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  1. I JUST WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THE TROPHIES LOL Since i couldn't play the original trilogy (except S.A.), i really wish i could play them for the platinum. i've seen all these sales and now i feel so dumb because i thought they would be in PS Store forever.
  2. DAAAAT! It's always a pain in the arse when i open the trophy list of a game and see some online trophies. My dream of life is platinum all the GTA series, but it's impossible since GTA IV is completely dead! And the same for Tomb Rider trilogy or even The Last Of Us for PS3 (i mean, who was the genius that ok to put online trophies in The Last Of Us? WTF)! It's realy annoying that the industry doesn't hear their consumers these days, because the platinum club that makes their games be replayed and replayed for years and years after the releases.
  3. I'm very happy. Few days ago, Re-logic has twitted confirming the compatibility of keyboard and mouse in the new Terraria update (link) . Personally this feature is a thing that i really wanted, because to me, it's very difficult playing Terraria without having a control of the toolbar and the buffs (since there's a limits of buffs). With the iminent arrival of the 1.4 (and the MASTER), this is the most important update ever. I salute the warriors who platinum the game, because it's not a easy mission. I know not everybody likes the fact that exists ppl using kb+mouse to play on consoles, but there are some games that turns this feature very necessary. What do you guys thinks about this? Now i'm really excited for the update.
  4. Hey, add me (bannius213) and let's grind that mf trophy. Need at least 2 or more to do this. Please, I'm about to cry bc I just built 95k since I started to play this game. Guide I have this video guide, but looks like it's impossible to do alone, since there's the need to finishing War Games after building. I'm afraid to make shit and lose all the progress. Please add me and call any time. PSN and Epic Games ID: bannius213
  5. I've been playing Terraria since 2013-2012 on PC, and Ive bought for PS4 last year. For me it has been impossible to play, because i can't freaking get used to the controls and the fact that i can't control the buffs under toolbar. My question is: it's possible get the Platinum without a KB and Mouse?