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  1. I tried again before I went to sleep and the 10k trophy popped during the night approximately 1 hour after starting. My next question maybe, does it matter that the game paused for a bit while i was checking my trophies? BTW I can't see my screen properly, it's all glitched out, I will put a screenshot here in during my break in a couple of hours
  2. the glitch doesn't work for me.... i drive of the bridge in frankfurt, drive on the riverbed until i drop and then i just leave my ps on but even after a whole night i didnt get the 10.000km trophy. Does anyone have a clue what i might be doing wrong? btw i put my savefile on the cloud and started a new save for the glitch.
  3. I have maybe an idea of setting the route for your hired driver across Germany and just sleep through the time your hired driver needs to complete it. I'm not sure if that will go fast though. I'm going to try it this weekend
  4. Yeah it will be the same as ride 3 I think. Every paid dlc 3 trophies
  5. https://ridevideogame.com/dlcs-season-pass/ Here you can see the whole roadmap for dlc's and their releasedate
  6. hmm thats weird, i think you must get between 70 and 90% loaded. i got the planner trophy right after the good combiner trophy. because my first load was between 50-70 and then i accepted another little load from the same company the push me over 70
  7. i found one in kessel.
  8. Maybe restarting the checkpoint before your glitch. The game makes a huge amount of different autosavefiles. At least that helped with me when I got a freeze
  9. it is super anoying that they add dlc trophies and nowhere explain when it will actually available in the game. Just like you, I want 100% and move on, but noooo.... keep waiting for weeks for 2 little trophies
  10. Collecting them is good enough, just upgrade what you want.
  11. I just got the trophy and the platinum. The second part of patch 1 and patch 2 are now available to download in europe and oceania. The patch is still on hold for America because the patch didn't pass submission yet by Sony America. Soedesco expect the patch go live next week. I can confirm that container, adr and refrigerated cargos work perfect with the patch
  12. Maarten from Soedesco said on the soedesco discordchannel this morning that the patch will arrive next week but he can't say an exact date yet