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  1. Be careful with the trophy "Another one bites the dust". If you create a custom island and change a tile that has a survivor remnant on it, you will lock yourself out of the trophy unless you remove the island you made. It will restore the original tile based on the world seed so you can still get the trophy. I just confirmed this as I realized I only found 2, then I backed up my save to PS+ and erased the islands I made and found the missing remnant where one of my custom islands were. Moderator if you can fix my title, I would appreciate it. Phone messed it up. Thanks
  2. No doubt. I can't wait to log in when I am finished at work, lol.
  3. Holy sh**! I was not expecting this... This is awesome, but also like fu** my life! I have already have had the platinum for PS3/4 for years now; but now I have to get the new trophies and all the other new ones... Excitement and anxiety at the same time 😬
  4. EDIT: I have seen it available on the US store now for Free, so it should be available to everyone. Download and enjoy this fantastic MMO. It is not yet available currently on the store according to a friend but it should be soon. If you already have a PS4 account attached you are out of luck, but if not, Score! Here is a link from where I got this information: Main Source: I got the platinum for this back when ARR was out and highly encourage all those to jump on board and give it a try especially with the ARR story changes/shortening soon. Still play the game on my legacy server (Balmung) to this day =D
  5. #125 (Milestone!) CYBERPUNK 2077 Note: I played my game on my Playstation 5; so take my thoughts for what they are coming from playing the game on that system. What an incredible game! I loved every minute of this masterpiece; minus the crashing every 2 hours or so [Seemed to happen most of the time while driving from point A to B] and most of the endings; specifically the basic ending... That is quite literally hot trash. At least the "best" ending felt bittersweet, so I am at least content with it to not be pissed here. Honestly, besides some bugs, the crashing, and that ending, this is quite literally the most detailed, beautiful game currently in existence and very much worth the price of admission. Sometimes I would just look at the immense detail CDProject Red put into making this game feel so believable. The gameplay is incredible, the driving is solid as hell, and the world easily in my eyes competes with GTA on all cylinders. I would give this game a perfect 10 if it were not for the issues I have stated. Very happy I semi-set this up to be my 125 platinum and milestone =D For those still on the fence; wait for CDProject Red to tighten up the game if you are concerned but don't pass this game up. It is phenomenal. Playtime - 85 ish hours to Platinum (Likely higher due to the crashing every so often), so I would say 90. Score - 9.25 / 10 Enjoyment - 11 /10 Difficulty - 3 / 10 (I read some bugs have caused others trophy issues, but I didn't really experience any in this regard... Some quests were buggy or unlocked at weird times though I noticed.) Overall the platinum is more time-consuming than hard. (Crosses fingers for Ciri DLC!)
  6. I finally bought this game after they patched in the inverted controls; and after playing it for awhile. It is quite the enjoyable, peaceful and graphically not that bad game. It can be somewhat stressful early just due to the need to have sustainable water but so far this game is definitely worth $20. I highly encourage anyone who has had a remote interest in the game to check it out. You might be surprised. I think if I ever platinum this, I might check out The Forest next finally, lol.
  7. I understand that the game is $5; but holy sh**. I have never played a car racing/destruction game so bad, that I actually got nauseous and dizzy as hell playing this for the 20-30 minutes to get this platinum. The controls are super tank heavy and the boost takes what feels like eternity to activate, or even see that it is active. Both of these issues makes this game not fun at all... The game is just bad! Want an easy, cheap PSN platinum to obtain, sure this game is for you. Want to possibly feel sick after doing so, this game is also for you. Don't drink before playing this game 🤢
  8. Corpo for me 😁
  9. #123 Concept Destruction This is more or less a copy of the post I made on the official game thread... I know that this game is only $5, but I have never played a car racing/destruction game so bad, that I actually got nauseous and dizzy as hell playing this for the 20-30 minutes to get this platinum. The controls are super tank heavy and the boost takes what feels like eternity to activate, or even see that it is active. Both of these issues makes this game not fun at all... The game is just bad! Want an easy, cheap PSN platinum to obtain, sure this game is for you. Want to possibly feel sick after doing so, this game is also for you. I don't recommend this game whatsoever... Difficulty - 1 out of 10 Fun factor - .5 out of 10 Now on to The Pathless for #124 and then Cyberpunk 2077 for my 125th platinum milestone 😀
  10. Haha, no thank you 😅. I had more than enough motion sickness to last for awhile. I had to rest for the last hour just to feel better. Good thing I had some Dramamine.
