last time. I feel for you guys and wish the best of luck bringing the mode back.
  8. Yes of course. Ps3 has a great library. You won't be disappointed. Nah, I will play whatever I like regardless of when it came out. Some people do enjoy retro gaming.
  9. Uh... dont mind me... but you did sign my petition for Homefront (a game that was long abandoned way before this one ever was, also by a defunct publisher AND developer) and said ”i signed it, why not?” I really appreciated the support on that btw and i obviously would prefer Homefront be fixed than this, but whats the difference here? Do you just not like this game or...? Im not trying to be rude, just dont understand it.
  10. Did they lift the flag? The game is still on your profile... Hopefully they will start treating this game like run like the wind in gta 5 if big leagues is the last trophy you earn and everything else was earned honestly, they wont care at that point.
  11. Ill take bets with you... it probably will be..
  12. Unfortunately If they ever rebooted SOCOM, it would most certainly not be this game back on ps3 and even if, not just bringing back some dead servers that barely anyone would be playing on anyway other than boosting. Plus didn't the devs for this go bankrupt a while ago? Sorry if im being captain obvious here hehe I would ADORE a new SOCOM game however and would love another one. What you can do for this game tho is wait for a third party service to resurrect it themselves.
  13. If you feel that this game needs a remake, good for you, I hope you enjoy it. My opinion is that it doesn’t.
  14. ^This!!!!! Yes exactly!! Omfg thats wtf i would like to know... so tired of all these stupid remasters and remakes man... finally someone gets it. Like come out with some new shit. So tired of all these companies remaking older games, especially those that really dont need a remake like this game right here. Ps2 game is fine. Ps3 remaster was meh... but really??? They just do it for money it seems. Quick little cash grabs for a prettier version of something you already have on modern gen console. Fuck this. thank you kind sir!
  15. I am on the side with the people that say don't really worry about it. The "leaderboards" on this site are absolutely meaningless and are in no way the reason I came to this site nor are they the reason I continue to stay here. I came here for the boosting session creation features and to keep track of my own games. I honestly could care less how I rank up with other people as I pay no attention to it. I have no concerns regarding this. You do realize many of the people on the top 50 of the leaderboards ARE CHEATERS their damn selves right? Some of which have never been flagged or have been flagged and have had their flags lifted when others have been flagged for less severe offenses and never had their flags lifted? It's all about a stupid who gives the most money to garbage companies for easy platinums contest. I honestly could not care in the slightest bit to be apart of a leaderboard like that. I can't imagine why anyone would even care enough to bother trying to get back on there honestly, its not like any of us have any chance in having a high rank unless we do what ratalaika wants us to do.