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  1. We will have the next character at Brussels Challenge. (I will be here and I do hope there will be a demo of the game) For now, there is still Millia and Zato who's from the first roster. (if we except Kliff, Justice, Testament and Baiken) Pretty sure we'll have Slayer, I-No, Robo-Ky and Ramlethal too.
  2. Pretty sure it will be one of the easiest platinum with Tekken 7. It looks like they did some story trophies liek the glossary one which is not a challenge.
  3. Merci ! I've a lot of incomplete games because I'm running against sales so the better I've the games I want with the lowest price, the best I'm fine with my collection.
  4. I REALLY do hope Tekken X Street Fighter will never come to exist. It's already a curse to have Akuma and Geese in Tekken 7 and it's not enjoyable.
  5. Thank you ! I'm pretty busy with my job and the competition on Street Fighter. (trying to be at my best for the next tournament) I will make sure every kind of online trophies is done before the end of February but I'm doing gently "The Witch and the Hundred Knights" right now, "Tetris Effect" has a lot of grindy trophies so It will be on a special "grill".
  6. I'm still sticking to Destiny Child which is one of the best F2P game at my sight.
  7. Olà, my surname's comes from the word Astra (star) and the name Freya, so basically it was supposed to be "Astraya" but it was taken so I've changed with some a different spelling.
  8. I would say it's a art game but with an aspect of beat'em all, the problem of the game is a problem of framerate who can drop a little and can ruined your timing. I've did just one run just for the online trophy, boy the game is tedious, the character is awfully slow and ennemy is harsh with you. I've to see more of videos for doing the G rank, it is doable for sure. And in the design plan, this is a game related to the Apocryphal book of Enoch. You've to seek and kills the seven fallen angels who goes to the human world. Very beautiful, and the songs are godlike. Some levels are very blurry because of the art direction, but I really do like the art of this game. Thank you ! My current account is already "imperfect" I woudl say. Tryied the BluR trophies and I was surprised I can't do it because of my new account (server issue which can't recognize new accounts on leaderboards), so I've to hide it. But well, now my list is kinda ncie so It would be a waste to do it again (mostly for PS VITA games).
  9. If I remember well, you unlock the Boos Rush when you finished the game one time, knowing on PC there is no kind of DLCs, I think they did the same on PS4.
  10. INTRODUCTION Welcome everybody to my "perfect" trophy list. I'm from France and I'm a maniac of perfection. After a long break and being on Steam, I've decided to come back on the PSN, it was impossible to me to have the same excitement to do trophies on Steam, so here we go again. (lol) I have two account before this one, (Freya__Seiseko | Freya_Crescent) the reason why I've made a new one ? Well, I'm pretty sure it's an OCD but I feel like my collection is... imperfect. So when I did something not "perfect" at my eyes, I just do a new one and... it more complicated than it looks, because I've some kind of rules. RULES : No stacking games for region, and even it's a remaster thing, so you will never see a Bioshock Infinite and the remaster one together. Each games must not have or have his online trophies done. It's like a plague for me and I've even done a Excel file just for this to show each games if they have any online or DLCs trophies. For me, every kind of games is doable, (except online trophies with down servers) even If I'm not good a special kind of game, (like race or Tetris) I will do my best to fulfill the plate. I choose my game wisely, I don't know how to say it but it's like the game has in my collection ? Yeah that's kinda weird. But you will propably see an original variety of games I think I went around, so I do hope you will like my work. Don't hesitate to give me some questions or even saying hello. Bonne Journée et Merci ! LISTS BY PLATFORM PS3 PS4 PS VITA WISH LIST PLATINUMS - 1 - - Blazblue Centralfiction - - 2 - - Street Fighter V - - 3 - - Tekken 7 - - 4 - - Spyro the Dragon - - 5 - - Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! - - 6 - - Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon - ON THE GRILL THE GRINDY GRILL THE OLD GRILL IN THE TOASTER ONLINE TROPHIES LEFT TO DO
  11. It will depend of some fighting games coming on the console. But buying day one is really risky for me, I just don't want to have to pay a PS5 PRO..
  12. New patch today fixing a lot of bugs, but still a lot of them here (Hoxton Breakout case)
  13. Catherine on PS3..... PAL version, have a nice nightmare. (game is bugged alone and you need to play as 2 for the babel's tower)
  14. If you like JRPGs, Visual Novel and beat'em up, go for it, there is a plenty of them. The only bad thing about the VITA is the store which has not so much sales now.
  15. Oh... didn't saw the post I'm totally blind.. @BlindMango Yeah it's better with the full name indeed, I was surprised there was a "The" in the name and I was wondering if there is a possibility at least to remove this part for suiting better with the name's order (I know it's kinda weird and it's kinda awkard for a request).