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  1. Thx for this man but I am completely lost. I have double checked all blue blossom locations I got all four of them but I still miss one more. It’s my last missing one and last step for platinum. Are you sure there are only four? i found a video guide that also shows four, but why am I missing one? Any help appreciated
  2. yeah true it's good, i think one big problem with this game is, that it's very very expensive for a niche game. Do't get me wrong i don't say it's undeserved but that might be the reason not many have played it yet.
  3. exaclty and 100% my opinion. also the game was a huge letdown for me but what they do here is beyond everything i can tolerate. glad i haven't paid a single dime for their dlc stuff and i won't.
  4. Fighting myself through the flawless runs myself at the moment, with tackling Missile Boy right now. It's the first one i am struggling a bi with, especially with 3-18 Bile Duct and 3-13 Black Circle. I mean i can beat these rounds but not consistent enough so far. Also some others are no joke here ^^ However I also want to thank you for providing so many tips and ideas, I've already stolen a lot of these approaches ( especially using flywrench for many of the alt Factory dark levels ) :-) This will come in even more handy once I have beaten this world ( hopefully one day lol )
  5. i 100% back this, I know that these threads aren't "allowed" by the mods but the majority of the forum users here have a clear point against these shitty games and their army of useless stacks, I mean shouldn't it be possible to at least avoid posting a game 8 times with all stacks in the new trophy list section by maybe summarize them in one post?
  6. Yes had the same issue. When this happens your save is corrupt. You need to backup every 15 minutes or so. Read about it before and I was lucky I had a backup save. Trophies haven’t glitched on me but the game is very broken. awesome shooter I hope he works on an update
  7. yeah i can confirm that it is important to look left. i first looked right and got hit twice.
  8. glad i did it two days ago when i saw this. with this tactic i had the s rank within 10 minutes. it's dope. getting an s rank is really tough. I think all bosses in this dlc are relatively fair and good to manage but S rank... this is something completely different.
  9. wow man this is a very good tactic. phase 2 was the only phase i took damage so i try this method later
  10. I am unsure if this has been mentioned but there is a super easy way du unlock hearty. Play as Mrs.Chalice and use the Dschinni. This way you can start with 8HP. Afterwards start the King Dice fight. Roll the Dice, stop on the first heart boss fight. (Should be 3 ). Now you will start the fight with 9 hearts, Just kill the boss without getting hit. Boss is super easy just use crackshot, jump left and right once he spawns on the other side and avoid his fire rings. Once you are back outside, you will spawn with 5HP, this is not true so don’t get confused. The last thing you need to do is land on another heart field (again three as far as I remember ). You don‘t even need to fight the trophy pops right away. Might get patched I am not sure. Cheers, Davy
  11. First of all @Smashero thanks for this post! Thanks to your post I was finally able to get the trophy. This post is pretty old and I can confirm to 99,99% that the trophy isn't bugged anymore. I used your method and sacrificed a lot of stuff at the stones. You always get one toy as a reward along with two other rewards ( like consumables or stickers ). Once I had all toys in my inventory ( and i mean ALL toys. Smashero was totally right, you need all of them, not only the few which were pointed out in the roadmap. The baseball, the book of the dead, the ring.... all toys the game has to offer ) the trophy popped immediately. I took some research afterwards and found an interesting note in the recent patchnote: " Fixes to the toy master trophy unlocking to take badge toys into account. Trophy will unlock when the game detects the player has all items in their bag in game load," So this means, that the game was indeed bugged before, but they changed the way the trophy unlocks from my understanding. And i can 100% confirm that i got the trophy with this method. So my advice: Sacrifice a shitton of useless consumables ( don't sacrifice toys, you can get them back but it wastes time ) to get all the toys and you get the trophy. No need to farm them via toy trial dungeons and even if you do the trials you won't get all toys you need since some ( like the basketball or the gun ) can only be achieved via sacrifice. Additional note in terms of time estimation, difficulty and the psnp roadmap: All in all I can say the game is awesome, i lost a lot of time because I wasn't able to unlock this toy trophy, but with this method you should be able to get the plat in around 15 hours. Also the game isn't harder than a 2 or 3 / 10 imo, especially when you play on easy and in coop. I played it with my girlfriend and we only died once. The roadmap needs some polish from the 2022 perspective imo. The writer is inactive from the look of it's profile so i don't think it makes sense to tag him here, but the roadmap is really misleading in many points. Cheers, Davy!
  12. Perfect thanks a lot for clarification here :-)
  13. no autopop here, you need to play the game twice, but it's a blast with a friend :-)
  14. Short question guys, can this game technically be completely boosted with several consoles / friends? And if possible, how many people are needed to get a match started?
  15. I 100% go with it, mainly because of bad enemy placement and some stupid time limits for S rank. Weird game,