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  1. Congratz on the #1 man, finally. Try to stay there  = ) 

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      Hackoom isnt anymore

      Congrats ikemenzi,you are the number 1 

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      Thanks. I will keep it ^^

  2. Definitely the last game I played from Rebellion I'm so annoyed by their politics and I won't support this. Adding content is okay but for this price? It's a joke a complete fucking joke, really. Devs don't need to wonder that everybody is sharing the shit out of these kind of games like there's no morning.
  3. Really sad to see how misunderstood this game is. Maybe it's because people here on psnp played the game for the purpose of trophies. But Rapture goes deep, very deep. It's philosophical premise is ( if you are able to understand it and if you try to break through the core ) devastating. I once wrote an analysis for my thesis at university about the narration Chinese Room has chosen here and even non gamers decided to give this a try. This game is pure magic to me, like a drug that I need every now and then. I have finished this games like 4 or 5 times and sometimes I simply walk through this peaceful, jet so disturbingly sad and abandoned place. It is like a void, that drags me into it, a nihilistic atmosphere, but as you move further even the small things become important. There has never, and i mean never, been a game, that wokes so many feelings in me than EGTTR, it is unique, in any possible way. I know that most people don't like this game, but for me, Chinese Room created one of the most epic games of this decade. As soon as the music starts I get goosebumps. Beside Dear Esther, no other game has such an impact on me. However I think it needs a certain spiritual maturity to grasp the events and combine it to a whole picture. This picture, and that is the real fascination for me here, is so different from person to person. A lot of my friends played the game and we all came to different conclusions. Just like watching a Lynch or Refn movie. There is so much room for speculations. I think it's totally okay to not like this kind of game, it's really really special but saying this is garbage... it's really weird to hear for me.
  4. to be honest i never use the story since they updated this pill of piss, but what I do use is this: https://platprices.com. it's a site somone here from psnprofiles created and man it works like a charm, it's super quick you can add multiple regions to your wishlist, it tracks all sales ( even the expired ones ), you can see how often a game was on sale, you see details about trophies and so on. Used it day one and never went back to the sony official site. Once I decide to buy a game i just use the app or my ps5 and buy it. The whole game tracking thing is so broken, it is barely unusable in the web browser :-/ I really can recommend platprices it's a blast.
  5. that sounds very nice thanks for the headsup :-) definitely try to get this done this year I don't trust the servers haha ^^ @Kolm thank you as well for your information!
  6. hey guys just a quick question maybe you can help me out I never played the game but bought the complete edtion for a few bucks and I would like to start it soon. A few questions... does online mean I have to do it with someone else or can I do it alone and only need to be online? And how long would it take to get the online trophies done giveortake? And is it actually possible to do this breach shenanigans before anything else ( like playing the campaign)? Because I want to knock out all online related stuff asap. Thx in advance = )
  7. @Skryux I'm working on a roadmap right now and just want to ask you if it's okay if I link your videos in there? I created my own content for the no damage and trials but it would be senseless to do a collectible video again since you did an amazing job. Just let me know if it's okay for you :-) ( Will mention and link you of course )
  8. Quick update, started with the roadmap today but will probably take a few days due to work. For the first time ever I tried to upload my own video content via ps5, so gonna share my first playlist here in the meantime for the No Damage & Gold Time Trial runs. It's 55 %ish done and will add the remaining levels next week. Maybe someone finds it helpful :-) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLem-5nj8bMGaDnsm9qHD3n5FxmdYIEYwA
  9. @Beyondthegrave07 Cheers Mister, just wanted you to know that I will soon start with writing a guide for the game Kaze and the Wild Masks :-) Might take a bit because I'm planning to add my own video footage ( for the first time ever ) so we'll see. Cheers, Davy
  10. Will get my first vacc by the end of may so fingers crossed, to all of you who already got your first shot, all the best for you. Stay safe, guys and let's hope this nightmare will end soon ( I miss travelling a lot )
  11. hey thanks for your help but I finally got the trophy. I got Lucic with a combination of LMF 4* and Switzerland 4*. It worked like a charm :-) nevertheless thx for the help.
  12. It's exactly like Husky said, the glitch is Vita only and I can correct you, it is in deed possible to get a diamond cup legit. You should focus on one discipline you are good at and practice it. I for example focused on the endless tower run. I played these a lot like really a lot and managed to get 9 Diamond Cups in this discipline. I always sucked at infinite pit for example or getting a certain amount of lums in a specfic time so I just tried to get gold ( or silver ) and always counted on the tower runs. Some distances are hard to beat but even in 2021 there are plenty of gamers and not all of them ( at least on ps4 ) are extremely skilled. There is some wiggle room to grab a diamond cup. PS Vita however is hard as fuck haha only a few playing regularly and these are the pros with distances beyond good and evil ;-)
  13. Hey Folks, my last roadmap contribution is already a bit behind and I thought I might gonna work on a guide for this amazing platformer. My question would be, has someone already started to work on a roadmap? If so it would make no sense to start a new one. And for those who wonder, yes I already finished the game even if it's not yet on my profile. I played the game on Switch and I did everything that would pop the platinum, such as speedrun trials, no death runs and so on :-) Bought the game for Ps4 as well so I would work on the roadmap and platinum at the same time and would upload my speedrun / no death runs as well. So if someone already started, just give me a shout. Otherwise I think I might gonna start soon, this game is a fucking blast and needs attention! Cheers, Davy
  14. awesome man no need to rush, better take your time for a flawless guide and thanks for your work :-) gonna play this game soon I guess