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    You know the usual...
    Favorite Music: Rock, EDM, Rap, and some Pop
    Favorite Game: Batman:Arkham City
    If you are wondering why my PSN profile's country is Singapore it is because there is no country with the Philippines on PSN.

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  1. Platinum #10:Mass Effect 3 1000th trophy

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Yoshi


      Congratulations dude, i haven't started me3 yet :(

    3. mattie_medusa


      congrats, nice milestone xD

    4. HDGAMERZ5869
  2. 9 platinum trophies. In order, from the first plat to the last. 1.Batman:Arkham City 2.NCIS Game 3.Call of Duty:Black Ops 4.Prototype 2 5.Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 3 6.Batman:Arkham Asylum 7.Assassin's Creed 2 8.Iron Man 2 9.God of War 3 Hope you enjoyed !
  3. The one with the least, sacrifices the most. Semper Fi do or die. I will never regret what I have done. Will you?

  4. Call me HD. If you could be anything besides hunting trophies what would you be and if you still want to be a "Trophy Hunter" why did you choose to stay?

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    2. Sir_Bee


      Then who would aspire to be a trophy hunter? That seems like setting the bar really low, you don't need to give up being a trophy hunter, but to make that all you are? Me, I would want to travel around the world and do all kinds of crazy things like bungee jumping, skydiving, swimming with sharks, Learn to fly a plane and or helicopter, wear and use one of those flying squirrel suits, things like that :)

    3. HDGAMERZ5869


      I am not just a trophy hunter but I also play games for fun me I would want to meet Eminem/Slim Shady.

    4. daniezutton


      Traveling the Earth with my closest friends and visiting exotic locations. #ADVENTURETIMEBITCH!

  5. Call me HD. Chairs are to be thrown if seen.

    1. Orlay_


      Do you happen to watch "TheRadBrad" on youtube? he throws chairs too... when he's afraid.

    2. HDGAMERZ5869


      Yes I do. That is why I use a bean bag.

    3. Orlay_


      lol, you are a genie-us