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  1. The original was one of my favorites on the NES when I was like 6-7 =D It was challenging for my age. If you don't know Flare, Zero is based off the original and is basically the same game with just a few improvements, obviously graphics being one of them. Zero 2 as far as I am aware of was their own attempt at creating a new entry to the franchise; however, they could have took elements from the original sequel(s). That I am not 100% on though since I never got Zero 2. If you plan on getting them, I hope you enjoy them. I have to wait until I get my CE from Limited Run Games. But I have already have at least Zero on my Switch for a couple years now so I am in no rush.
  2. No platinum is pretty disappointing, I agree with that; especially considering I ordered the PS4 Collectors Edition for both games from Limited Run Games. I do enjoy getting platinums. However... Not playing the games because there is no platinum is pretty stupid though. I hate this mentality. But whatever floats your boat I guess 🙄
  3. Congrats on getting as high as you did man. Top 10 or so to me is always 😎 regardless.
  4. Well, I definitely didn't get first platinum, haha. Expected. By like 6 hours too... I would be lucky to stay in Top 10. I should have stayed up all night
  5. This was a favorite of mine on the N64 when I was younger, so it was definitely a day 1 buy for me when it came up onto the PS store =D I definitely agree with you. These are the games that you go after if you want that type of achievement since it is impossible otherwise with retail.
  6. Haha, same with me man 😅 I feel like I won't though... I feel like @Andrea9281 might have it unless they mentioned otherwise? Top 10 is cool regardless. I was #1 with Song of the Deep for the longest time, then someone finally uploaded to PSNprofiles and I lost that so I am forever stuck at #2. I got #11 then bumped down to #12 for Stranded Deep just recently. I could have got higher I suspect if I had purchased the game right away but I waited until they patched inverted controls to the game. It is nice to be able to grab a platinum before most individuals. Can never do that on retail games because publishers give free review copies to them :/
  7. Your favorites are popular amongst some FF fans, just not myself. They are diverse titles I have noticed. Same with VIII which I like alot more than those. My absolute favorite(s) single player FF is X, followed by VII including the Remake, VI, and VIII. X and VII are highly regarded as a fantastic FF games. Again, VIII is a diverse FF title amonst fans. I also loved XI when I played up to Treasures of Aht Urhgan and I still play and 💘 Final Fantasy XIV. (Heavensward and Shadowbringers put some FF stories to shame.) XIII and XIII-2 are alright but very polarized amongst the fanbase. I enjoyed XV, even though this is one falls under that same category. Older FF fans regard the older games (pre-X) as better while younger fans, don't really have such diverse attitudes towards the more modern ones.
  8. @Hanamaru Kunikida @I-SilentEcho-I I don't know how you guys have a glitched/bugged trophy. Perhaps I got lucky, but I got the platinum yesterday evening :/ I had to do another quarter playthrough though because I made the mistake of not using the junkyard (been 20 years since I have played the game) and so I couldn't completely get the best items for my Podracer for some reason.
  9. Final Fantasy is my favorite video game series, and have played them all. The worst games in my opinion are definitely II, IX and XII. My backlog on re-playing most of them for trophies will take a century, but there is so many good games to play.
  10. Yes, if I can I will; however, I told my girlfriend this generation I will be holding back many games I normally get. This is mostly because I want to get her a ring, and we both have had the children discussion which I do want and those of course will cost plenty of time and money, lol. Other reasons include that I still have a massive backlog on my PS4 and I need to play and complete my games there... and as I get older I am feeling more nostalgic and want to re-play some older games across the various systems I have.
  11. #116 Star Wars Episode One Racer This was really a huge nostalga game for me as I played this on the N64 when I was about 12 ish and have been anxiously waiting for it since it was delayed. The trophies are fairly easy minus a handful that don't come naturally, but they haven't been attached to the Network yet so you can't technically see them or sync them... The only way to look at them is by using the quick menu, lol. I am really hoping I am the first person in the world (Not likely) according to PSNProfiles to get the Platinum trophy. I am crossing my fingers regardless, lol. (Hoping those that purchased within the last 20 hours or so didn't know about the quick menu). I made a little mistake and had to play a second profile for about 1/2 the game. If I didn't, Top 10 or so is always nice considering most games someone always gets a early access copy from developers =( I love this game, and it was a fantastic port =D Rating: 9 / 10 (for Nostalgia) Estimated time to 100%: 5 - 7 hours I suppose if you are quick.
  12. James Arnold Taylor retweeted the announcement for Rift Apart; pretty safe to assume he will continue to be the voice of Ratchet.
  13. #115 PERSONA 5 What a fantastic game! I can't believe I left this on my shelf as long as I did. Originally I didn't care for the art style and the extreme slowness that is the first 10 hours or so when I played the game originally; but damn, after that, what a great story, with memorable characters and music. I don't think it is better than FF7 Remake, but it is easily one of my favorite games now =D. A close friend of mine who is a huge Persona fan (I am the bigger FF fan) was excited to see how much I loved it and he just recently bought me Royal to play as an early birthday present which is on the 26th. For now, I might take a break and play a different game before jumping into that since it took sometime to platinum. Rating: 9.75/10 Estimated time to 100%: 100 - 130 hours. (My final gametime was just over 116 hours. Special thanks to the guys who wrote the 100% walkthrough guide. Even though there were a few errors throughout, as long as you were proactive with what you still need to do/missed. You will be fine. Great guide overall =D
  14. The question I want to know and was not answered in the article, was will they be removing the 2 trophies surrounding the Levi raid... I have yet to clear Levi on Prestige =/
  15. #114 Maneater Pretty entertaining game =D. It can be super repetitive though with the activities not changing at all with each new zone. Would recommend at $40, but if you are hesitant I would wait for a little price drop. Also be aware, apparently some collectibles are bugged at the moment for some people among other issues. I personally didn't experience anything other then poor framerate towards the end if the game / some zones. Rating: 7.5 /10 Estimated time to 100%: 10 - 12 hours tops.