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  1. oh okay so technically you need this one good run and you are good. okay good to know thank you
  2. Thx for the video my friend. I love schmups so I might gonna pick this up. How hard would you rate the plat? Nothing missable I guess?
  3. 100% agreed
  4. sounds dope, thinking about starting the game before my vacation. can you tell me how long did it take you to plat the game? are the any missables?
  5. @OverHypedG agreed your guides getting better and better = ) greetz to croatia my most beloved country
  6. Wow that was a quick reply = ) thanks a lot for the information. I did a few trials on daylight to get a feeling for it but I think I try to stick to the night runs then. The Volatiles aren't that bad but damn I get dizzy with this shaky flashlight, it's extremely dark. So again thanks for clarification.
  7. Guys this is an old thread but maybe someone do know the answer. Do I get the trophy for the normal parcour fever when I do all parcours at night at the same time? I mean there is no point in doing these at day when I have to do them again by night or am I missing something here?
  8. It does not show up for me how much did it cost?
  9. @Optinooby I really love your guides a lot keep up the good work = ) always easy to follow, your text edit is precise and funny in times really helpful. I gonna use your guide once I did my first blind run. Worked with your guide for Shantae and hope many more will follow.
  10. Hopefully someone will write a guide in the near future and the game gets a sale or at least a physical release. I definitely need to play this game. it was one of my most beloved SNES games in the 90`s.
  11. The Tengu enemies are the ones with the red masks, I think they can summon magic. You need to equip the cursed artifact. Once equiped start a game on GOLD difficutly and the challenge will start you can check how many you have killed by pressing start in the down right corner. Once you killed the fifth tengu the trophy will pop immediately. Cursed challenges can only be completed on GOLD.
  12. @diskdocx I read your post, thanks a lot for the tips. I can totally agree all cars are absolute crap -.- I am at the third cup now and I it's almost impossible to win even with my upgraded car and driving almost without mistakes due to the way faster bots. One question what do you mean with Formula car? Could you post a screenshot of the car you mean? Thx in advance !
  13. I guess you have already find a solution but this is what you need to do. Works on all difficulties.
  14. So does this literally mean i can't buy this fucking dlc separately? I have bought the normal version and I need to buy the whole game again to get access? -.- I fucking hate Gearbox. I swore to myself after Borderlands 3 I will never buy another game by these vultures and jet I did it again. My final mistake.
  15. Not possible solo boost it with a friend