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  1. i've mixed my first surname which is Freya and I've put with Astra (from Death end re:Quest) but "Astraya" was already taken... so I've made Astrailla for feeting with the syllable.
  2. Well... now I'm gonna regret my purchase ahah. I dunno what is the most painful... playing at Dragon Ball GT on PS1 or Fighting Fury (it's the fighting game of Baki) on PS2... really if you have someone you really hate, go for it.
  3. Yeah I totally forgot to say it was for EU. (I thought it was the same sales for some games) I do hope there will be some sales at the end of decembre, finger crossed.
  4. So, after trying a lot of times. I consider the game is unobtainable when you've a new account (I've created this one on the SEN) or changing your surname. It is impossible to receive any challenge from friends and the leaderboard is totally broken, you can or can't see all of your records.
  5. Haven't tried yet, I've tried after work and my PS3 works well. I let my PS3 in sleep mode for inactivity. Trying to turn on, and it blocked again. And I can't turn off normally the PS3.
  6. My monitor recognize it, it's just write "no video output"
  7. Hi there, I've recently a problem with my PS3 slim. When I'm turning on it, the console run normally but no video comes out and I can't turn off only by pressing 5 seconds. The fan is turning normally like it always. I was wondering if the HDD is dying since it's a old PS3. I've tried the long reboot by pressing the button for a long times two times in a row and it works last day but not today. Any idea of what is going on ?
  8. Thanks a lot for all of your answers guys. 😁 Well I hope there will be a lot of good sales on christmas. What about the summer sales of this year ?
  9. Hello everyone, I was on the PSN 2 years ago, and I've bought a PS Vita again last month and I've seen in Halloween there was no kind of sales for the Vita. Did Sony has stopped the sales on it ? Or there will be some high sales in the end of the year ?
  10. I find the Gonespy threat and it was on the unaffected game list sadly. Maybe with some kind of test or modification it's possible. Would like to give it a shot.
  11. For now, Death End Re:Quest is one of my favorite since one of the character is my avatar. But I do love Persona 4 and Disgaea 4 too. (I did a lot of hours into Disgaea 4)
  12. I've created a new account today for testing, and I can't see it in the leaderboard with an old account (created in the ps3 era). If somebody can try with me if It can works with somebody else. Thank you in advance
  13. you create an account these days. Your account will not appeared on the leaderboard on the carrer mode, so you can't have any challenge from the others... If someone find something to get rid of this, I would be glad to hear it.
  14. Yes, here we go again ahah, Hello everybody, I'm Astrailla and I've came back on the PSN for a new adventure. After 3 years on Steam, I've decided to re-buy a PS Vita and removed the dust of my PS3. Why ? Because the nostalgia of the trophy's sound and the pleasure to unlock them miss me so much... I didn't have the same thing with the achievements of Steam (and since a lot of people just unlock them by third party things... well that kinda sucks) Unfortunately, I've no PS4 right now, maybe in two or one months with good luck. For now I will be on PS3 and Vita. In question of games, I play mostly on fighting games and JRPG, but I've a lot more like races or shoot'em up. Well that's the end of my introduction, have a good day 😁