  11. I got the platinum on this game last night. Wasted my entire day to platinum it. (Which that I didn't mind) Personally, though I thought Bugsnax was a rather weak game and I did not enjoy it as much as everyone else. I personally would given this game a 5 out of 10 just because mechanically the game is quite solid. Catching the bugs is pretty decent although, it is only until later in the game does the challenge of doing so open up a little more. The overall story is alright at best; and some of the characters are funny. What I didn't enjoy however was how characters changed upon feeding them, even though it is related to the story which of course I won't spoil here.. It is just plain weird... I didn't like the concept whatsoever. For a free game on PS+, it is what it is. I wouldn't pay more than $15 for this game though...
  12. Saving this game as a gift someone in my family can get me for 🎄 since I already have 6 PS5 games =D lol. But I can't wait to play this. (After Cyberpunk 2077 of course 🤪)
  13. Awesome man =D. Can't wait to use it when I finally start playing the game. I can't wait personally regardless of what the reviews say. Going to do Sackboy, Bugsnax and Demons Souls first though... I have AC: Valhalla, Cold War and Godfall to attend to after those 3 with Cyberpunk and Immortals on the horizon.
  14. My thoughts are that I am glad the list deviates from the original a little bit; makes it all the more worthwhile to play the game again. I can't wait to return to Boletaria this Friday 😁
  15. No, it was confirmed quite some time ago that the only way to get the remastered version of the 1st game is the ultimate edition of Miles Morales.
  16. The world tendency will be the hardest thing to understand more than anything, and like most Souls games, there is some missables in regards to weapons, spells, etc. if you don't pay attention. A guide can definitely help some. It has been quite some time since I have played Demon Souls so I can't fully answer your question. I personally find the game easier than most souls like games so you should be fine playing this especially if you have played Bloodborne (which I still need to do...)
  17. The original was one of my favorites on the NES when I was like 6-7 =D It was challenging for my age. If you don't know Flare, Zero is based off the original and is basically the same game with just a few improvements, obviously graphics being one of them. Zero 2 as far as I am aware of was their own attempt at creating a new entry to the franchise; however, they could have took elements from the original sequel(s). That I am not 100% on though since I never got Zero 2. If you plan on getting them, I hope you enjoy them. I have to wait until I get my CE from Limited Run Games. But I have already have at least Zero on my Switch for a couple years now so I am in no rush.
  18. No platinum is pretty disappointing, I agree with that; especially considering I ordered the PS4 Collectors Edition for both games from Limited Run Games. I do enjoy getting platinums. However... Not playing the games because there is no platinum is pretty stupid though. I hate this mentality. But whatever floats your boat I guess 🙄
  19. The question I want to know and was not answered in the article, was will they be removing the 2 trophies surrounding the Levi raid... I have yet to clear Levi on Prestige =/
  20. Congrats on getting as high as you did man. Top 10 or so to me is always 😎 regardless.
  21. Well, I definitely didn't get first platinum, haha. Expected. By like 6 hours too... I would be lucky to stay in Top 10. I should have stayed up all night
  22. This was a favorite of mine on the N64 when I was younger, so it was definitely a day 1 buy for me when it came up onto the PS store =D I definitely agree with you. These are the games that you go after if you want that type of achievement since it is impossible otherwise with retail.
  23. Haha, same with me man 😅 I feel like I won't though... I feel like @Andrea9281 might have it unless they mentioned otherwise? Top 10 is cool regardless. I was #1 with Song of the Deep for the longest time, then someone finally uploaded to PSNprofiles and I lost that so I am forever stuck at #2. I got #11 then bumped down to #12 for Stranded Deep just recently. I could have got higher I suspect if I had purchased the game right away but I waited until they patched inverted controls to the game. It is nice to be able to grab a platinum before most individuals. Can never do that on retail games because publishers give free review copies to them :/
  24. Your favorites are popular amongst some FF fans, just not myself. They are diverse titles I have noticed. Same with VIII which I like alot more than those. My absolute favorite(s) single player FF is X, followed by VII including the Remake, VI, and VIII. X and VII are highly regarded as a fantastic FF games. Again, VIII is a diverse FF title amonst fans. I also loved XI when I played up to Treasures of Aht Urhgan and I still play and 💘 Final Fantasy XIV. (Heavensward and Shadowbringers put some FF stories to shame.) XIII and XIII-2 are alright but very polarized amongst the fanbase. I enjoyed XV, even though this is one falls under that same category. Older FF fans regard the older games (pre-X) as better while younger fans, don't really have such diverse attitudes towards the more modern ones.
  25. @Hanamaru Kunikida @I-SilentEcho-I I don't know how you guys have a glitched/bugged trophy. Perhaps I got lucky, but I got the platinum yesterday evening :/ I had to do another quarter playthrough though because I made the mistake of not using the junkyard (been 20 years since I have played the game) and so I couldn't completely get the best items for my Podracer for some reason.