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  1. Yeah this works many thanks to you Dino_Roar I owe you one No problem HuntingFever and thank you too as well for trying to help
  2. Thanks HuntingFever for your reply. This is weird because I’m pretty sure it has a ps4 Japanese stack so it could be this is the Japanese stack for ps5 as far as I know. By the way I have purchased one of Smobile games which was Unicorn fun (ps5 stack) in the Japan store by searching Smobile then select one of their games and then scroll down to recommend and it appeared to me which is randomly I’m not sure if this could be the only way we can buy this game ( which is by luck)
  3. Hello I can’t find this game (stack) in ps5 Japanese store . I have tried purchasing the ps4 stack and then select the (…) (view product) in the ps5 but it always says (can’t find what you’re looking for) l also tried sorting the games by prices and then select the right price (which is 501-1000 as I remember when I purchased the ps4 stack) and still can’t find it. I appreciate any help and thanks in advance