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  1. Really don't join party chats much but one of the last ones I joined for NPS Heat... a guy got up to go to the bathroom and then proceeds to take a piss with his mic on. So theres that lol
  2. Edit: I have a PS Plus save at 94% with 183/200 bricks. Lets hope Im saved here lol Edit 2: Uploading the save from PS Plus and redoing the bonus levels and buying the voldemorts in solo mode did the trick. Thank god I just suffered from a similar problem. Got every trophy except for Dark Wizards (all Voldemorts) and The Bonus Level is Yours (200 Gold Bricks) even when having the game 100% completed. My bro co oped at the last bit and bought a few characters but not the voldemorts, but still glitched anyway. Also did bonus levels with him which seemed to glitch the 200 gold bricks as well. Really sucks.
  3. Probably just gonna wait a year after release. Lot of PS4 and PS3 games that I havent played
  4. Welcome back. Enjoy the trophy hunting!
  5. Live Rescue
  6. Ice cream My thread now
  7. Platinum trophy for Monster Energy Supercross
  8. #33. Monster Energy Supercross. Decent game, liked jumping around and ripping around corners on the bike. Made me wanna go out buy a dirt bike haha
  9. Dorito
  10. Thank you for the guide. Used it for most of the things I needed to do. Just about have the platinum (:
  11. Soup
  12. Good ol milk